Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Request for Help

People who read this column tend to know my viewpoint on Politics: Liberal.

And no, this column isn't about politics.  Not really.  Not how you think.

I'm a Liberal because I think we were put on this planet to help each other.  I became a Teacher for that reason.  I was a Paramedic for that reason.  I fight against the Randian GOP for that reason.

People who read this column also know that I don't have many Friends.  Never have.  Maybe because I define it differently than many people.  I know I defined it elsewhere in the blog, but I don't feel like looking for it to link it.  I have many people whom I like and with whom I am friendly.  Some will be Friends soon, I hope. 

A Friend knows my Heart.  My mind.  And I defend my friends.  Often more than they wish. 

My point is coming.  Stick with me.

On June 29, Linda Lewis posted the following on Facebook:

This post is the hardest post I have written .... I am asking for help from my friends and admirers here. I am nearly broke. I am about to lose my apartment at the end of July. I have no where to go because my parents will not allow me to stay with them as long as I continue transitioning. I have filed a new claim for Emergency Unemployment Compensation, but I won't know if my claim will go through in time until I receive notice through the post, and by then it could be too late. I am asking if you could help with a donation of $10 or $20 USD from my friends and admirers, it could be enough to help me pay my rent and utility bills for the month of August. I have 188 friends in my list, but I know there are more of you who know me. Please help I have helped so many of you before.

Most people in the TG community know Linda.  Many, including myself, are/were inspired by her.  We communicated over the years, and I was always  was impressed that she answered my Questions with patience and real desire to help.  The idea that this Woman who had done so much in the community would answer some lowly newbie's emails... made a deep impression.

Linda 2013

In the past few months, I've gotten to know Linda far better.  We communicate regularly, and we discuss our transitions, our families, life.  I have come to know her, and she, me.

She is my Friend.

I encouraged her to write the above post on FB.  She is a Proud Woman.  She needs help, and didn't want to ask for it.  She is Unemployed...

And why is that?  Simple.  She is Transgender.  Despite Years of experience in her field, and many marketable skills, she, like many of us, can't find a job.  She'd saved a lot for transition, and watched that dissolve as her unemployment continued and the weeks stretched to months. 

She finally told her parents about her True Self, and her father promptly and harshly disowned her. 

Here's my Point.

MANY of Us need a helping hand occasionally.  And MANY of us extend that hand without thought of reward.  We do that because we Know how it feels to Need... and to be helped.

Linda Lewis extended her hand to many, many of us.  Now she needs Our help.  Not just mine- as my resources are as limited as hers.  Ours.

Some of us will turn our backs to her.  Some of us can offer nothing but prayers.  Still others will Ridicule her and accuse her of Poor Planning and mooching.  (Yes, someone has done this!)

But Some of us will help.

And by helping Her, we help ourselves. 

So many of us NEED help, are too proud to ask.  Some Do ask.  Linda didn't ask me to write this.  In fact, I'm sure she'll be quite embarrassed that I'm writing it. 

That's fine.  She can bring that up with me at her convenience.  See my definition of "Friend" above.

I wouldn't do this for just anyone.  I wouldn't write this much about a random person requesting it.  That's not how I work, usually. 

But I'M asking for your help.  I'm asking you to help my Friend.  I'm asking you to help Linda Lewis. 

If you can spare even a dollar, it helps.  And I will be very grateful.

Contact her via Private mail HERE for details on how to help.

And Thank You.  Really.  THANK YOU for helping one of our own.

Linda 1986


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