Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Men of the Skull Chapter 25: Invitation

This is a short chapter that sets up a later chapter.  If I ever publish this, this chapter and the other one will be cut.  While "Ashley" was an important part of my PSU experience, her part was short, and the narrative flows better with her chapters removed.  In my opinion.  So there.  Nyah.


Chapter 25: Invitation

Friday, November 14, 1986 Reagan: Arms weren’t ransom

“Ashley invited me to dinner tonight” I told Judy as we walked back from classes.  She’d been becoming more and more sociable to me all week- almost like things were before.  Maybe- just maybe- it wasn’t all lost.  I’d have to play it juuuust right.
Right.  Like that was gonna happen.

            “Wow!  Are you going?” she asked, rather too enthusiastically.  I remembered what she said: “Anyone but Virginia.”  That was fucking burned into my mind.
            “Of course!  Free home cooked meal!”  I said.
            “You see?  I told you she liked you!” she said, smiling.
            “No.  This is repayment for me editing and typing a paper for her” I said. 
            “Are you coming over Sunday night to help me with my paper?  Virginia will be out late at Kathy’s” Judy said.

Yes, Pantera
            “Maybe.  Do I get dinner out of it?”  I said, looking over at her.
            She smiled again.  “Maybe.  It depends on what grade I get on the paper!”
            “You’re no fun!”
            “I’m lots of fun!” she said, smiling and licking her lips.  “Richard usually leaves around fiveish.  Virginia won’t be back until late.  We could work until then!” she said, smiling at me.
            I got hard. 
That smile!

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