Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yo! Sophie goes t' the ballgame!

I love Baseball.


My sports hierarchy goes like this:
1) Penn State Nittany Lion Football (far above the rest)
2) Philadelphia Phillies (another wide gap, then...)
3) Washington Redskins
4) All other Penn State sports
5) Philadelphia Flyers
6) Watching paint dry
7) Watching grass grow
8) College basketball
10,036) Pro basketball

College football season is almost here.  PSU kicks off this Saturday.  However, my chances of attending a PSU game as Sophie are very slim right now.

But a Phillies game...

A little background first.

I am a Philly girl.  I've lived many other places, but I grew up outside of Philadelphia.  Philly fans have a... reputation.  I'm not saying we don't deserve it.  We're a passionate sports town.  Used to be a blue collar town, but most of the jobs are gone overseas, even the ones building ships for the Navy .  But in any case, Philadelphians love their teams.

I'm a bit of an oddball.  No, not because of that.  Nor that!  May I continue?  No, not that either!  Anyway.  I'm an oddball because I'm not an Eagles fan.  (Pronounced "Iggles")  I'm a Redskins fan.  Maybe I'll tell that story someday.

In any case, I've been to the legendary 700 level of the now gone Veterans Stadium for football games.  And it was as bad as the legend says.  Fights, foul language in front of children, you name it.

This is the Philadelphia fan.

And Philly fans are passionate about baseball.  Hard core.

So.  How stupid would I have to be to go to a Phillies game as Sophie?  And face all the abuse: verbal and possibly even physical?

Well, Tuesday August 28, 2012 was LGBT night at the Phillies.  I got the tickets at a group rate for myself and three other T-girls.  And I was going as Myself, dammit!

At Citizens Bank Park

I invited two girls from my therapy group and one I knew from Renaissance (she's the one who told me about the event: Karol.)  I also made an appointment with Amanda Richards- I wanted to look my best!  I also bought a women's Phillies shirt and a pair of shorts.  That was in June.

Fast forward a couple of months to last week.  Karol was away in Florida.  With a hurricane coming.  She ended up being trapped there.  She was the one who was supposed to get the motel room.  Oops!

Oh well.

So, I went to Amanda's at noon and she did her usual amazing job.  She mentioned that four people had come in for appointments in the past weeks and said "Did you hear what happened to Sophie?"

So I'm now in the gossip mill.  Guess it comes with me writing about it in this blog.  Still, it made me smile to think that others were thinking of me.

Makeup by Amanda Richards of True Colors

From there I went to my therapy appointment.  My therapist wasn't sure what I was doing was the safest thing.  I don't blame her.  I pointed out that I was wearing flats, so that if I needed to Run or Fight, I could.

Then I picked up Amy at 4:30 in the parking lot of a Ruby Tuesdays.  Amy is in my therapy group.  She's wildly intelligent and fun.  She came in drab as she and her wife have a delicate balance when it comes to Amy's feminine side.  Amy would be the "token boy toy" for Victoria and me.  I'm not posting pics of her as she isn't "out" to the world and she would lose her job if they learned of her transgenderism.

I anticipated lots of traffic.  See, it wasn't just the Phillies that night.  On the way we would come close to the Mann Music Center, where Jimmy Buffett was playing.  Yes, THAT Jimmy Buffett! 

Then there was the fact that across the parking lot from the baseball stadium, at the Wells Fargo center, there was a Madonna concert.  So that was a LOT of traffic heading into Philly, and South Philly in particular.

South Philly.  Home of Rocky BalboaFabianPat's Steaks.  Rough part of town, knowwhatImean?  Fuggetaboudit!

And I was headed there to watch a ball game. 

We were to meet Victoria at the statue of Steve Carlton outside one of the gates.  She's very beautiful, and sometimes enigmatic if you don't know her.  However, she is a very warm and fun woman once you get to know her (and she gets to know you.)  I'm very lucky to count her as a friend.

As Amy and I waited, we decided to take a stroll around a bit.  Amy was in drab, and I saw our shadows as we walked.  A man and woman walking together- natural as anything.  But I was the Woman.  Inside I soared!

Victoria arrived right on time, and we entered the stadium with it's 40,000 plus people... mostly Philadelphians...

With Victoria inside the park

Know what?

We had NO problems.  None.  We were just another group of Phillies fans enjoying a beautiful summer evening at the Citizens Bank Park watching our beloved Phillies.  We walked slowly around the stadium before the game, chatting and enjoying the night.  Amy stopped to get a cap and said she'd catch up.  As she was catching up, she fell in behind a group of guys who were a little behind Victoria and I as we walked.  They didn't mention us one way or the other.

We blended.

That's nothing new for Victoria.  She's all but full time and passes very well.  But for me?  Well, I'll get back to this.

Our View

As the game began, we found our seats.  We sat at the very back row of the stadium, where we had a nice breeze and a view of the sun setting behind the Philly skyline.  In the first inning, Ryan Howard hit a grand slam and it looked like the Phillies were going to cruise to victory.

I went down to the Family restroom (I wasn't confident enough to go to the ladies room.)  As I returned up the steps to my seat, I noticed an old, heavy Italian woman glaring at me.  I ignored her.  A little later, I went down to get a round of drinks for our group (I drank diet coke- today is 25 days sober) and I while returning I again noticed at her scowling at me.  This time,  I looked her in the eye and smiled as wide as I could.  She looked horrified.

Score one for Sophie! 

At my seat (standing next to it actually)

The game was fun.  Amy, Victoria and I chatted and had a great time.  At the end of the eighth inning, the score was tied and we decided that we were going to avoid the traffic.  After all, there were two concerts in town.  So we slowly made our way down to the exit.  Victoria headed off into the night toward her home across the river in New Jersey.  Amy and I hopped in my car and listened to the Phillies blow the game in the 10th.  We hit a little traffic but nothing bad.  What we didn't know was that that the Madonna concert was delayed for some reason.  Lucky for us!

Soon enough, we arrived at the Ruby Tuesdays.  I needed to use the ladies room, so Amy went to the bar for a glass of Cabernet.  I then joined her and had another soda.  I'd never been in this place as Sophie, but it was absolutely natural for me. 

I didn't want the night to end. 

But it did.

I changed in my car, and used makeup wipes to clean most of my face.  Then I drove home.  My wife was in bed, so I finished washing up before going to bed myself.

So.  I went to a possibly hostile environment and no one noticed or cared.  Well, except for the old woman in the stands, but maybe she was jealous because I was more feminine than her.

I'm still self conscious when I go out.  I feel like everyone is staring at me and saying "look at that GUY!"  I know they aren't, but that's how it feels.  But at the game... It didn't feel that way.  I didn't feel out of place at all.  Just another woman in the crowd.  The woman I am meant to be. 

Somewhere around the fifth inning, Amy showed us an app on her I-phone.  It measured the dimensions of a person's face (from a picture) and determined how masculine or feminine the person looks.  Victoria scored 100%.  No surprise there. 

I scored a 97%. 

It was a beautiful night.

I've taken a Major step.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ravens and Beagles and Sophie! Oh My!

Sorry for the delay in writing.  I've been quite busy.  More on that later.

So.  Last Saturday was third Saturday.  That means Sophie time!


No Laptop Lounge!

The Oh-So-Professional Sign

So what's a gal to do?

Fortunately, as the Community knew in advance that this was happening, plans were made.

The "official" Renaissance gathering (after the meeting) would be at a bar in Norristown called "The Beagle."  They host a weekly event called "Thursday Night T-girls," so they're friendly.  I'd never been there.

Another event popped up on Thursday: a gathering at the Raven in New hope, PA.  I'd been there a few times already

So, what to do, what to do?

Amanda Richards was busy, so I did my own makeup.  As usual, I booked a room at the motel, and slowly became myself.  I tried false eyelashes again, and this time I even managed to get them on!  First time for everything!

I wore the same outfit that I wore to Monday Night T-girls, as no one really saw it, and I had it cleaned. 

So, by 6 PM, I was ready.  I looked in the mirror and saw the woman that I really am.

At Renaissance

I had some time, so I visited a friend briefly, then went to Wendy's drive through for a diet coke.  Then a slow drive on back roads, enjoying the late summer afternoon. 

I remarked a few times in my blog, way back when, that being dressed in a skirt gave me pause and made me reflective.  Not any more.  Looking down over my breasts to see a skirt and painted toenails in strappy sandals is now perfectly natural for me.  I don't even think twice.  Because this is how I SHOULD be dressed, after all.

 I was first to arrive at Ren, so I started to set up the meeting area.  Soon a couple others arrived.  Angela asked me during the week to make a sign for Blue pacific so t-girls would know that the party wasn't on this week.  I made a beauty... and left it at home.  Oops!  So while at Ren, I wrote up a quick and nasty sign that looked like hell, but got the point across.  It's pictured near the beginning of this entry.  I then drove over to the mall to tape the sign to a post near the door.  Why not the door?  Because the light there would be off, so people wouldn't be able to see it.  There's a light next to the post.  I taped it up using scotch tape and medical tape because I left the packing tape at home... with the sign.

After putting up the sign, I received a phone call from a friend who was going to the Raven.  45 minutes away.  Was I coming?  Why not?

So I turned on the Phillies game and drove to New Hope.  Beautiful night for a drive. 

I arrived and wanted food, but they don't serve food in the bar on Saturdays- restaurant only.  Oh well!  I met some new people, and saw some old friends.  Sandy Martin and Charlotte Sometimes made the scene, and we had a great time.  I drank diet coke.

At the Raven

After a couple of hours, I headed to Norristown, and then Beagle.  It was easy enough to find.  Parked across the street and my heels clacked as I crossed over to the bar. 


 So loud I literally couldn't hear anyone speaking.  Good thing I read lips!

The DJ was a t-girl.  She looked the part of a drag performer.  She also sang some bawdy songs.  It was fun, but, as mentioned, VERY loud.

My friend Mary from Pittsburgh was there.  She recently had GCS with Dr. Leis.  I haven't seen her in a while, and we caught up.  It was great seeing her!  I remember meeting her at the Empire conference in Albany.  it was her FIRST night out ever.  Now she has gone all the way!  In only two years!  The costs were heavy- she lost her job AND her church!  (Tolerance is not a trait of the conservative right wing.)

Deaf at the Beagle

I didn't stay too long at the Beagle.  It was so loud my ears hurt.  Conversation was impossible, and as I wasn't drinking, I was bored.  Several friends left around 12:30, so I followed them out.  I drove back to the motel.  it was still early, so before cleaning up, I took some more pictures.  It was fun! 

Ooo la la!

Today is Thursday.  My ears are still ringing.  This isn't good.

So- were there any earth shaking revelations this past weekend?

Not really- aside from realizing how Comfortable I am as Sophie now.  How comfortable?  I'm going to a Phillies game on Tuesday.  It's LGBT night, and I'm going with a few other T's.  Represent!  For those who aren't familiar with the stereotype of the Philadelphia fan, I'm sure I'll get looks and comments.  Philly fans can be brutal.  That said, if I'm going to Be Sophie, I need to BE Sophie.  No Fear.  I'll let you know how that goes.

DUI Update:  Hearing scheduled for September 13.  As I noted above, I'm still not drinking.  Today is Day 18, and I'm doing well.  There was some moodiness around day 4-5 (read: furious temper), but aside from that, no issues.

There's a Laptop Lounge this Saturday, but I'm working.  I'll show up in drab after midnight.  Sigh.

Oh, there WAS somewhat of a revelation this past weekend.

As I was leaving for the motel, my wife (who knew exactly where I was going and why) asked when I'd be back.  I said around the usual time.

She said "This is the first time in a long time that I'm not worried about you driving."

Me being a woman?  She isn't concerned.  Me being sober?  Makes her happy.

And I don't miss the hangovers.

Maybe I'll even lose weight.  And fit into something smaller than a tent.

That will make me happy.

Monday, August 13, 2012


This hasn’t been a good week.

I started this blog to write about how I feel and to try to make sense of my life.  With this blog, you get Sophie.  But there are events this week I thought about not discussing. There ARE things I don’t discuss in this blog, like my daughter.  I don’t think that is anyone’s business.  And some of the events of this week are no one’s business.

Know what?  Hell with it.  This is my fifth attempt at this entry.  So I’ll just come out with it. 

I was arrested for DUI after being out at Laptop Lounge as Sophie last Saturday night. August 4.  Spare me the outrage, really.  I know.  I’m a former paramedic and have seen the damage drunk drivers do.  I should know better.  And I will pay the price for my stupidity.  Add to that, Wednesday I had my wife’s car and it broke down on my way to work.  I had to walk the last couple miles, and find a ride to my second job.

Seems that lately my life has been in a tailspin and the ground is coming up fast.

So, here’s the whole story.

Saturday, August 4 was my dear friend Lisa’s first birthday.  She lives in Baltimore but wanted to celebrate by coming up to the Philly area.  She wanted to shop in the King of Prussia mall with her wife, daughter, and mother of said daughter.  She was kind enough to invite me to dinner with them.  That night was also a Laptop Lounge. 

So I asked my wife if I could do this, some negotiations followed, and she allowed it.  Yay!  Bonus Sophie night!

Lisa offered me use of her room to change in, so I did.  I wore a new blouse with a black skirt and did my own makeup.  Don’t ask me how, but I managed to get lipstick on my blouse… on my right breast.  When they all returned from shopping, Lisa hit it with makeup remover, but it didn’t dry well. 

At Winberies.  Stain photo shopped out.

It was HOT in the room, as the AC wasn’t working.  I decided to take a ride to the ATM to get money for the night.  I walked out the door into the hotel parking lot and ran into Daddy with three teen girls, all exiting a convertible.  I’m guessing the girls were all under sixteen.  They all looked at me and laughed.

“OMG look at THAT guy!”


“How gross!”

Yeah, that sure helped my mood.

So, I returned and all of us left for Winberies for dinner.  I drove (as I was the only one who knew where it was) and took the long route through Valley Forge Park, which none of them had ever seen before.  From there, it was dinner, where we all had a good time.

After dinner, we went to Shangrila, a nearby Japanese place that used to be the home of Laptop Lounge until everyone got tired of the bartenders overcharging some people.  There, we had a drink and took pictures.  Then it was off to Blue Pacific and the Laptop!  Lisa and company went back to the room to change into something less conservative, and I went straight there. 

It was miniskirt night, but I dressed in a longer skirt just to be different.  Many girls were already there.  I fell into conversation with a few. 

Eventually, Lisa and company showed up.  A good time was had by all.  Everyone danced and drank and talked.  Of course there were many pictures taken. 

By the end of the entire night, I had eight drinks in seven hours.  Plus food.  Plus eight pints of water.  Then I went back to hotel room, showered, packed, and hit the road.

Normally, I stop at Wawa for a quick sandwich as I’m usually hungry after eating little and wearing a corset all night.  But not that night.  I told my wife I’d be home a little early.

About ten minutes later, I realized I was being followed and pulled into a housing development.  And was followed.  I pulled over, and so did the person behind me.  I exited my car, and my glasses fogged up.  I took them off and saw the person exiting their vehicle.  A police officer.

I did all the tests he asked, and was completely respectful.  “Yes, sir.”  “No, sir.”  He checked me with the breathalyzer.  Then he asked me to turn around and told me I was being arrested.

I sat in the back of his car as he and a second officer searched mine.  I told him he’d find my Sophie stuff.  He didn’t blink. 

From there, we went to the hospital for a blood test which I agreed to do.  (If you refuse in PA, it’s an automatic one year license suspension.)  Then I was taken to the police station for fingerprints and photographs.  While there, the officer said that I was the most cooperative and respectful person he’d picked up ever.  He said he’d recommend me for ARD.  More on that in a bit.  He never told me the result of the breathalyzer.

After all that, he took me home.  I called my wife from the hospital so she was up waiting for me.  She signed for me at 3:30 AM.  She was not happy.

At 7 AM she woke me up, and we went to get my car.  An hour later, she, her mother, and my daughter left for a three day trip to Virginia.  I stayed home to work and watch the house.  And feed the dog.

Monday night, I came home from work, changed, put on makeup, and drove my wife’s car into the city to Tavern on Camac, the former site of Monday Night T-Girls.  After a bit, there were four of us.  I related the above story.  My dear friend Jone recommended a lawyer to me, who I called the next day.  She’s one of us, and I’d met her previously.

Wednesday morning I was still driving my wife’s car.  It broke down on my way to work.  I walked the last mile and a half.  Could’ve been worse- if it broke down Monday night while I was Sophie…

Friday I received my summons.  I still don’t know my blood alcohol level.

I mentioned ARD.  In PA, you have an option, as a first time offender, to plead guilty and apply for ARD.  It’s a class about alcohol and driving.  Not everyone who applies gets in.  The police officer has to recommend you.  If you’re an ass to the officer, they won’t do it.  I’m glad I gave the officer his due respect!

So there it is.  I’m going to plead guilty and apply for ARD.  There will be a fine, community service, and probably a license suspension.  All depends on my level.  I won’t know that for a couple weeks yet. 

I have been kicking myself for over a week.  I also resolved that until this is behind me- COMPLETELY behind me, I will not touch alcohol.  At all. 

It’s been nine days.

I can be very hard headed.  Sometimes I need to be clubbed over the head to learn a lesson.  I’ve driven after drinking several times.  There are times I shouldn’t have.  I’ve been playing Russian Roulette.  I’m glad I’m the ONLY one who loses this one.  Thank God! 

I’ve learned this lesson.  Learned it well.  Because of this, I will be in court on my birthday.  I will not be able to attend SCC, as the fine will empty my savings.  I will miss at least one month at Renaissance and Laptop.

So there you have it.  To the point.  Not a fun read, is it?  Sorry folks.  I need to get my head around this, and writing is how I do it.  Besides, confession is good for the soul. 

From here, I take my punishment and move on with my life.  And live with the a-hole looking back at me in the mirror. 

As my readers may recall, I didn’t name myself.  Karen from Femme Fever said I should be “Sophie” and I have been since.  Sophie means “wisdom.”  Maybe it’s time I started living up to my name.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crying for Ogre (fiction)

It was early September 1986, and life couldn’t be any better for Andrew “Ogre” Gruber.  He was a senior at State, he was the star of the rugby team, and he was Social Chairman of his fraternity: Beta Chi.  All that and he was having sex with this hot chick he met during the summer semester he spent up at school.  Yeah she was clingy, but he had a plan.

Thursday, September 4, 1986

Ogre and Cheryl were in his room during a house party.  They finished and she started to dress.  Cheryl was athletic with firm B cup breasts, slim but feminine hips and brunette hair cut almost boyishly short.  She was one of the hottest girls in her high school class, and was very confident when she arrived at State to take classes for the summer as was required for some freshmen.  She met Ogre in July at the University pool, and they dated ever since.

“Walk me back to my dorm?”  Cheryl asked as she pulled on her tight Levis jeans.

Ogre reclined on the bed and stretched. 

“I don’t think so,” he said. 

“Why not?”

“Look babe, I got things to do.  You’ll be ok.”

“I’m sure I’ll be fine, but you don’t WANT to walk me?  You did during the summer,” she said.

Ogre stood and stretched.  He was only five foot nine, but was every inch muscle.  He had brown hair cut Republican short and tanned skin from all the hours he spent poolside during the summer.  He had an easy smile, brown eyes and good looks which made him almost irresistible to women- and he knew it.  Rugby left him with a scar on his forehead and a slightly crooked nose from the many times it was broken- but his bashed nose was why his brothers called him Ogre.

“Babe, that was then.  It’s a whole new semester and I have to keep my options open.”

“What are you saying?”  Cheryl said, shocked.

“Look, sweet cheeks, I need to be able to do who and what I want!  I’m a senior!  If you still want a taste, you’re welcome to come over whenever, but I may be busy,” Ogre said.

“Oh like you’ll ever find better than me?”  Cheryl said.

“Babe, I fucked a hotter chick than you last night, and I will again before the week is over.  You’re cute, but nothing special, ok?  Now you gotta go.  I have to get to bed.  I have an early morning with conditioning starting and all.”

Cheryl didn’t know whether to slap him or spit or what to do.  Instead she just left, walked down the hall to the stairs and out of the fraternity house.  She didn’t want him to see her cry.

“’Bout fucking time she left” he thought.  He walked downstairs to brother “Beef’s” room.  Beef was a monster- 6’4 and just massive.  Beef promised Ogre something that would make Ogre even bigger.

Ogre knocked on the door, and Beef answered.

Beef had a needle in his hand. 

“What’s that?”  Ogre asked.

“Steroids, man.  NCAA don’t care if you use ‘em.  You inject them into your arm.  They’ll make you huge.”

Beef showed Ogre how to do the injection, and then watched as Ogre did it.

“Any side effects?”  Ogre asked.

“Maybe some swelling.  Nothing major.” 

Yeahhh.  I can’t wait to hit the gym!  Thanks, bro.  I owe you!”

Cheryl walked home through streets still busy with passing partiers and drunks vomiting into convenient hedges and roofless convertibles.  The night was still full of fun, yet she cried, occasionally stopping to lean against a wall and sob. 

“I wish he would know what it’s like to be a girl,” Cheryl said between sobs.

No one stopped.  No one noticed.  No one cared.

Or did they?

Something old- older than the mountains near the campus was listening that night.  She heard Cheryl’s crying, and understood.

And she smiled.

She's got it
Yeah, baby, she's got it
I'm your Venus, I'm your fire
At your desire

The party at Beta Chi was still going strong, and Ogre drank more and more: shots, beer- everything handed to him.  He had a reputation to maintain after all!

Suddenly, he felt sick.  He ran to the nearest bathroom and barely made it, shoving aside some girls waiting in line.  And he puked.

And puked.

So much.

When would it stop?

As Cheryl cried, Ogre puked.

He was so distracted by the violence of the vomiting that he didn’t notice his shorts getting slightly tighter.  His butt changed- the fat redistributing, his thighs thickening slightly.

For an hour, Cheryl cried until she finally went to sleep back in her room.  For an hour, Ogre vomited, weight just disappearing through his mouth, and his butt plumped, becoming shapelier.

            The vomiting stopped, and Ogre staggered to his room to the laughter of some of his brothers.  He was a little thinner, not that anyone would notice.  Exhausted by his ordeal, he never realized how different his butt felt, nor did he care how difficult it was to remove his shorts.

Friday, September 5, 1986.

Ogre showered, feeling weaker than the day before.  One of his brothers, “Boston,” was in the four man shower area with him.  Boston thought he must have a problem- Ogre’s ass looked so good.

“What- am I going gay?” he thought.  He turned the shower to cold to calm himself as Ogre washed his rounded butt and now hairless legs.

Saturday, September 6, 1986

The football game was amazing fun, especially since the home team Cougars won.  Cheryl saw Ogre in the stands, sitting next to some sorority bitch.  He looked happy.

She managed to return to the dorm before she let it all out and started sobbing.

Walking home from the game, Ogre doubled over in pain.  The rest of his body hair disappeared, and his skin became soft and silky.  He managed to find a nearby hedge to puke behind, as his arms thinned slightly and more weight was vomited from him.  His ordeal distracted him from his thickening thighs which threatened to tear his jeans.  His chest began to itch and itch, as small fat deposits slowly formed behind his expanding nipples.

Ogre made it home, helped by some of his brothers.  “Dude just can’t drink like he used to” they kept saying as they shook their heads.

Andrew (Ogre) slept through that night’s party.  Cheryl went to an apartment party which helped take her mind off of him.


Tuesday, September 9 1986

Andrew sat in his business law class in his super tight khakis and a sweater.  He couldn’t understand why all his pants were so tight yet he lost so much weight.  Could it be swelling due to that shot?  Hell, his brothers were giving him all kinds of shit for the salads he started to prefer instead of the usual burgers and pizza.

Back in her dorm, Cheryl was listening to the radio while cleaning her room a little when a picture of her with Ogre smiling at the pool mysteriously fell out of one.  (Hmmm how did happen? The Spirit thought, smiling.)  Cheryl looked at it, remembering what a fun day that was, and how that night was the first time they made love.  Her eyes welled up and she sat on her bed for a good cry.

Turning and returning to some secret place to hide
Watching in slow motion as you turn to me and say
Take my breath away

In his B-law class, Andrew raised his hand to answer a question when he noticed that his nails had grown very long.  In fact, his hand looked rather delicate and the nails made them look… then he felt a stabbing pain through his abdomen.  He bent over, biting his lip to keep from crying out.  

Then he heard it: RI-I-I-I-IP! His khakis split as his hips flared out to dimensions suited for childbearing.  His thighs and ass plumped just a little more as his waist constricted to give him a perfect hourglass figure.  His classmates heard the tear and smiled, but knew better than to laugh in Dr. Mackey’s class.

“Oh shit!  How am I gonna get home with my pants like this?”  Andrew thought.  “I have to cross the whole campus.”

He scratched at his itchy test, eyes widening as he felt his now recognizable A-cup breasts beneath his sweater.  Not big, but he could feel them. 

 “No way!  I can’t have…them!” 

As Cheryl cried, Andrew felt a warm sensation in his legs and feet.  He didn’t think anything of it as he worried about his tits, nails and pants.

The pain subsided, and Andrew was just happy he didn’t vomit.

A few minutes later, class ended.  Andrew waited for the others to leave before standing.  “I’ll hide and wait ‘til the next classes are in session before heading back to the house,” he thought.  Then his dainty feet almost stepped out of his now far too large dock siders.  “What next?” he thought.  He picked them up and walked down the hall to the men’s room and hid in a stall.  As he walked his hips swayed, but Andrew didn’t realize it.  A few guys stared at his beautifully sculpted ass he walked by.

In the stall, Andrew removed his sweater and tied it around his thinned waist to cover his ruined khakis.  His small budding breasts could barely be seen through the oxford he wore under it- slight bumps in the fabric.  He ran his hands over them, not believing what he saw.  Tits.  He had tits.  Why?  The steroids?

Andrew waited twenty minutes until classes were back in session.  He tied his shoes on as tight as they could be.  His chest tickled as did his scalp.  By the time he left the stall, his breasts dented the fabric of his shirt- a full a cup, and the sensation made his nipples stand out.   

He ran across campus, thinned arms flailing slightly away from his newly feminized hips and his new breasts bouncing freely.  People who saw him wondered why that shorthaired girl was in such a hurry.

He used the back door into the house and ran up the back stairs to his third floor room, where he locked the door.  He removed his shirt, untied his sweater, and kicked off his ruined khakis.  Looking down, he could see his breasts with their large nipples and his tight waist which flowed into womanly hips.  The only thing that showed he was still male was his penis still hanging where it always was.  Andrew was stunned, and very scared.  He’d heard wild stories of steroid side effects, but becoming a she-male was not one of them!

“A mirror!  I need a mirror!” he thought.

“Grover” had one and his room was just down the hall.  Andrew threw on a sweatshirt and sweatpants and walked over to Grover’s room as quietly as he could.

Grover was a nice guy, if excitable (like the Muppet, hence the nickname) who was known as, and razzed for being, a gentleman.  He was also known for having a huge penis, which brought him some girls.  Grover was also a MAJOR clothes horse, so he had two full length mirrors in his room.  He always liked to perfect his look before going out. 

As Andrew sneaked down the hall, Cheryl sighed and, looking one last time at the picture, threw it in the trash.  She slumped back on the bed to cry again.

So when you sense a change
Nothing feels the same
All your dreams are strange, love comes walkin’ in

Andrew felt his scalp itch more and more and a strange feeling in his chest and shoulders.  He felt his breasts begin to bounce as he walked.  Oh shit!  That can’t be a good thing!  Grover’s room was unlocked (no one in the house locked their room while out) and Andrew slipped in. 

He stood naked in front of the mirror.  His breasts were beautiful- a full B cup if not a C.  His now curly hair lightened to a dirty blonde and reached his now delicate, feminine shoulders.  His long legs were model perfect- like something out of a commercial or MTV video.  Andrew thought he looked like a freakish she-male, with a slightly softer version of his own face and his penis on a devastatingly hot body.

“How the fuck did this happen?  Why am I becoming a chick?  How am I going to cover this up?” he thought.  His hands roamed all over his now feminine body.  His skin was so soft, and he moaned involuntarily.  He caressed his new breasts, not believing they were his, and the person in the mirror did the same.  His large nipples hardened as did his penis.

Suddenly, he could hear Grover enter the house- he was always so loud.  Andrew grabbed his clothes and ran back to his room, breasts bouncing.

Andrew emerged for dinner wearing loose sweats (borrowed from Brother Beef who was much bigger than him), his nails clipped, and wearing his new hair tucked under a Yankees baseball cap.  Some guys gave him grief, but nothing too bad.  He spent his time lost in thought, wondering if the campus health center could help or if he should go to a hospital near home.  Under the table, his sexy hairless legs were crossed at the knees, just like a woman.

Wednesday, September 10, 1986

Andrew woke up early- 4 AM- so he could shower alone.  He couldn’t help but run his hands all over his new curves, especially his breasts.  Oh God they felt so good!

At nine, he called the hospital near home.

“I think I had a reaction to some, um, steroids I tried” Andrew said into the telephone.

The nurse at the hospital replied “Can you describe it?”

            Andrew sat idly playing with his long dirty blonde hair as he spoke.  “Um, swelling, hair growth…”

“We can’t fit you in until Monday at 10 am unless you want to try the Emergency room.”

“I’ll be there Monday at 10!  Thanks!”

Andrew went to class in sweats.  His breasts were restrained by two Ace bandages (and it hurt!) and he again hid his hair under his Yankees cap.  He made it to class with few looks.

Cheryl walked under the rows of elms at the center of campus.  Nearby, she saw the gazebo next to the Student center lawn.  Many summer nights she and Ogre sat there talking and kissing one night they even…  No be strong, girl.  He …isn’t… worth…

Her eyes welled up before she could get control and tears ran down her cheeks.

As he walked between classes, Andrew felt the sweats tighten.  He looked down and saw that the grey sweatpants were now stylish acid-washed designer jeans.   His sweatshirt was now a fashionable off-the shoulder- sweater.  The Ace bandages?  Instead of flattening his breasts, they now lifted and supported them as an underwire bra.  He felt his hair around his shoulders- he couldn’t see that the cap was now a pretty white headband.  His oversized sneakers were now perfectly sized grey suede ankle boots with a two inch heel.

“Oh my God!  How?” he thought, stunned for a moment.  He then ran into the closest building, heels clacking on the sidewalk.  Under his arm he carried his grey leather purse, which had up until seconds ago been his book bag.

He found a men’s room and thanked God it was empty.  He ducked into the only stall, and looked himself over.  The jeans were tight and showed off his amazing ass.  His breasts stuck out proudly from the sweater, and his nails had grown back, painted a very feminine pink.

“Oh shit!  Why…”

“Hey you gonna be in there long?” a gruff voice asked.  “I gotta go bad.”

Oh no!

Andrew gathered his nerve and opened the door.

“Sorry, wrong room,” he whispered as he ducked past.  The gruff guy laughed to himself.  Stupid chick can’t even read a door.

Andrew went to the shops off campus and bought more oversized sweaters and sweatpants.  As he pulled the money from his new purse, the attendant said “thank you, Miss.”  Andrew cringed.  “Oh my God!  My face!  Has that changed?” he thought.  This was a nightmare!

He still couldn’t comprehend what happened.  He wouldn’t believe it if he hadn’t seen it.  How do clothes change from sweats to women’s clothes?  How do bandages become a bra?  Was he going crazy?  Steroids don’t change clothing!

He took his new purchases and went back to the House, his clacking heels and bouncing breasts reminding him the whole way of his situation.  He again sneaked into the back door and quietly upstairs to his room, dropped the bags and his purse, then quietly crept to Grover’s room.

The person in the mirror didn’t look male.  Andrew recognized his face, but that was all.  His now blonde hair had grown again, at least four inches, and there was a cute wave to it.  The white plastic headband looked wonderful.  His tight jeans showed off his devastating curves and amazing ass.  His breasts looked so big and round despite the loose sweater.  His bare feminine shoulder was sure to attract… wait!  What was he thinking?  He didn’t want to be a guy, I mean a girl!

Suddenly he heard footsteps in the hall, and panicked.  Hide!  Where?  He quickly rolled under the bed, and lay on his stomach.  He felt his firm breasts beneath him as he breathed quietly. 

“Eww!  It’s so dusty!” he thought as Grover came in.  Grover dropped his books on the chair and flopped on the bed, almost causing Andrew to yelp. 

Within twenty minutes, Andrew heard Grover snoring softly.  Andrew slowly pulled himself out from under the bed, covered with dust.  He tiptoed out of the room, then hurried back to his own, and locked the door.

Downstairs a dozen or so brothers were in the dining room eating lunch.  Brother “Smurf” came through the front door, into the dining room, and plopped down his book bag on a convenient chair.

“Y’know I just saw the damndest thing downtown,” he said.  “I could’ve sworn I saw Ogre go into “The Family Clothesline” dressed like a chick.”


“No way!”

“Yer shittin’ me!”

“No shit!”  Smurf said.  “It was his face, but with blond hair and tits and shit.”

“He looked kinda weird at dinner last night,” Brother “Cheese” said.

Yeah, but he ain’t no muthafuckin’ fag cross dresser!  Shit he gets all the tail he wants!” “King” said.

“Just tellin’ you what I saw,” Smurf said,

“Is he here?”  Cheese said.


A few guys stood up to go check Ogre’s room.  They found the door locked, so they pounded on it.

“Yo Ogre!  You in there?”

“Yeah.  I’m sick as a fucking dog!  Just got back from the Health Center,” Andrew said, weakly.  Inside he was down to his bra and boxers, changing into his new sweats.

“You ok?”  Cheese said.

“No I need sleep,” Andrew said.  “Shit!  I need more Ace bandages!” he thought as he looked at his bigger breasts naked for the first time.

His brothers looked at each other.

“Ok, let us know if you need anything.  Want us to save you a lunch?”  King said.

“No, not hungry, thanks!”  Andrew said as he caressed his new tits.  They felt so different- so… good.

The brothers shrugged and headed back to the stairs.  Smurf looked back at the door.  He wasn’t convinced- he knew what he saw. 

He’d be watching.

Thursday, September 11, 1986

Once again Andrew woke very early to shower and get out of the house.  He wandered around campus for a while, then, as soon as it opened, he went to a new hairdresser in town (instead of his usual barber.) 

“Clip it off!  High and tight,” he said.

“Aww but honey, this style fits you so well,” said the hairdresser.  

“No thanks.  Get rid of it,” he replied.

And so she did.  Andrew watched the large amounts of dirty blond curls hitting the floor and he was happy.  That was one less thing to worry about.

He then went to his first class, dressed in loose navy blue sweats with his breasts bound again.  His last pair of sneakers were tied extra tight to stay on.

Andrew made it to all his classes that day, and then he went to the library.  As he walked up the wide marble steps, who should show up but Cheryl coming out the front doors. 

“Oh shit!  I don’t need this!” he thought.

But all she did was glare at him and keep walking.

Her heart was in her throat.  “Be brave be brave!” she thought.  A tear rolled down her cheek, but that was all.  He wasn’t worth it.

As Andrew found a place to sit, he felt his hands tingle.  He looked at them.  They were now delicate, smooth and feminine.  The calluses and blisters were gone.  His beautiful nails were regrown a half inch past his finger tips.  These were no longer the hands of someone called Ogre.  They were the hands of a model.

“Hey Ogre!” one of his rugby teammates said quietly as he passed where Andrew was seated.  Andrew hid his hands and smiled.  “Good seeing you!”

“Oh shit!  Oh shit!”  He packed up his new book bag and left the library.  It seemed a little heavier than when he walked in.  He felt his breasts jiggle a little under the now slightly loosened bandages as he bounded down the library steps.

He made it back to his room, locked the door and quickly clipped off his nails.  Sigh- but they were so cute!  “What am I thinking?”

Friday, September 12, 1986

Smurf waited until Ogre left for class, then went up to the third floor.  The room was locked.  Odd, but not unexpected.  However, Smurf was also the House “repairman” and had keys to all the rooms.

Ogre’s room was neat as a pin!  Bed made, clothes neatly put away- a far cry from the Ogre he knew.  He searched around a bit, and in the bottom drawer of the dresser he found the purse, bra, sweater and jeans.  He smiled.

“Oh man, is he ever gonna be humiliated!” he thought.  Smurf’s mind wandered back to a girl last fall who he really wanted, but Ogre got her- then dumped her.  He wanted revenge ever since.

Smurf grabbed the stuff and locked the door behind him as he left.

Andrew ate out again.  Even though he SHOULD watch his figure- “Why do I keep thinking that?”

At dinner in the House, Smurf held up the items and said they were in Ogre’s room, so it proved he was a “fuckin’ faggot cross dresser.”

There were some laughs, but not many.  More quizzical looks.  Smurf had been railing about Ogre since last fall, and most guys were tired of hearing it.

“Rocky,” the president of the house (and Ogre’s pledge brother), then stood.  “Hey asshole, did you ever date anyone?  Female that is?  It’s not unusual for chicks to leave a change of clothes at their boyfriend’s place.  Dumbass!”

Many more laughs.  Smurf sat down.  A few minutes later, five of Ogre’s pledge brothers grabbed Smurf and hauled him off to a bathroom for a proper swirley.

“No one accuses our pledge brother of being some fag!”

Saturday, September 13, 1986

Most houses partied on Saturday night, and tonight was no exception.  The football team won its away game and everyone was in the mood to party.  Andrew was as well- it had been one hell of a week- but he didn’t really want to be in the house.  Pi Kap was partying, and he knew some of the guys there, so he put on some new jeans (very baggy guy jeans), bound his breasts (and why did he look so much thinner?) and put on a loose school sweater (inside out of course, as was the fashion.)  Just a couple more days and he would get to a doctor, but how would he explain the clothes changing?

Pain finds me everywhere
Oh! but you don't care
Don't forget me when I'm gone
My heart would break

Grover was also out for the night, but he went to apartment party thrown by his freshman year room mate.  His plan was to meet some girls and bring them back to the house and REALLY party.  Maybe he’d even get lucky.  After all, it was a new semester and anything could happen.

The night was loud, fun and soaked with beer.  Grover saw a familiar face.

“Hey!  You’re, um, Cheryl, right?” he said to her.

Cheryl looked at him for a moment before recognition hit.  She met him once over the summer when he visited for a weekend.

            “Yes, but I’m sorry I forgot your name,” she said.

            “Friends call me Grover,” he said.  “Get you a beer?”

            “No thanks.  I’m fine,” she said, holding up her fairly full bottle of Busch.

            “So its funny- one of the guys found your underwear and stuff in Ogre’s room, and tried to accuse him of being a crossdresser.  We swirlied his ass!”  Grover said, laughing.

            “Uh, my underwear?”

            “Yeah, don’t you keep some in Ogre’s room?  I mean y’know…”

            By look on her face, Grover knew that he really screwed up.

            “Oh look I am so sorry.  I didn’t…  I mean…”

Show me your bright lights and your city lights, all right.
I'm talkin' 'bout the Yankee Rose.

            Over at Pi Kap, Andrew was in the basement party room when the pain hit him. 

            “Oh no!” he knew what it meant.

            He worked his way through the crowd to the stairs up then through a door: a closet.  His chest, scalp and fingers tingled- hell his whole body- however his abdomen seared in pain.

            He could feel his manhood shrinking, and there was nothing he could do.  It was become smaller- smaller.  His balls pulled into his body and everything was reforming and changing.  He felt a new opening between his legs as his labia formed and his penis shrank between the folds to become a clitoris.  His boxers became silky and tighter- panties.

Cos you know I know babe
That I don’t wanna go.
Throwing it all away
Throwing it all away

He felt the bandages reform again into a bra, but it felt different this time, as if they didn’t support his breasts as well.  He also felt his breasts growing and becoming rounder- heavier.  His hair fell around his shoulders again, beautiful and blonde, and his face tingled as it changed.  His entire head shrank a little- his cheekbones became more prominent, his chin softened and his nose repaired itself to become small and cute.  His scar vanished and his face was soft and blemish free.  His eyes now seemed larger and became a hypnotic sea blue.  His eyebrows became arches and his lips plumped to a sexy pout.  His throat burned for just a moment and his neck became just a little longer and more graceful.

            He felt punches in his earlobes and he knew they were now pierced.  Andrew then felt a draft as his jeans changed, pulling upward to become a leather miniskirt.  A skirt!  He was wearing a fucking skirt!  He felt like crying.  Guys don’t wear skirts!  Rugby stars don’t wear skirts!  His sneakers became black pumps with three inch heels.  His socks became thinner and he could feel the air through them as they stretched up over his hips to become pantyhose.  He knew his sweatshirt changed by the way it felt, but couldn’t tell how in the darkness.

The girl can’t help it, she needs more
He hasn’t found what he’s lookin’ for

As suddenly as it started, it was over.  Andrew was no longer male.  She was now female- a young woman.  Her mind neared its breaking point trying to understand what happened and trying to comprehend how… and why.

            A few blocks away, Cheryl composed herself in the bathroom of the apartment.  She fixed her makeup, took a deep breath, and left.

            The Spirit smiled.  She made some other subtle changes, but then decided to do something more for Cheryl.  She took away the pain of Cheryl’s memories.  She would remember Andrew “Ogre” Gruber, but it would not hurt her ever again. 

            Especially since that person no longer existed.

            Andrew opened the closet door and took a tentative step out.  She took a few steps toward the door, surprised at her proficiency in her heels.  Suddenly, her way was blocked by a huge guy with a bad mullet!  Holy shit!  Beef! 

            “Hey honey!  Where you goin’?  Someone *burp* hot as you can’t leave yet,” he said.

            “Umm, uhh...” she said, and noticed her new feminine voice.  Husky, yet very feminine.  Beef seemed so much taller.  She must have shrunk three or four inches!

            “Come on I’ll get you a beer,” he said, and flexed. 

            “No, no thank you.  I have to go,” Andrew said, and dodged around him to the door, heels clacking on the tile floor.

            “What are you a fuckin’ lezbo?” she heard beef shout.

            Once outside she walked quickly down the block, and then stopped to look at herself.

            She was indeed wearing black pumps, charcoal hose, Leather mini that barely covered her crotch, and a tight pink top unbuttoned to show devastating cleavage.  “Am I wearing a pushup?”  Andrew wondered.  Her boobs seemed so much bigger- at least a D cup.  Her hands wandered almost involuntarily to feel them, which brought a catcall from a guy nearby.  She saw the bangle bracelets on her wrists, and her long nails painted a sparkly red.  She wore several pretty rings on her slim fingers.  Her curly blonde hair blew in the early autumn breeze.

            “Oh my God- now what will I do?” she thought.

            Andrew was now a sexy woman on a Saturday night in a town full of parties and horny college guys.

            And she was dressed to prowl.

            She walked as quickly as her skirt and heels would allow, feeling the unfamiliar bounce of her breasts as she did.  Several guys whistled or shouted lewd things (like she used to) but she ignored them.  As she hurried down the streets, she didn’t notice as she passed by Cheryl.  Cheryl looked at her and thought “tramp.”

            Andrew reached the back of her fraternity house, but as there was a party going, it was locked.  That didn’t matter- she knew the combination to the push button lock.  She slipped in through the door and walked as quietly as she could up the back stairs to the third floor.  She knew better than to take off her shoes as the floor could get pretty sticky and she didn’t want to ruin her stockings.  Huh?  She didn’t?

            She listened at Grover’s door, heard nothing, and then slipped inside.

            Grover had a bad night so far.  First he made that chick Cheryl cry, and he tried to comfort her for like twenty minutes.  Then he spilled beer all over himself.  Fuck fuck fuck!  He needed to change- maybe even shower, he thought as he walked up the stairs to the house, past the line of people waiting to get in.  The party was now in full swing and he was sure the night would improve.

Yes, it’s true, (yes it’s true) I am happy to be stuck with you
Yes, it’s true, (yes it’s true) I’m so happy to be stuck with you
Cause I can see, (I can see) that you’re happy to be stuck with me

Andrew was stunned by what he saw in the mirror.  She was beautiful!  She had a heart shaped face, delicate chin, large blue eyes with bold makeup, and hypnotic red lips.  Her hair was teased high and wide (which would’ve needed so much Aqua Net) and looked so hot.  She wore three silver earrings in her left ear and two in her right, and a delicate heart locket that nestled in her cleavage.  The short skirt hugged her curves and her legs seemed longer, or did her torso shorten?  Andrew’s breasts really were bigger and declared for all to see she was now a woman.

            She couldn’t help but pose.  She was so hot!  So definitely fuckable!  Look at that ass!  Those tits!  Those legs!  Amazi…

            Grover opened the door and stopped, stunned.  In his room was this amazingly hot chick checking herself out in his mirror.

            “Well hi there” he said.

            The girl jumped and yelped, then put her hand on her chest.  “You scared me!”

            “Sorry.  May I help you with something?”

            “Oh, I’m unh, um…” she said with her husky, sexy voice.

            “That’s ok.  What’s your name?  My friends call me Grover.”

            “Um, I’m uh…  Amy” And she was.  Her ID cards, licenses, everything now said “Amy Andrews.”

            “Hi Amy.  This is my room.”  He laughed.  “Can I get you anything?  Like a beer?”

            Amy needed a beer.  She really needed a drink after all that had happened.

            “Ok, um sure.”

            “Stay right here.”

            Amy was alone in the room.  Grover didn’t recognize her.  How could he?  He was now all girl.

            She took advantage of the time by running to her old room and finding her purse… on the bed?  She quickly tossed money and her credit cards (now changed, though she didn’t know it) into the bag and made it back to Grover’s.  She was posing in the mirror when Grover returned with a pitcher and three plastic cups (one for flip a cup if they wanted to play.)

            Grover poured the beer; they touched glasses, and drank while they talked.  Eventually, they sat on his couch.  Grover made her feel beautiful and at ease.  Amy remembered how often he busted on Grover for being a “nice guy” when she was Ogre, but now he was seeing how nice Grover was, and she was responding to it.  She didn’t object when he touched her shoulder, or her thigh.  Amy touched his arm occasionally as they spoke.  Her apartment was just down the street, and she was a sophomore in business.  She made up a whole background, not knowing that as she said it, it became fact.

You read me wrong
I wasn't trying to lead you on
Not like you think
I didn't mean to turn you on

The beer ran low.  Grover broke out a bottle of wine and two almost clean glasses.  They toasted again, and he kissed her lightly.  She felt a strange thrill radiate through her body.  She kissed a guy!  Oh my God!  She pulled away, smiled and sipped some wine.  He smiled too, put his glass on the table, and she let him put hers there as well. 

            He leaned in and kissed her again- deeper.  Amy wrapped her arms around his neck as they kissed and caressed his neck.  Grover caressed her new breasts, sending bolts excitement to her womanhood, which was becoming quite warm and wet.  She squirmed a little and moaned.

            They kissed and petted until Grover slowly unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her lacy black push up bra.  She pulled his beer-stained shirt over his head and tossed it aside.  He stopped and looked at her, lingering on her breasts.  “You are easily the hottest girl I’ve ever seen,” he said.  She smiled and thanked him, then pulled him to another kiss.

            Amy couldn’t understand it, but maybe she did.  She really found Grover attractive, and wanted him more and more.  Besides, everyone knew about Grover…

            After a few more minutes, they stood and she unzipped her skirt.  He dropped his pants.  She was wearing silky black panties and he wore boxers.  He guided her to the bed, where he stopped for a moment.  Grover put “James Taylor’s Greatest Hits” on the CD player.  Amy smiled- she knew that was the signal for other brothers not to disturb as this brother was getting laid.  He turned back, held her hands, and looked down into her beautiful blue eyes.  He smiled and she did too.  She was so nervous she was shaking.

            “What’s wrong?” he asked.

            “I’m chilly!  I’m nearly naked!”  Amy said, fibbing.  Her nipples were very erect and he barely could stop from staring.

She has the power to go where no one else can find me,
yes and to silently remind me,
of the happiness and good times that I know.

They kissed again and caressed each other’s bodies.  Slowly, her hands reached into his boxers and caressed his… yipes!  She forgot how big he was!  They both smiled as they kissed.  They stopped and looked at each other as she caressed his cock.  She smiled, and then sank to her knees, pulling his boxers down as she did.  Two hours ago, she was a guy named Andrew, with a cock like this, and would never think of being with a guy.  Now she wanted nothing more than to take this man’s cock into her mouth.  She craved it.

            She looked up at him, pushed the hair from her face, and kissed the tip of his huge cock.  Then again.  Then she licked it all around like an ice cream cone.  Amy was trying to remember what the best blow job she ever had was like, so she could replicate it for Grover. 

She licked up and down the shaft as Grover shuddered.  Then she slowly took it into her mouth and swirls her tongue around the crown slowly.  Grover gasped.  Amy then flicked her tongue under the crown, just under the head.  She then engulfed his cock, and then started taking long mouth strokes.  She loved this- she really did.  Ogre retreated further away in her mind as Amy took over.

Goodnight you moonlight ladies
Rock-a-bye sweet baby James

She alternated long strokes with several short rapid ones over the swollen, sensitive head.  She paused at the tip, and then slowly lowered her mouth until Grover’s cock brushed past her tonsils.  Amy tried to tongue his balls, and then slowly worked back up.  She took Grover’s hand, and placed it on her left breast, where he started massaging.  Amy started to suck a little faster, and then his precum leaked out onto her tongue.  She then slowed to a stop, and smiled up at him.  He helped her to her feet and they lay on the bed together.

            She lived for three years in the house and had been with many women.  Now, her fraternity brother was pulling down her panties and she shivered in delight of the thought of his manhood inside of her.  She was now the conquest- the one laying on her back awaiting him.  Her panties were on the floor and her womanhood was revealed for the first time.  Grover put on a condom, and poised himself above her.  Her eyes widened as she waited for the inevitable.

People can be so cold.
They'll hurt you and desert you.
Well they'll take your soul if you let them.
Oh yeah, but don't you let them.

            Grover looked into the eyes of the person who that morning was his fraternity brother, and entered her slowly.  Amy moaned and cried out.  It hurt yet it felt so good!  He pumped her slowly and her hips rose to meet him almost reflexively.  Andrew was now gone- there was only Amy: a woman.  The spirit laughed and watched.


            They had sex twice that night and many times after that.  She attended the fraternity’s homecoming formal with him.  Instead of wearing a suit like the years before, she wore a beautiful full length black gown which showed off her cleavage to maximum effect. 

So don't be afraid to let them show
your true colors
true colors are beautiful
like a rainbow

            No one ever found Andrew “Ogre” Gruber.  He vanished off the face of the earth.  Amy so desperately wanted to tell someone, but knew she wouldn’t be believed.  After ten years, he was declared dead.  His pledge brothers had a plaque made for his old room, which was named in his honor.

            Amy and Grover dated for over a year.  She loved being back in the house any way she could.  It ended when she walked in on Grover in bed with Cheryl.  Amy cried for a week.  The spirit smiled and moved on- the revenge was complete, although no one but the spirit knew.


            Twenty years later, Amy Andrews Green sat on her couch and looked in an old photo album.  It was from her college days and the years directly after.  She remembered being Andrew, but that was so long ago.  She was tastefully dressed in an ivory outfit with nice slacks, a top that showed a hint of cleavage, and pearl earrings.  Her hair was shorter now, but still very feminine and her makeup was subtle.  She looked at the pictures: Grover, graduation, her first time at the beach in a bikini (the day she met her husband), her fabulous wedding gown, and the births of her two beautiful daughters and her son: Andrew (she insisted on the name.)      

            Amy was once a wild rugby playing fraternity guy, but for reasons she never understood, now she wasn’t.  She was a woman, wife and mother.

            And she was happy.

All songs used were on the Billboard Top 100 at the time.  Songs are copyright their respective owners and no challenges are meant to their status.