Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fitting Week Part 2: Sushi, Shopping, Smiles

Ok, this is part 2 of a two parter.  The first part is HERE.  If you don't feel like looking at it, here's the summary:

A magic elevator transported me to the Land of Elven Elephants, which is currently under the rule of the Dark Ninja Lord Mullarkius.  She's actually NOT an elephant, but a Hippo in disguise.  She's quite good at that, being a Ninja.  The Elephant Resistance Party (ERP) saved me from the Dark forces and recruited me to their cause.  After some narrow escapes, I found myself hanging off a cliff with nothing but my wits and a pair of strappy heels to save me...

Now, to continue where I left off on Part 1:

Friday morning, June 22, 2013.  The morning was cloudy and humid.  I woke up early as I had a big day ahead.  I shaved my face and chest, did my makeup and threw on a Phillies shirt and shorts, and drove off to the King of Prussia mall.  I was quite nervous.  Why?

I'd scheduled my first Bra Fitting.

Yes, it's come to that point.  I measured myself, but the bras still didn't fit.  So, I decided to let a professional figure it out.

In the King of Prussia Mall is a store called Intimacies, that specializes in Fittings.  I called them early in the week and asked if they worked with Transgender women.  They replied that they had.  I said I am one, and may I have an appointment?  I was scheduled for Friday at 10 AM.

I was a few minutes late, but that was fine- so were they.  I waited in their lobby area with an older woman who didn't look at me.  Two employees came from the back, and, after confirming both our appointments,  the taller one asked the shorter one which one of us she wanted to help.  She chose the older woman.  The taller one didn't miss a beat, and showed me to a changing room, where she had me remove my shirt and the bra I was wearing, which she checked.  I indicated that I usually wore it with breast forms and she nodded.  She indicated a black satin robe on a hook and went to fetch some bras. 

After some initial nervousness, I settled down and looked in the mirror.  And there was a woman wearing a black robe, her small breasts caressed by the silk of the robe. 


The salesperson returned after a minute and we tried a couple of bras.  She pointed out that for me, the issue is the length of the bra base as I have a wider chest than "most women."  I smiled and said "Gee I wonder why?"  She laughed.

So she fetched some more bras, and eventually determined that the best fit for me is a 38C demi cup.  The reason it's C is for the width, and the demi is because I don't quite fill the cups.  Yet.  I bought one of the bras that I liked.  $105.00.  It better last forever!  LOL 

I left the store, bag in hand and went to the family restroom on the level below.  There I changed into the new bra.  It felt so comfortable.

So, there they are!

From there I walked around a bit, then went home to do some work on my TG Forum column. I remember when I almost fainted from fear the first time I walked in the mall as Sophie.  Now I do it with almost no fear.  Time changes everything.

At one o'clock, I met a several ladies from my therapy group for lunch at Blue Pacific.  Jen stopped by but left early to go to Transhealth.  Victoria and Amy stayed around.  We drank and chatted... then headed out into the mall to shop.  I'd been in the mall as Sophie alone, but never "shopping with the girls."  I was so excited!

L to R: Victoria, Jen, Me, Amy

Ad we left the restaurant and walked into the mall, we passed a group of teens, three guys and two girls.  They all turned to look, some giggling.  Maybe five seconds later we heard them shout together "OH HELL NO!"  Victoria and I turned to look at each other.  Amy was busy talking about her Transhealth experience earlier in the day, and missed it.

The first stop was Macys.  Victoria wanted more comfortable shoes.  Rumor has it that her shoe collection dwarfs even Imelda Marcos.  Amy and I sat down as Victoria tried on different pairs, and we chatted.  In guy mode, I would've been bored, but as Sophie it was fun!  Watching Victoria assess shoes was like watching a sommolier rate fine wine.  An education! 

Soon enough, she was wearing new shoes, and we were on our way back into the mall.  KOP is actually two malls next to each other: the Plaza and the Court.  (In a few years, they'll be connected.)  Our plan was to go to the Mortons Steak house at the farthest tip of the Court and have a glass of wine.  But... it was closed.  So back to the other side of the Court to Legal Seafoods, where we had wine and Amy had chowder.  (Sorry- chowdah!)

I could've stayed there all night, but I had to work.  The ladies were kind enough to walk back with me.  Victoria says that we were followed out of the restaurant by a woman staring at us, but I missed it.  So what?

Back across the Plaza to my car.  Hugs.  Home.  Then a shower and back to drab.  Then to work at my retail job.

I couldn't stop thinking of the experiences of the day.  A bra fitting.  Shopping with the Girls.  It was such an amazing day.  So Affirming.  So Fun!  I could hardly concentrate on my job.

That night, Lauren stopped by.  Remember Lauren?  I met her the day before at Transhealth.  She was wearing a green Ann Taylor dress and an auburn wig.  She looked much better, if unsteady on her heels.  I told her about Renaissance and Angela's Laptop Lounge, as she hadn't heard of either.  And so another one of us learns she isn't alone.  Knowing that has been such an amazing Help.

The shift eventually ended.  I went home, logged onto Second Life briefly, then went to bed.

Saturday, June 15.  Everyone was coming home around noon, so I checked around the house for any sign of Sophie, then left.  I went to my storage space to pick out my outfit for the night, then it was off to Amanda Richards for makeup.  I went a little early, which was fine by her, as she could take her time.

Feeling Floral

I wore a floral dress I'd had for a while.  But this time, no forms, just me.  After she finished my makeup, I drove back at a leisurely pace.  I stopped at Renaissance briefly, then went to Shangrila for dinner with Victoria and my dear friend Katie (from York.)  We chatted about everything under the sun and had a marvelous time.  I had to leave before them, as I was going back to the Renaissance meeting.  After all, as I had invited the guest speakers, it'd be rude not to be there.  In any case, I wanted to hear what they had to say.

The speakers were Sara and Lorrie from T.R..U.S.T:  Truth, Respect, Understanding and Support life's Transitions.  They are a Transgender Support Group for spouses, significant others and family; a group from the Harrisburg area.  As I am telling Wife about my intention to transition soon, I wanted to get some help for her. 

The presentation and conversation were wonderful, and I recommend this group highly.  They have online resources (link above) so anyone anywhere can reach out to them.

To my delight, Lisa Emapanada was there!  We spoke briefly, and talked more over at Winberies.  This time I didn't have to work the door, as Avi was doing so.  Avi is a beautiful genetic woman who is a Trans-ally.  Oh, and her mom is Lorraine Anderson of Occasional Woman.

Dipping Avi (picture courtesy of her)

My "Big Sister" Mel was there as well, as was Hayden from Harrisburg and so many others.  I had a wonderful time reconnecting with friends.  I live for these Nights.  Someday I'll be Full time, then transitioned, and I hope connecting with the community will still be as special!

I even received a swing dance lesson from one of the gentlemen there.  I know how to swing dance, but not backward in heels!

The party was in full swing when in came Lauren!  I was glad to see her, and introduced her around to everyone.  Well, not everyone, but as many as I could.  Turns out she knows the one bartender well, and she flirted with him quite often.  I teased her about it a bit. 

With Lauren (pic courtesy Angela's Laptop Lounge)

Eventually, the night ended as it always does.  back to the motel room, clean off and change.  Off to Wawa... oh sh*t!  I forgot something at the room!  Fortunately, Hayden was still there, and I was able to retrieve the item.  I then stopped by the Winberies parking lot to eat my late dinner.  I saw the lovely Jane Air and a few others leaving Winberies, and decided to say hi.  This group had never seen me in drab, and were a bit surprised.  They couldn't believe it was me.  Well it wasn't but...

I drove home and arrived at 2:30 AM.  Everyone was back and asleep.  I let the dog out, then slipped into bed.  My amazing week was over. 

The next day, Wife had a Loooooong list of chores for me.  You know, to make me pay for going out as she always does after a Laptop night.

The week was so incredible... like a dream.  I did so much as a Woman... it was the closest I'd been to full time since the Keystone Conference.  Oh, did I love it!

And the Crash was just as bad.  Oh, what a Pink Hangover!  Going back to drab was Agony!

But I did.  Because I had to do so. 

I haven't been Me since then.  However that will change this Saturday, as there is a memorial for JoAnn Roberts I'll be attending.  This one as Myself. 

Sometime in the VERY near future, I'll tell Wife about my intentions.

So, was this week the calm before the storm, or a preview of a Life to come?

Stay tuned.



  1. I have to say, when I read you were going on HRT, I thought of this: http://bustygirlcomics.com/post/30873103816/unpredictable

    Have you seen the Reddit subforum, "A Bra That Fits"? It has a ton of advice on measuring for correct fit, signs of good/bad fit, etc. What brand bra did you get?

  2. I think it is more of a preview of life to come....(big smiley).