Monday, March 30, 2015

The Debutante Ball

Saturday  night there was a party.  A Party for my One Year Full Time.  My friends Elizabeth and Jamie (look here for the history of who they are) decided I should have a party to mark the occasion.  Elizabeth also wanted a theme, and asked me for ideas.  I said she could come up with one, and so she did.

From Facialbook

She had an image of elegant gowns and dazzling decor... and I was really taken aback.  I mean-Me?  Elegant?  But her reasoning (posted above) really made a lot of sense.

A Party.  For me.  For Sophie.  It took a while to get my head around that.  Not only did they accept me, they wanted to celebrate me.  Long time readers know my feelings about such things.  I don't feel worthy of them.

In any case, my one year anniversary passed quietly, so I now have satisfied that WPATH standards of care hurtle.

Then a few days later it was Saturday, March 28.  I worked 9-5 that day.  I didn't get excited about the party until my last hour of work.  I usually don't get excited about things well in advance, as I worry that whatever it is will fall through.  Yes, I'm such an optimist.

I'd tried on a few gowns I have in storage, but none fit (moooo) so Elizabeth lent me one of her cocktail dresses.  And that is what I wore.

So I finished work, and stopped at Wawa to get a sandwich and Gatorade (2 bottle- it's great for hangovers) and went to M's where the party was being held.  (Veteran readers know I lived at M's for several months.) I ate quickly, and then redid my makeup.  My roomie Linda arrived around then, and made suggestions for my makeup.

Linda waits for me to finish

The Elizabeth wanted to do my hair.  I wet it so she could blow it out, which she did.  Then she tried to curl it.  It wouldn't curl.  My hair was stubborn... "Jamie can you try this?"  Oh- it helps if the curling iron is on!  We all had a great laugh.  The two of them then produced a tiara for me to wear.  I smiled, maybe a little embarrassed.

Seven o'clock came, and I was ready.  By then, others had arrived, including my "Big Sister" Mel.

Sophie at Seven

One of the next to arrive was someone I hadn't seen in over thirty years.  Jackie and I attended high school together.  We didn't hang out, but we knew each other.  The day after graduation, she headed into the Air Force, where she served for over twenty years.  Eventually, she friended me on Facialbook, and I thought "oh that's nice."  But a year ago when I went public, she became one of my biggest and most vocal supporters.  I was very grateful.  She accepted the invitation to the party, and it was wonderful to see her.  She gave me a butterfly pin, which I wore.

LtoR: Dawn, Jackie, Linda, Jane, Diane  (I'm seated in front)

Eventually maybe thirty people showed up.  A few brought gifts and they were gratefully accepted.  My dear friends the gorgeous Victoria and amazing Amy brought me a butterfly necklace, which I wore to work on Monday.

Early Evening Group Shot

At around 11, there was a "Sophie quiz" (not my idea, but I wrote it.)  The winner, Dawn, scored a 9 out of a possible 11 points, and was awarded a crisp $20 bill.  That's when things got a little surreal.  After the prize was given, I said a few words of thanks.  I was overwhelmed with emotion, tongue-tied and more than a little drunk.  Not my best speech.

Then Victoria spoke.  And I fought back the tears.  She was so eloquent and beyond generous with her words.  After that, another spoke, and another, then someone I barely knew, the husband of a friend spoke, saying that my friends and I were the first TG people he'd met, and he was richer for it.

I was completely a wreck by this point.  I certainly didn't deserve all that!

Former coworker and fun person, Jen

The party continued on, with people coming and going.  R's sister Katie came, wearing a gown she wore in Junior high!  (And it still fit)  (grumble).  I drank a LOT of wine, and eventually lay down on the couch.  I don't know what time it was when I finally fell asleep, but I slept through the night.

Co hostesses Elizabeth and Jamie

I woke Sunday on the couch.  I had a throbbing headache.  I cleaned the house a little, then loaded my car.  The activity proved a bit too much for me, as I then ran to the bathroom to... um... regurgitate.

The few that stayed over then went to Minella's Diner in Wayne.  I was invited but declined due to my sickness.  I drove home, and crawled into bed, where I spent the day sleeping it off.


I'm still wrapping my head around this... around what people said... about having a party for me at all.  A lot of good people came out and showed support for me- so many that I cried.  I've done my best to fight the good fight; to be a Good person.  I guess I attracted like minded people.

To those that attended the party, you have my deepest thanks.  To all who couldn't make it but sent me words of encouragement, thanks to you as well.  I definitely have some of the most wonderful people as friends.  Beautiful people.

I had a Magical night.  And nothing I've written here can begin to express how I feel.  But it will have to do.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Keystone Conference 2015 Part 1

The Keystone Conference 2015 has come and gone.  Keystone means so many things to those who attend.  In the past, it was a door that allowed me to be Myself for a few days at a time.  But then I'd have to return to drab life.

Keystone 2014 was my doorway to a new life as I left the drab behind.

Keystone 2015 was still a door, but through which I reached to others.  Thanks to the amazing volunteers at Transcentral PA, I had the opportunity to help those who were just starting out.

This was my Seventh Keystone Conference, and I wouldn't have been able to go without a scholarship from the people who organized the conference.  Scholarships are available based upon need, and as I am a retail worker, I needed the help.

Thanks again to the organizers for the scholarship!

I drove up with roomie Linda Lewis on a cold, windy Wednesday morning, March 18.  We arrived at around 11:15, and checked into room 309.  We then went to the Dog and Pony bar to wash the dust from the road from our mouths with a cocktail.  We didn't eat there, as we already had plans for lunch.

Newly arrived

We had lunch plans with my dear friend (and Vanity Club sister) Olivia Loren.  She was attending Keystone from Arizona, and brought her beautiful fiancee Kayden.  I feel I know Kayden a bit from her facialbook page and from all that Olivia has told me, It was an absolute thrill to finally meet her.  She, like Olivia, is an intelligent and fun as she is beautiful.  I did my best to not intrude on them too much during the conference, as theirs is truly such a rare thing: True Love.  You can see it in everything they do, and it is truly Magic.

Kayden (left) and Olivia (right)

After lunch. Linda and I unpacked and hung around, meeting people as they arrived.  We had dinner with an old and dear friend, Vanessa.  I've known her for many years.  She's the one who recommended Dr. Osborne to me.  No pictures, as she works in a VERY male dominated industry and would lose her job very quickly if discovered.  that's right, we still have no employment protection under the law here in PA for TG people.

Wednesday Night

After dinner, Linda, Vanessa, and I sat in the bar and relaxed.  Amanda Richards, makeup artist extraordinaire joined us for a while, and did several others.  Linda pointed out that at the bar were a few guys looking at her.  She flirted from a distance with them, but nothing major.  It was a mellow night and I was in bed by 11.

Amanda Richards

The next morning, I woke earlier than usual, showered and prepped.  I had an appointment with Amanda arraigned the night before.  She did my makeup, then I saw Donna Miller to sort out some life for my hair.  I then dressed in my suit, and was ready for my seminar.  But first was lunch, and the speaker was Kristin beck, the retired SEAL who is now running for Congress.  I had a chance to speak to her briefly before lunch, and she was amazing as always.  Her speech was the best I've seen from her.  She has become quite a relaxed speaker, but is still Very "Real."

Senior Chief Kristin Beck

After lunch was my seminar: 2 PM in the Dogwood Room.  Before I went downstairs, Linda helped me make a video.  I then checked my material, went to the room and prepped the easel with my needed pics.  I didn't use Powerpoint.  I don't own a laptop.  I'd be presenting on my usual topic of Writing TG Fiction as Therapy.  In past years, I've averaged about a dozen attendees.

Ready for the Seminar

Not this year.  I had eight.  And of those, five were friends of mine.  That's ok, I thought.  I can do this.  And then the whole thing fell apart.  Two of the people wouldn't stop giggling, and a third didn't contribute at all.  My entire lesson plan is based on this being an interactive exercise.  And yes, I know that "No lesson plan survives first contact with the students" but I gamely kept going.

After the seminar, my five friends said it went well.  The other three said nothing to me, even when i thanked them for coming.  I crashed and burned.  I felt like sh*t.  I felt like I failed.

And with that in mind, I went back to the room and laid down for a few minutes.  I had a 5:20 appointment to get some pictures taken with Cassandra Storm.  I read the conference materials, figuring out which seminars I'd attend.  Then I went to get my pictures done.

I then changed clothes and joined my old friend Jenny Jensen doing something I'd never done at Keystone:  I played Bingo.  I sat with the gorgeous Jenny North, who takes her bingo quite seriously.  The year before, she'd won a nice wig.  Well,  I didn't win anything in Bingo, but I ruled the trivia questions between games.  I won lots of small things, but at the end won a nice set of breast enhancers from the BreastForm Store.  As I don't need them I'll either donate them or sell them on ebay.  Probably sell them, as I have bills racked up from the conference to pay.  More on that later.

Run!  She has a microphone!

So then I went to the bar and sang karaoke.  I sand Joe Jackson's "Is She really going out with him" with a little success.  The bar was PACKED with people.  My dear friend Ally sand two songs beautifully, and my therapist Dr. Osborne absolutely ruled a Peggy Lee song.

Ally sings so well!

The night ended quietly.  Ally had arrived so all three of us called it a night.  Tomorrow would be a new day...

To be continued in Part 2

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Year Ago Tonight

A Year ago tonight, I changed my life forever.

I started the process years before, but that which led up to this night, started on the 22nd.  I changed the facialbook profile picture of my "guy" to a test pattern.  It would never show me as male again.

Then on the morning of the 24th, to this.

I worked until 7.  The next day was the Keystone Conference.  The next day, I was going Full time as a woman.

I posted my notice to everyone on my male Facialbook that I was transitioning at around 10:45 PM.  Eventually, 76 people "Liked" it.  The first comment came minutes later, at 10:52.  Then there was a flood of comments and personal messages.  Most of them were very positive.

I then changed my profile picture again.  This time to the real me.

After midnight, I posted another message.

Then I went to bed.  I couldn't sleep.  Nerves?  Sure.  But I was crying because I wished so badly that Lisa Empanada could've been there to see this day.  I still miss her.

I'd opened Pandora's Box after all the months of planning- after all the years of wishing, of yearning.  "Living In Silent Agony" as Lisa always said.  Now, all I had to do, was live the rest of my life.

It hasn't been easy.  No not at all.  But it also started a year ago tonight.  When I took that Huge Step into the Unknown.

Thanks to all who support me.  I love you all.

Sophie, March 24, 2015

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Beware the Ides of March

Who is it in the press that calls on me?
I hear a tongue shriller than all the music
Cry "Caesar!" Speak, Caesar is turn'd to hear.
What man is that?
A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March.
Julius Caesar Act 1, scene 2, 15–19

It's Sunday, March 15, 2015.  I was going to write about putting my foot in my mouth but decided instead to throw around some random thoughts.

Last Thursday was the annual physical inventory at the Bookstore.  The night began with a toddler dropping her pull ups and urinating on the floor.  The night did not improve from there.  Like many retail locations, we use RGIS to do our inventory.  The hierarchy in RGIS is that the counters (we had maybe 30) all wear red shirts.  The supervisors wear gray shirts.  We had 4 gray shirts.  Above that are suits.  We usually have a suit, but not this time.  No, this time we had a woman with cherry red hair (which looked pretty cool) in charge.  And three times she called me "Sir."  Now I was wearing a form fitting top, showing off the Girls to full effect.  Y'know- major feminine cue.  But she seemed to ignore that.  To say I was angry is putting it mildly.  I kept it together, and quietly corrected her each time.  Had there been another time, I may have been a little more... oh I don't know... forceful?  Maybe I should've flashed her.


This week is the 2015 Keystone conference.  This time I'll remember to keep notes.  As usual, I'll have my article about it on TG Forum.  Once again, I'll be presenting a seminar.  This time I will be presenting after lunch!  2 PM Thursday March 19.  So if you're going to be there, I'd love to see you. I'll be rooming with my co-conspirators, the stunning Linda Lewis and amazingly gorgeous Ally Raymond (names familiar to long time readers.)

With Ally and Linda, 2014

 I can't wait to see old friends there.  So many people who I haven't seen in forever- many since last year.  I love seeing how we all grow from year to year.  I remember going for my first time and how scared I was.  This was a HUGE deal- being myself for several days in a row!  Now I'm a completely different person.

My first Keystone, 2009.  I still have that dress

Each year, I meet more people.  Last year for example I met the amazing Julie, who lives in central PA, and is a fellow paramedic.  She has since become a dear friend.  Who will I meet this year?  Who knows?

Linda Lewis, Julie, some fat chick

The future holds so much promise.  The Undiscovered Country and all that.  Keystone is an event I don't "Need" any more as I did.  I am full time.  But seeing so many wonderful people living their dreams is draw enough.  What will this year hold?  Well, I'll find out this week.  And you'll find out soon after, because as always, I'll write about it.

Keystone 2011

On a different note, The Phillies have started spring training.  Our ace pitcher Cole Hamels has said he wants to be traded to a winner.  Most of the team's stars are old and broken.  It's going to be a long season.  But I'll still be rooting on my fightin' Phils.  Just wish they stood a chance.

That's really all I have for now dear readers.  I hope you have a wonderful week.  I certainly will try.  After all, that's all I can do...

Be well.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Bullies

I've written before about Bullies.  But recently I read a story by my dear friend Jenny North about bullying.  Read that HERE if you'd like.

Like many of us, I was bullied as a child.  I was very frail and didn't like most of the games the neighborhood kids liked playing (like tackle football on a macadam parking lot.)  So I was called a lot of names.  My older brother was also a particular target for their torture as well, and I was tormented just for being his younger sibling.

I wanted to write about MY bullies, in hopes that maybe it will let allow me perhaps to forgive them.  Forgiveness has never been my strong suit.

My first REAL bully (aside from the neighborhood kids, who really weren't THAT physical, comparatively)  was a kid named Vinnie.  Yes that's his real name.  Vinnie was two grades ahead of me in elementary school, and took an immediate dislike to me for whatever reason.  Whenever possible at recess, he would torture me, and if possible beat me to the ground.  I spent outdoor recesses trying to keep track of where on the playground he was, so I could steer clear.  As he was a couple of grades ahead, he was gone when I reached fourth grade, and by the time I reached junior high he had other things on his mind than beating up scrawny me.

Vinnie was big and strong as a child and grew to a monstrous size as a teen.  He became a star football player, and would've been recruited by division one schools if he hadn't pinched a nerve in his neck, which ended his football career.  He graduated, and I have no idea what happened to him after.


Another bully I have the whole story.  His name was Tim.  Tim took over Vinny's bullying duties somewhere in the middle of elementary school and kept going through middle school.  Tim was one grade ahead of me, and was also a big kid.  He had olive skin, squinty eyes and a round face.  Straight black hair, parted to his right.  And he was powerful.  He lived on the same street as my best friend growing up, Dr. Dave.  At first his torturing me was because I was my brother's sibling.  He would throw acorns and rocks at me whenever he saw me.  As my cub scout troop also met on that street, I couldn't attend without an incident.  So I stopped going to cub scouts.  The scout master called my parents to see what was up and I told the truth.  And Tim got in trouble.  And that's when the torture really began.

He would seek me out for beatings.  He found out where I lived and on many a night, especially in winter, I'd come home after finishing my paper route to have him jump me from the shadows, knock me down and beat me until he got tired,  Tim is the reason I started practicing martial arts- to be able to fight back.  After a while, I learned enough about anatomy and where to hit, that he started feeling my defensive punches.  Yes, I started aiming low.  Know what I mean.  And over time, he started leaving me alone.

Tim contracted leukemia his junior year of high school and quickly wasted away.  He died in pain.  And I was very glad to hear it.  His girlfriend posted a poem in that year's yearbook saying what a gentle soul he was.  I was so angry, I tore out that page and burned it, hoping he went straight to hell..

There was a guy I worked with at GW who tried to browbeat me and bully me despite being a full six inches shorter than me.  Unfortunately, he was my boss, and I had to take it.  Until one I day I didn't.  I went straight to the big boss with dates and times and an anger close to homicidal.  And the bully was no longer my boss.

There will always be bullies in our lives.  As I've written before, the reason I have such a visceral hatred of the GOP is I see them as bullies.  All white, rich men who enjoy picking on those weaker than themselves... upon those they think can't fight back.  And, dear readers, myself and my fellow transpeople are their current targets.  Bathroom bills, which they call "religious freedom."  Bullies always have an excuse, don't they?  "We were just messin' around."    They want to torture us.

They want people like me to disappear.  And they are organized.  They are Strong.

I stopped being a victim some time ago.  I learned to fight bullies, even if it means fighting dirty- because that's how THEY fight.

Ever see "Christmas Story?"  In it, Ralphie says there are bullies, toadies, and the nameless rabble of victims."  And these bullies have toadies.

Their toadies are transpeople who vote the bullies into office.  Who support them.  Urge them on.  As I wrote before, they're like Jews for Hitler, hoping that they won't be deported too.  And they died just as quickly in the gas chambers.

These quislings either don't understand what they're doing or don't care.  So how do you fight them?

The same way you fight these other bullies.  Education.  Educate the public as to who We are as a group.  That we really are human beings.  We must Educate the PUBLIC, NOT the bullies.  because they won't change.  Bullies never do.  There are no happy endings.  We have to flank them, and throw light on their hatred and tactics, and Hope it will be enough.

And their quislings?  Educate them as well, even though they don't listen to anything but their Fox News and hate speech.  They deny science.  They deny logic.  They won't listen to anyone they think is not as conservative as they are.  But they are our brothers and sisters, so we must try.

I have a friend who once postulated that conservative transpeople are the ones who can retreat easily into their male lives.. that they are never full timers as I am.  But I know that's not so.  I know of at least one FT transwoman who is devoutly a Fox news drone, though she denies being a republican.

Bullies derive their power from picking on those weaker than themselves.  We can't be weaker.  We must become stronger than they.  They outnumber us.  So we must do our best to gain allies.

And never give up hope.

Art:  David Mazzucchelli.  

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Questions Cis People Ask

Ok, all of these are actual questions I've received, mostly by private messages on Facialbook.  Some were asked in person.

I've saved them all for times like this when the topic I want to write about would be too incendiary (GOP bathroom bills popping up everywhere) so I need to re-write it in such a way that has no foul language or direct accusations as to the penis sizes of GOP politicians (because all but one are men.)  Or at least a lot less.

So.  The actual questions are in italics, and are direct quotes.  My answers here may or may not have been the answer they received at that time.

Remember, you can always send me questions to me at  Usually I answer just on email, but if the question stirs me or is particularly thought provoking, I may ask permission to use it here, giving you all the credit you want!

At Work, March 2015

So why did you destroy your daughter's life just to wear a dress?  (This from a twice divorced father of 3, all by different women.)

This is a two part answer.  First off, I didn't destroy her life, even though sometimes I wonder.  Many children have to endure divorces, and, while we are not yet divorcing, Wife and I do live apart.  Wife has made it clear she wants me very involved in my daughter's life, and I want to take a very active hand in her upbringing.  I tell her how much I love her every time I see her.  Compare this to parents who use their children as weapons in a divorce.  

Part 2 is that I didn't do this "just to wear a dress."  While I love wearing dresses, I don't do so very often.  Being TG goes FAR deeper than that.  Which leads to the next question...

Why not just man up and live with the so called pain?  (from a tea-bagger)

I tolerated the pain for 47 years before finally breaking free from it.  I can't describe how badly it hurts.  Then multiply that pain by all those years hiding it, and all the anger and frustration.  Actually, a friend of mine posted the following on Facialbook today, and it fits perfectly.

Now let's take that full glass of water and hold it straight out for YEARS, and when someone asks about the glass, you vehemently deny it even exists... perhaps (as in my case) even to yourself.  And you don't dare spill even a drop, lest someone guess that you are indeed holding that glass of water.

That's an overly simplistic explanation, but there it is.

So what's it like having [breasts]?  (drinking buddy of many years)

Well, it's like this.  Most of the time I don't feel them.  They're just there... kind of of like the penis most of the time.  I wear good support bras so they don't bounce so much, so there it is.  Now, that said, when I DO feel them... well, grab your bicep (unflexed).  That's how it feels- just a mass of tissue, except they hang on my chest and my arms occasionally bump into them.  Are they sensitive?  Well the difference in sensation between the male chest and the female breast... it's like a whisper to a Scream.  It's amazing how different how it feels.  I love my boobs.

Can I touch them?  (same drinking buddy)

Hell no.  Grow your own.

Can I touch them?  (inebriated female friend)

Can I touch yours?  No?  Ok then.

Are you and Linda Lewis dating?  (several people have asked this)

Linda on a road trip to Richmond

No.  I am married.  Linda and I are very close, as we are roomies.  She is, aside from my wife, my best friend and co-conspirator.  We learn a lot from each other.  She's an amazing person and I thank God for her friendship.

Are you dating [fill in the blank]?  (I get this one a lot)

As I said, I'm married.  And I'm fairly sure that after the marriage ends, I'll be alone the rest of my life.  Sucks, but that's the way it is.

Are you still suicidal?  (Occasionally I get this)

No.  Ok, I admit I think of it sometimes, but I think about my Daughter... and I think about the wreckage Lisa Empanada left behind when she killed herself... no I couldn't do that to my loved ones- especially my daughter.  You're stuck with me.

Why do you post so much about politics?  (usually asked by right wingers, but not always)

If I don't speak out against EVIL, who will?  I see the current GOP as Evil.  All they do is hate everyone that isn't a white WASP male.  And they are doing their best to hurt me and mine.  I have yet to be proven wrong on this, but wish I could be.

Are you going to post more fiction on Fictionmania or other story sites?  (a couple of people)

Yes.  I'm working on something now.

What does your Wife think about all this?  (many old friends)

She has been as supportive as she can be, but she hates it, and I don't blame her.  She's been far more understanding than I could dream of.  To those who know her personally, I encourage them to contact her as she can speak for herself.  Eloquently.  She's an amazing woman, which is why I married her.  She definitely didn't deserve all this.

Will you be at Keystone 2015?  (Lots of people, mostly local trans people)

Yes, and I will be presenting again.  My presentation will be Thursday at 2 PM.  My topic is Writing TG Topics as Therapy, and the brief goes like this:  "Can writing really be a release? Find out in this fun, cooperative seminar with published author Sophie Lynne! Together we will learn about simple writing tools that can unleash your emotions and help you express them on paper."

You never know who will be at this seminar!  Several of the people I write about in this Blog attend, as do some of my Vanity Club sisters, and hopefully YOU!  Always room for more!  

Keystone 2014

Will I be able to talk to you at Keystone?  (believe it or not, I get this question)

Yes, for a fee.  Just kidding.  I am just a chick with a blog- I'm no one special.  If you want to say hi or sit down and talk, I'd love to see you!  Especially if you're buying!  (hee hee)

Ok that's it for this edition of Q&A with Sophie.  I'll do it again someday.  Hope to see you at Keystone, and maybe I'll edit the other entry to make it less vitriolic.  Or maybe I won't.

Be well.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Sleep Well Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy is dead at the age of 83, and Sunday he was buried in a private ceremony.

May I assume that all my readers know who he was?  Y'know- actor, director, poet, etc.  Best known for playing Spock on Star Trek.

Leonard Nimoy as Spock.  

So why bring it up?  What does this have to do with being Trans?  Or am I just rambling?

Well, it's like this:  I've been a Trekker all my life.  Yes, I'm a Star Wars Fanatic as well, but Trek was first.  And for me, Trek will always be all about Kirk and Spock, etc.  No disrespect Jean-Luc, you're cool and all, but Kirk was the Man! Besides, Star Trek debuted a mere five days before I was born so we are the same age!

Enterprise has better shields, and wins easily.

So.  Spock.  Why would I identify with him?  I admit that I was/am more of a Kirk fan (he's such a ham) but I identified more with Spock.  Why?  Duality.

Spock was half Vulcan, half human, and that was the entire basis of everything the character did.  Through the TV series it was explored, but it wasn't until the movies that Spock really embraced his duality.

Duality is something we as transpeople have plenty of experience with surviving.  After all, Spock tried to keep his human side repressed, but eventually allowed it to show through and blend with his Vulcan side.  I kept my female side repressed, and now I show it to everyone, as it is who I am.

Sept 2013

Spock's human side was where he held his emotion, and so it was with my feminine side.

Of course, Leonard Nimoy was far more than Spock, but it is as Spock that so many people, including me came to know him and appreciate his work.

Star Trek has come a long way since that Original Series (where a woman was scoffed at for wanting to be a starship captain in the episode "Turnabout Intruder".)  The characters grew and become more rounded (not just discussing Scotty's waistline!) and then other crews expanded the meaning and scope of the series.   For example, my dear friend Sirena insists that Deep Space 9's Sisko was the best of all Captains.  Women became captains.  (First in Star Trek IV, then later again in Voyager.)  All the stories weren't winners (Star Trek V was horrible) but most were.

Star Trek spoke to the child I was, and still speaks to the adult I've become.  It taught me that there WAS hope for a great future.  And one of the biggest parts of Star Trek is now gone.

Sleep in the stars, Leonard Nimoy.  And thanks for everything.