Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Place to Start...

My cousin Sharon contacted me once.  She just started reading the blog, and wanted to know where to start.  Well, I don't blame her!  To date, there are 561 posts on this blog, as well as the 41 posts on the Myspace blogs- totaling almost TEN years of posts!  Egad!

I've also noticed that I've suddenly gained a few new subscribers.  Hi folks!  Are you from the book store?  TG Central?  TG Forum?  Spaceballs combing the desert?  In any case, welcome aboard!  So this post is for you as well.

So.  Where to start?

Well, the easiest place to start could be the beginning... the Dec 2008 post in my Myspace blogs.  And that's fine.  If you want to read through my evolution from a scared person taking her first steps into a strange new world, that's the place to start.

June 2018

However, that's not what I recommend.  No, I'd say you need to start with some simple basics.  I have two entries that do this, an original and an update.  After that, I'll post some of the more popular entries for your perusal, as well as some critical moments.

First the basics.  Codex Sophie.  Here I define terms and introduce people.  For those new to the world of the gender variant, this is a simple introduction.

Now, some entries:

Day after Play:  From the highest high, to suicidal low.  All inside of 24 hours.

New Dawn Fifty:  September 13, 1966   I celebrate my 50th birthday by wanting to kill myself, and trying to do so.  Obviously, I didn't.  But I discuss it all here.

Thoughts on a Waxing Moon  May 12, 2014   Random thoughts, or are they?

Death, Disclosure and Delaware  June 10, 2013  In which Wife tells me that her mother suspects I'm TG, just as I'm dealing with the death of a mentor.

These next three are related.

Lisa Empanada's The Pain of Being Just Like You... What if I had Died?  (A true story)  August 6, 2013  I attended a party held for my dearest friend Lisa.  I wrote something to her the next day.  She included it in this piece, which she posted on Facialbook.  I reprinted it here with her permission.  What I didn't know was she was telling us ALL something... something horrible.

Goodbye Lisa Empanada September 20, 2013  I wrote this the day I discovered that my dearest friend killed herself.  I still can't read this without crying my eyes out.

Final Farewell:  Lisa Empanada's Memorial  September 27, 2013  This was the most popular post by far for quite some time.  People wanted to Know what happened.  So I told them.  Another one I can't read without crying.

In many ways, to understand MY story- a person must know about Lisa's.  Lisa is still my inspiration.  I still miss her horribly.

A couple of other places to look:

Feelings From a Bittersweet Dream  August 7, 2013.  Here I discuss Lisa's party- and one of the most momentous days of my life.

Tossed Out  September 11, 2013  Here I discuss being thrown out of my MIL's home.  The very next entry was the one about Lisa's death.  As you can see, I had a Horrific September in 2013.  It almost killed me.

Just Another Night  April 5, 2011  Documents my first time ALONE as Sophie in a very crowded place

I Told my Wife  May 5, 2012  When I finally told my Wife my big secret... and her reaction.

My First Day of Work as a Woman  April 1, 2014  Guess what this is about?

Anyway, those are touchstones.  The journey continues, and I'm glad to have you with me for the trip!  If you have questions, you can always email me at or just post them in the comments section of the entry in question.  As I screen comments, I'll definitely see them!

Be well!

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