Monday, February 10, 2014

Girl Talk

A couple of weekends ago, I went out.

Shocking, I know.

But in this case, there were some new things that happened.

I worked all day, raced back to the house to change and put on my face.  I was invited to a birthday dinner for my friend Amy.  I'd be there with my "Big Sister" Mel, my dear friend Victoria, and my dear friend Linda Lewis.  Others were invited, but didn't come.  In fact, neither did Amy.  A family emergency called her away.  So it was just the four of us going to an Asian restaurant in Blue Bell, PA, called Lai Lai Garden.

As I thought this was going to be a party type celebration, I put on a party type dress- one of the ones I inherited from Lisa.  Then the text from Victoria arrived- it was going to be casual.  Well, I didn't feel like changing.


The skirt on this dress is rather short, so as can be imagined, I attracted some attention.

Also, Mel and Victoria (who is full time) made sure to remark about their disapproval about my selection.  They are right- it ISN'T appropriate for a 47 year old woman.  But... so what?  It was supposed to be a celebration.

In any case, I drew a LOT of looks from people in the restaurant.  I'll get back to this.

What are you looking at?

The dinner was superb, and afterward, Victoria, Linda, and I went to McKenzie's for a quick drink. (Mel declined as she had a long day.)  The bar was rather crowded, but the three of us found seats.  Near us in the bar were many guys, some of which kept looking over at us.  They mumbled to each other, so reading their lips was difficult.  But at least once they were talking about our little trio.

Victoria then went home, as she also had a long day.  Linda and I went to Black Powder Tavern.  Still pretty routine, right?

As we left McKenzie's, we were stopped by a blonde who'd been seated near us.  I'll call her Carla.  She said she worked at McKenzie's and she thought we were beautiful.  She asked us to request her table next time she came in.  Carla was completely sloshed.

Anyway, so Linda and I sat at the corner of the bar.  To our left, perpendicular to us, was a beautiful blonde wearing a black and white print dress.  I mean she was stunning!  After maybe two minutes, Carla and the guy she was with came into McKenzie's.  She was barely standing. As they walked by, the guy ran his hand across my back.  I was quite surprised.  They sat far down the bar.

And not very happy.  I don't like being touched by guys I don't know at all.  So I seethed for a couple of minutes.

Linda and I at Black Powder.  Picture by Amy

The blonde then commented about how drunk Carla was.  We all laughed.  She introduced herself as Amy.  She'd been at a work function at a local high end restaurant where one of the very rich, older clients made a pass at her in front of his wife.  She was clearly upset.

She works as an office manager for a small financial services company, where she is the only woman.  She is a model specializing in romance novel covers, and showed us some of her cover shots.

The three of us were chatting a while when Amy excused herself to go to the ladies room.  She came back and spoke to Carla's companion.  That's when I noticed Carla wasn't there.  She was in the ladies room- vomiting. 

So then Amy returned and we talked more.  In fact the three of us spoke until the bar closed, and we all left.  It was a wonderful night.

So what was the big deal?  Simple.  This model would NEVER have spoken to me as a guy.  But she shared her life with Linda and I as fellow women.  She even spoke to us about intimate topics.

Girl Talk.

Did she know we were trans?  Oh I'm sure she did.  But that didn't matter: she spoke to us as women.  Linda pointed out that she treated us as we treated her; as Equals. 

It was so very affirming to be "included" in a conversation as an equal- as a Woman. 

Due to the major snow and ice storm, that was last time I was out and about as Sophie.  I dress every night and did some makeup practice one night, but due to the four day power outage and lack of funds (paid my storage fees, Keystone Conference registration and other bills), I haven't been out again.  And it may not be until Friday before I can go out. 

Practice: Daytime Makeup

But that's fine.  At home, I am Me.  I am dressed as the woman I am, even if I don't wear makeup.

I really enjoyed speaking to Amy, as another woman.

I hope to have many other experiences and conversations like this.

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  1. "Linda pointed out that she treated us as we treated her; as equals." That is how things should be. Treatment of others should be on equal terms that are not dictated by her natural beauty, the length of your skirt or anything other than you are all due respect and dignity...even poor Carla. BTW, what ever happened to Carla. It would also seem that she treated you with respect and dignity. I hope that her session in the ladies room was not too bad.