Thursday, July 11, 2013

From the Vaults of my Drab blog!

For a few years I kept a drab blog as well as the Myspace one.  I rarely posted to it, and in fact I forgot about it.

I just found it again.  The last entry was November 11,2009 and it was about Halloween.

My first anniversary as Sophie.  But written in such a way as people who know my drab side would expect.  It regurgitated some of the lies and cover stories I told friends and coworkers about that Halloween.

For comparison, HERE is a link to my Sophie blog from that time (back in the Myspace days.)

So, your homework is to read both, compare and contrast.  Essay due tomorrow morning at the beginning of class. 


Ok, so here we have a drab blog dated November 11, 2009 titled Halloween 2009, 2 Parties and Breasts.  I've added some pictures from that time that didn't appear originally, but the text is exactly as it was, unedited (Except for names are changed to protect identities.)


Last year, I dressed as Lois Lane for Halloween and I remember asking "How will I top this?"

So I thought.  And I said to myself " well I did that in a week.  I have a year.  What could I do in that time?"

So I determined in early November 08 that I would do drag again for Halloween 09.  I consulted with my friend Josh Kilmer Purcell and he gave one BIG tip: keep notes of the whole process and see if it's a book.

And so I did.

I sought out crossdressers and transvestites.  I learned that they are people like me.  90% are heterosexual.  They just have this...Need... to dress like they do.  For this they need to hide or they'll lose their jobs as airline pilots, engineers, or whatever.  I have met many soldiers- some of whom are Special forces.

All of these "gurls" couldn't be nicer.  Fun folks.

And I learned from them.  I learned for a whole year.

Then as Halloween came close, my friend and colleague E again helped me with wardrobe.  My friend D did my eyebrows (REALLY thin, but oh well, they worked.)

I went to a specialist in transgender makeup.  Had my butt padded and some great looking breast prosthetics.  Illusion complete.  OMG- I didn't see myself in the mirror anymore!

So looking like some blonde floozy I went to where I work where jaws dropped and people laughed.  One customer hit on me.  From there to M's party.  Some people didn't recognize me.  Others laughed.  But I had FUN!  Lots of fun!

Halloween night was the Henri David party in Philly.  As I had all the pads, and an outfit ready, I would do drag again.  However this time I would do it among all the tg gurls I'd met all year.  Amanda, the amazing makeup person would be staying with me (for free as payment for her services doing makeup these two nights).  Another gurl would be there too.  Oh, both are hetero family men in case you're wondering.

This party was surreal.  So many amazing costumes.  So many people wanted my picture.  It wouldn't be an exxageration to say I had maybe 500 pictures taken of me in costume.  My t-gurl friends were very supportive and fun as always.

So 3 AM, and my feet are throbbing.  I'm waiting for the shower so I can remove the heavy makeup.  Did I top last year?  YES.  And I made some amazing new friends.  So now what?  Dump them and move on?  NO.  These are friends, and they helped me.  I can't wait to hear their reactions to my party performance.

So how do I top THIS next year?  I already know.

I'm taking my daughter xx Trick or Treating for the first time, dressed as her daddy.


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