Monday, September 28, 2015

Saturday from the Past

Long time readers might remember when the blog often talked about my one weekend out a month.  That's all I could swing while keeping Wife from becoming suspicious.  I signed off from work for the third Saturday of every month.

That was Sophie time.

That was time for the monthly Renaissance meeting and for Angela's Laptop Lounge.

What was my excuse?  That I was playing Dungeons and Dragons.  I used to play all the time (in fact I freelanced for TSR for a bit), but hadn't since moving back to PA from Baltimore.  So the idea of me attending a once a month game was perfectly feasible.

Things have changed.  Every day is Sophie time.  I no longer sign off for that day, so usually I'm working.  Often, I close the store on Saturday nights.  Even if I don't, I usually work until 7 or 8, so I haven't been to Ren since... well over a year I think.

Saturday, September 19, I worked 10-6.  My dear friend Jone, who is the treasurer at Ren, asked me to come and help out, as it was the annual BBQ, and the president Kris couldn't be there.  I said I would.  I asked my roomie and bestie, Linda Lewis if she wanted to come along, and she agreed.

I finished work, drove home, re-did my makeup and changed shoes.  Linda was ready.  We made a quick video, then headed out.  Then. we went to Ren, arriving just after nightfall.

There were many people there already.  Many faces were familiar; many were not.  Food was ready:  sausages, chicken breasts, hot dogs... good ol' American grillin' food!  Someone brought a portable picnic table.  Linda and I greeted friends, and ate some food.  One new person there was named Gia.  I was introduced to her, and I discovered she'd only been dressing in public a few months.  She was gorgeous!

Several people I hadn't seen in too long were there, including my dear friend Jen Lehman.  She was there my first night out as Sophie, and has been a pillar of strength for me since.  She has been full time a few years.

I took some time to walk about the offices.  The back corridor, where I had taken SO many pictures, was dark.  I paused to reflect a moment upon how far I'd come in all the years since I first attended Ren in December 2008.  Back then I was corseted, and had so many uncomfortable pads and prosthetics on... I so desperately wanted to look like my ideal of femininity.  The reality of being a woman now is FAR more satisfying.  Do I wish I could look prettier?  Oh absolutely.  But I'm satisfied for now...  (Taking donations for FFS if anyone is feeling generous!)  ;)

Posing in the hall, November 2009

The speaker that night was Dr. Michelle Angello, who was speaking about duality.  I decided not to attend the talk and instead went to Baxter's early for Laptop Lounge.  Linda and I made ourselves comfortable at the bar and I watched some college football.

Transpeople started trickling in.  There were others there earlier, including a DJ who was VERY loud and frankly not great.  He was probably just starting out, so I'm sure he'll improve.  One of the people was an African American guy, who came over and complimented Linda on her look.  He wanted to know how we "did" our breasts.  As neither of us were wearing forms, we both replied that the Girls were real.  He asked if we were trans, and we both just smiled.

Picture courtesy Angela's Laptop Lounge

My "Big Sister" arrived and we spoke for quite a bit.  It's always great seeing her.

Another guy started hitting on Linda.  She moved down the bar to speak with him.  He told her I looked like a "slut" who was "trying too hard" with "that dress."

Ummm... ok.  As I had worn that dress to work that day, I didn't think it was THAT risque.  Live and learn I guess.

As I had worked that day, I was very tired.  We left at midnight.

It had been a looooong time since I'd done both Ren and Laptop.  Doing so brought back such wonderful memories.  I've met so many wonderful people and discovered who I was meant to be.  Doing both used to mean EVERYTHING to me- I'd go FAR out of my way just for a taste of womanhood.  Now I'm a woman full time.  In fact, last week I marked eighteen months full time!

Life takes us so many unexpected places.

Be well.

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