Wednesday, February 12, 2014


The past few weeks have been one storm after another.

Snow, Ice, then Snow again.

Front lawn the other day

Cold rain and snow.

The last storm knocked out our power for four days.  One of the nights, Linda Lewis and I stayed with my good friend Kristyn.  (If you've forgotten, Linda lives at the boarding house with me.)  Wife and daughter lost power as well, and stayed with friends, but I wasn't invited as MIL was with them.  I was allowed to take my dog to Kristyn's that night, and also to check in on her other nights.  So i got a lot of puppy time.

Kitchen by candlelight

I haven't been out and about in nearly two weeks and I'm getting cabin fever.  And guess what folks, we have a foot of snow on the way tonight.  Yippee.

I hope we don't lose power again.  Without power, we don't have heat.  The last time, we made a fire in the fireplace stove.  Growing up, we had a wood stove in our house as the only heat source.  My parents had my brother and I feeding this fire, and, over the years, I became rather adept at it.  So soon we had a roaring fire.  I also learned that Duraflame logs throw heat like crazy!  And that is good.  Especially since it's been single digit temperatures these days.  Stone cold!

I've been still dressed as me when not at work, just without makeup.  So it's not like I've been totally cut off.  I wear a bra to bed these days, as I was told it will help with the development of the shape of my breasts.  And when I'm home, I wear female clothing.  yes I mentioned this in my last entry as well, so you're not experiencing deja vu.

Or are you?

And, as stated before, I've only practiced makeup once in this whole time.

Makeup Practice

I'm so tired of being cold.  Spring and summer will be so much easier.  Hopefully by summer I will have saved enough to afford an apartment of my own.

See that's the other reason I haven't been going out as much.  Going out costs money, and I need to save, save, SAVE.  For an apartment.  For surgeries.

So tonight we prepare for another major storm.  Hopefully we won't lose power, but one never knows.  last night, I bought a case of six Duraflame logs, some other firewood, and two gallons of milk, just in case.

And maybe I'll do my makeup tomorrow if we have power.  Just for practice.  I need all the practice I can get, after all.

And it's fun.

Stay warm!

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