Saturday, March 8, 2014

Message to the Messenger

I know that someone from Wife's family reads this blog.

And reports to her.

That's fine.  Please continue.

So long as you report the truth.

Unpopular in Certain Circles

Here's the thing, dear readers.  As I've said several times, the main reason I write this blog is to organize everything in my head.  Part therapy- part Trapper Keeper.

And if you get that reference, you're as old as I am.

But I write for other reasons as well.  Let's face it- I enjoy writing.  And it is my hope that through baring my soul as I do... and I do... that someone in a similar situation may find solace in that they are NOT alone.

Not alone facing the Pain and the Darkness.

It's my hope that a cisgender person reading this might, just might, understand what it means to be born the way I am.  What it means to be trans.  What it means to be born different, and what it means to transition.

I would hope that said member of Wife's family reads this for what it is, not through a lens of Religion or prejudice.  What I write is truth.  Yes, I change some details here and there.  I change names to obfuscate identities for privacy sake.  But aside from that it All comes straight from the heart.

Is that what you report?

Or is it all through the prism of whatever you want her to hear?

I really don't know.

If you are whom I think you are, then you've known me 22 years.  I you know how much I love my Wife.  Can you imagine how much this tears me apart?  How it hurts her as well?

Please- keep reading my blog.  Learn from it.  Not through a haze of whatever you read it as. Not through a prism of religion or whatever,  But for what it is.

My story.

My Truth.


  1. Another tidbit to pass on ... if you believe God is an all powerful being, then understand that he made transgender people and non-transgender people. None of us were given choices in this. It's not a "lifestyle." It's just LIFE, something we were born into. On the other hand, no one is born religious, not a single person, is BORN religious. That is in fact "a lifestyle choice." The next time you condemn or gossip about some who lives or loves different than yourself, remember which of you is making the lifestyle choice. Can you be honest with yourself about that?

  2. Sophie -

    I hope that family member reads this blog and picks up on the truths you've been reporting. No one wishes to be transgender. It's easier to be gay than to be transgender - it goes to the core of one's identity, as most people label themselves first with a gender trait - and that affects almost every thought they have - if only to identify which pronoun to use in thoughts....


  3. We all read everything through the filter of our own experience and prejudices, I am a Christian, therefore whatever I read I read as Christian and being a Christian influences how I react to what I read. I am also transgender, a musician, a gardener, a parent, a child, English and many, many other things, all of this colours my opinions and reactions. The trick comes in trying to empathise with others who do not share our own experiences, views and situations.

    I recently watched 12 Years a Slave, I think the strength f this film was that it made many f us who have no shared ground with most of the protagonists empathise with them. I will never (I trust) know what it means to either be a slave or an owner but through the film I now have some, small, understanding, I sometimes that is the best we can hope for through our writings.

    Like you I rather hope that some of my family members and friends do read my blog, then hopefully they will begin to understand some of what all this means.