Sunday, July 28, 2013

Glow Sticks on the Stairs

Saturday, July 20, 2013

It was a very good day.  Especially when compared to the day that followed.  Since I've written about the events of that day already, I can now write about this Happy Time.

It was a Third Saturday, and that meant Renaissance and Laptop Lounge

I had the day off from both jobs, so I moved my appointment with Amanda to an earlier time.  Why was I getting my makeup done?

Simple.  I'd be meeting someone for the first time. Some background is necessary.  The first "civilian" I told about being trans was a coworker I've been calling "E."  I wrote briefly about that HERE.  I told her and a few months later she moved to Turkey.  We've discussed some of my life as Sophie via text and email, but, to date, she'd never seen me AS Sophie.

Oh, she'd seen me dressed as a woman at various parties (including one in her honor), but that was my "drab self in Drag", not Sophie.  Not the True Woman.

Ready for the Night


First I had another obligation.

I was asked by Dr. Michelle Angello to sit for interviews with students in one of her Gender Studies classes.  I was happy to be of service.  I arrived at 4:15 at the offices where we hold Renaissance.  The first interview was with a pair of people, one a masters student, the other a doctoral candidate.  They weren't prepared with questions as they'd just been told about this exercise upon arrival.  So, being me, I decided to mess with them a bit.  Eventually, the doctoral candidate said "Sarcasm is your armor, isn't it?" 

I smiled and said "Very good!  Nice observation!"  Then I started answering their questions.

I interviewed with three others, all of whom had very intelligent questions.  I gave all of the students my business card, which has this blog address on it.  Perhaps they are even reading this.  Or not. 

After the interviews, I went to ShangriLa, where I met my "Big Sister" Mel.  We shared a drink before E showed up... late.  She didn't even blink and we hugged.  It felt completely natural... at least to me.  I don't know how she felt.  While E met Mel before under different circumstances, I introduced Mel to her as my "Big sister, which means the one whose supposed to talk some sense into me." 

"That's a losing battle," Mel said.

"Impossible task" said E.

We hung out there for twenty more minutes, then E and I left for dinner at McKenzies, while Mel declined our invitation to join us and went home.  McKenzies was close by, and we were the first of our group to arrive.  Eventually there were six of us:  Myself, E, Katie, Amy (from my support group), and Victoria.  Also joining us was Monique, a genetic girl whom Victoria knows.  She was beautiful and lots of fun.  She also doesn't wish her picture posted on the Internet.

LtoR: Katie, Victoria, Sophie, E, Monique, Amy

Dinner was wonderful and the conversation was lively. 

After dinner, we went into the bar area, where there was a woman playing acoustic guitar.  I remained standing as the others sat, as my back was bothering me.  Immediately, three women at the end of the square bar started staring, pointing, and whispering.  A couple across the bar also kept stealing looks and doing their best NOT to look at me while they spoke.  A guy came in, sat at the other end of the bar, stared for a full minute, then took a picture of me. 

E asked how I could tolerate being an object of derision (especially since she's seen my male side anger).  I told her "If I'm going to live my life as a transwoman who DOESN'T blend in, then this is something I need to be able to take and laugh at."

We then went to Winberies for Laptop Lounge, where I changed into denim shorts.  There I introduced E to so many people.  She left at midnight.

In Shorts (Pic courtesy Angela's Laptop Lounge)

She told me later that she had a great time.  And that she was happy to have finally met me.

After she left, I fell into conversation with an admirer.  He was a nice enough guy, and was quite respectful.  I didn't send any signals saying I was interested, and he assumed nothing. 

The night ended as it always does.  This time my friend Amy offered the use of her room at the Hampton Inn clean up and change.  I drove her through the rainy night down Route 202 to find...

The Hotel was dark.  Power outage.

Amy and I walked in to find two hotel employees with tiny flashlights and glow sticks.  They handed us one of each and we walked up the stairs to the fourth floor.

The Glow stick

I showered by the light of the tiny light.  By the time I was finished, Amy was fast asleep, having not slept the night before.  So I took the glow stick and slowly walked down the four flights of steps in the humid darkness. 

I left the glow stick by the door so others could use it, and drove home in the rain...

Not knowing that in less than nine hours, my life would be turned upside down.


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