Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Full Time

Today, March 25, 2014, I begin living full time as a woman.

I announced it to my "male side" friends on Facebook last night, and received many nice comments.

To those friends who are just discovering this blog, Welcome!  If you want the basics of Sophie (like "why did you choose that name?) then please read my entry Codex Sophie, linked here.  I also made a series of videos as voice practice.

As I said, I announced last night.  Veteran readers know that today at my job, management is informing the staff.  Also, today I leave for the Keystone Conference. 

Last night was rather busy.  I stayed up past midnight, then couldn't sleep.  Why?



I was crying so hard.

I was crying because I really wish Lisa had lived to see this day.  Yes, her loss still affects me that strongly. 

Today is a New Dawn.  I'm scared out of my mind, but finally at peace.


  1. You seem to have good understanding employers, and a good extended support network, I'm sure all will go well for you, even if at times it feels tough.

  2. Sophie,

    Congratulations on today and every day forward from this day. You have worked incredibly hard and thought very deeply about each step before taking it. As a veteran reader, I know that you have planned very well for what you are doing and that you are ready for any contingencies that may arise. You got it, girl!

    I wish I could make it to Keystone to see you in all your glory and meet all the other wonderful women there. If you bump into Kristin Beck, please give her a "Thank you" from me and if you get a moment to breathe, please accept a "Thank you" for yourself. What you are bravely doing helps you, but it also helps me too.



  3. Congratulations! So happy for you! I know you'll be just fine.


  4. Sophie:

    Godspeed, girl. You have chosen wisely.

    I had intended to greet you at Keystone and give you a hug. We met there last year, briefly. I've followed your blog for quite some time, but have done so with consistency this past year, riding your highs and lows with you, crying over Lisa with you, and cheering you on to each new milestone achievement.

    I had to cancel Keystone yesterday because I caught this years "crud" at a law conference last week and am down for the count.

    I truly wish you the best of womanhood going forward. Your daughter will love you for who you are and you will always be in her life and she in yours. Your MIL will not have the power to destroy or corrupt a daughters love for her dad/mom2.

    Enjoy this week as the launch of the new, improved Sophie. Looking forward to cheering you on to your next great achievements.

    Kindest regards,

  5. Sophie,
    It is reasonable to be scared out of your mind but I am very happy that you are "finally at peace".
    In my prior comments and letters to you I have signed off with the Latin word for peace, "Pax". This has been and remains my wish for you.