Monday, February 3, 2014

Vanity Club

So, I was selected to be a sister of the Vanity Club.  I was "pinned in" last September at SCC.

Yes, it's taken me THIS long to discuss this, as I wanted to get a feel for things before discussing it.

So... what is Vanity Club (VC)?

According to the website"We are a special and exclusive sorority whose members are all accomplished; exceptional Transwomen, each and every one being voted in by her fellow sisters. "

Ok, that's all well and good.  So what's it all about?

Well, to be considered for membership, a person has to be active in the TG Community, and do things for others.  So it's like a "service sorority" if you will.

So how did I get in?

Good question.

I'm still trying to figure that one out.

I've known about VC since before my re-awakening.  I found their website when I was researching TG Sites after reading Josh Kilmer Purcell's amazing book I am Not Myself These Days.  I found VC and was immediately fascinated.  A sorority for TG women?  As I am a fraternity member, the appeal was immediate.  But I never thought I'd ever could be a Sister.  I could never be that beautiful nor could I ever do so many things.

Vanity Club SCC Dinner Pic 2013.  See me?

Skip ahead over four years.  At the 2013 Keystone Conference, B'Ellana Duquesne approached me about VC.  I'd known her for a while, and by this time, I knew many VC sisters like Kristy Snow, Amanda Richards, Kimberly Huddle, and a few others.  Anyway, B'Ellana asked me if I was interested in becoming a Sister of Vanity Club.


She cited this blog, my TG Forum column, and my seminars at Keystone as reasons I would be considered.  And, apparently, I'd become a bit known in the local TG scene.

I thought about it... me?  A sister of VC?  I agreed very quickly.

I told my Sister Lisa Empanada about it and she laughed.  Called me a "snob."  She was definitely not a joiner, and she'd been asked several times to join VC.  It wasn't for her.  She teased me, but later said she was happy for me.

B'Ellana and I  just after "pinning me in" to VC

So.  Why did I join?  Well through VC I've now met many of the people who inspired me, most of them at SCC.  And they treated me as a peer.  Women like Ana Cristina Garcia, Linda Lewis, Laura Lenley, Stephanie Yates, and so many others.  For someone with self esteem issues like mine, that was so affirming.

With Steph Yates at SCC

Then there's the networking.  VC sisters come from all walks of life and are in many industries.  I've already learned some valuable things from them.  And contacts like these can never hurt.  After all, we share something very special- we are all TG in a way.  Some are still closeted, some are fully transitioned, and still others, like me, are somewhere in between.

With Ana Cristina Garcia at SCC

In the end, it's all about Helping others.  That's who I am, and that's what the Vanity Club is about as well.  I stand with a group of inspiring women, and perhaps, by being a member, I can do more good in this world.  That's my hope.  That's why I joined.  Not for the "prestige" or the picture sharing or even attending dinners at conventions... but for the better opportunities to Help.

Because THAT is Vanity Club.

With Linda Lewis at SCC 2013 Dinner

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