Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Originally posted Nov 1, 10. "What a Night"

It’s been a very crazy month in Sophie-land. Too much to explain, so I’ll sum up.

In mid-September I was all ready to go to Laptop Lounge early in the week. I had an appointment with Amanda for makeup and all was well. Then my wife gave me Penn State football tickets for that weekend. As a loyal Penn Stater, any other time I would’ve been ecstatic, but this time… ummm I NEED my Sophie time.

So I canceled my Amanda appointment and on the early morning of September 18, I went to PSU to watch the game. It was a beautiful warm day in Happy Valley, and the Nittany Lions won. I also got a bit sunburned.

I drove home as fast as I could, and decided to go to Laptop anyway. I did my own makeup and arrived around midnight. So I got both the game AND my Sophie time!

A couple weeks later, my friend Mary was in town from Pittsburgh, and she, Jen and I decided to go to Monday Night T-Girls on a rainy night. The theme was naughty teachers and school girls. I did my own makeup and had a great time. On the way back to the car, all three of us were splashed by a police car going through a puddle. After the initial shock, we laughed like crazy.

What I didn’t know is that night, I entered someone’s drama. More later.

Fast forward to Oct 16. Another Laptop, and I wore the first draft of my Halloween costume as a Saint Pauli Girl. This night was highlighted by walking over to TGI Fridays in the same mall for a drink. No one even blinked.

Ok, so the stage is set for my favorite holiday: Halloween. Two years ago, I rediscovered myself on Halloween, so I regard it as “Sophie’s birthday.”

Sat, Oct 30: I have 3 parties. I go to Amanda for makeup and wear my Mary Marvel suit from last year. As I didn’t know where the first party was, I stopped at King of Prussia mall. It was packed and I walked around dressed as Mary Marvel. I got some looks but many more people making appreciative comments! I went to Comics and More, where they knew exactly who I was (Mary Marvel) and took some pics.

After the mall, I went to Fox and Hound, a nearby bar/restaurant. I received many kind comments and only one “stink eye.” Jen finally called me and I took my food to go. Off to Exton for a party!

I arrived and found some of the “royalty” of the Philly TG scene: Sandy, Danielle, Jen and so many others. If it weren’t for the confidence I gained by walking in the mall, etc, I may have felt out of my league. I just relaxed and felt at home with my sisters.

Then it was off to another party. This was held by a former co-worker. None of the people there had ever seen me dressed. The hostess didn’t recognize me. One guy clocked me as my walk “wasn’t feminine.” Ok, gotta work on that.

There was a bonfire, and my costume smelled badly of smoke. I played (and won) beer pong. It was a good time, but it wasn’t really Sophie time. It was “guy in a dress time” if that makes sense.

Ok, off to Laptop for their Halloween gala! Great time! Went to Fridays again, took pics, and had a ball. Cleaned up, went home.

Woke up the next day for Halloween. Went to Amanda’s for makeup, then into Philly to the Sheraton, where the Henri David ball is held. I had a room, where I relaxed for a bit and did my nails. I was waiting for some friends to arrive. Eventually, I went to the bar and enjoyed a drink with Lorraine, who made my costume.

The party started and was a BLAST! So many talented costumes!

Fast forward to the end of the night. The aforementioned drama person. Seems she was insulted that I implied she was dating a friend of mine. I apologized and let it go, out of respect for that friend. Well DP (drama person) didn’t want to let it go. She got in my face. Yelled. Threatened. Postured. I pointed out that being arrested would not be a positive ending for the night, but I didn’t back down. In fact it was all I could do from losing it on her. (I’m sure I’m not the only one who covered their feminine side with anger.)

See, my feminine side calms me. As a youth I fought a LOT. (Opinionated + big mouth= fights) So I learned how to fight. As DP was pointing and posturing, I was choosing targets. However, that’s not Sophie. And damn DP for pulling something I thought long buried to the surface while I was dressed! She has no idea what she avoided, and what may have happened. Or of the damage she has done.

In the end, all I know is that I have been threatened. I am still angry. And as Sophie, I really have a minimal “safety net” as my wife and friends don’t know. So I’m kinda on my own here (locally.)

I’m scared. So many things can go wrong now. How can I be a positive force for the community with such a negative force out there, wanting to draw me into their drama? How can such a negative force exist? Don’t we have enough arrayed against us as a group? Do we really need this petty bs?

In the end, I spent over $600 for this night, to have it ruined by a drama queen. But you know what? I think I looked great, and expanded my horizons. So I have that going for me, which is nice.

Originally posted Aug 25, 10 "Angels Fall Like Rain"

Bonus points if you know from where I stole that title.

It's not the usual third weekend of the month. Oh no, it's very special. SE Pa was the convergence point for so many people this past weekend and they were all coming to the Laptop Lounge.

From Albany, Lana was making her way south south south past us and on to her birthplace of Atlanta. She was stopping for the weekend. I met her at the Empire conference when I was singing karoke and she was jumping some guy out on the back patio of the place. She's the one that filmed me singing. She's a TS and is amazing.

From Texas, via Manassas and Aberdeen, Kimberly Huddle was in town. Yes, Kimberly from Texas, everyone's favorite flying cd. I'd met her twice before and this time we were going to go someplace different. And- I had a surprise waiting.

So Kimberly arrived on Friday. She spent the day at the King of Prussia mall. By the time I finished work and everything, we decided to meet to have a beer in drab. She was staying next to a Hooters, so we met there. Aside from seeing her, the highlight of the night was watching one waitress wrestling another one and dropping her into a trash can. No kidding. That had the whole bar at attention.

The next day my usual friends were to meet at a local place for lunch, but only Jen made it. That was fine as Kim and Jen had a great time meeting each other. We went to the Blue Pacific which is where Laptop was to be held. I wanted to do shots but they didn’t. Sigh.

From there, I went to the motel room Jen and I rented. Where was Lana? Who knows? Her phone was broken so we had no contact with her save cryptic and intermittent messages on Facebook. We knew she’d be at the room at 3:30. Or 4. Or Pi squared. At the room, I re-shaved my face and legs. At 3, I went to Kim’s room, where she had Malibu and cokes waiting. Why so early a meeting?

Surprise! We were going to True Colors for a makeover. Now I do this a lot, but she’s never been there. Once I remember her writing how she’d love a makeover so I decided that as her birthday was only a couple weeks away, a makeover would be a great gift. I didn’t have to twist her arm!

So off we went to see Amanda Richards. Amanda was delayed so we drove around a bit but finally got started. I went first as, well, I wanted more Sophie time. Besides, I wanted to do my nails. After I was finished, Kim sat down and Amanda worked her magic as I did my nails and paced. And paced. I was nervous. I knew Amanda would do a great job, but would Kim like it? I needn’t have worried.

Kim had been searching for a new wig for some time. Amanda sells them and Kim found exactly what she was looking for! So I helped complete a quest. Good karma for me! I hope.

That said, all this fun made us really late. Once again, I missed Renaissance. We went directly to Laptop, which was well underway. We paid our cover charges and then began a whirl of activity. Lana was there and “happy.” Jen was there; everyone was there and looked wonderful! The place was crowded with so many of us! I wore a silky purple top that I wore exactly a year before, a short black skirt, pumps, and hose. I thought I looked great!

I introduced Kim around and she fit right in (after we all did the shot I had waited all those hours to do.) Everyone seemed so alive. Kim was in her element- meeting new people and dazzling them. Lana was dancing and singing and seemed everywhere at once. Me? I had some drinks and was just glad to be who I was and where I was.

As the night went on I danced, I drank, I watched the Phillies lose. At one point, I leaned against the bar to order a drink and a guy I’d never seen before started taking to me. He’d seen something on Craig’s list about Laptop and came out. He and his wife were open minded, he said. He bought me a drink. He treated me like a lady. He told me I was beautiful. He kept mentioning how he and his wife did fun things with girls like me. I knew what he was trying to say. I introduced him to someone else and excused myself. When I left, they were still talking.

The hour grew late and people slowly began to disappear. I had a big glass of water and started my goodbyes. Eventually I was back at the motel then back in drab. Sophie disappeared for another month.

The story doesn’t end there though. The next day, I contacted Kim and we went out (in drab) for lunch at an Irish bar near where I live. It was pouring rain but we arrived safely and had a great time. Too soon I dropped her back at her hotel. It was an amazing weekend and I was beat.

Lana? I think she stayed at the motel room. I have no idea. No phone means no contact. I hope she made it to Atlanta safely.

So Sophie hides within me for another month. In September is another Laptop but also a Gala Ball! I can’t wait!

Monday, November 15, 2010

My new Place

Following Kim's lead, I'm moving my blog here.  I will transfer my old stuff as well.  :)

Who am I? I'm Sophie Lynne, a transgendered girl who lives near Philly.  You'll learn more as I go along!  :)

I have many different looks but one common thing- I love being who I am!

I hope you'll join me on this journey!