Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Seven Shades of Eyebrow

Now that I'm finished writing about SCC I can get back to relatively current events.  Relatively being the operative term.

So I'll cover a weekend here.  A simple Friday and Saturday that were anything but simple.  Though it could be argued that I was.

Friday October 18 was a bright and beautiful morning.  I woke up early to put my face on, as I had big plans that day.  Sandy Empanada, Lisa's widow, invited myself, Hayden (from Harrisburg), and Ally from Richmond, Va to her home for the night.  The purpose was to go through Lisa's things and see if we wanted anything.  Lisa and I were the same size, and Ally one size smaller.  In any case, we received the invite because we are family.

Stage one was to pick up Hayden.  He took a train to 30th St station in Philly, where I met him.  He gave me a beautiful flower, so he's the first man ever to do that! 

The trip was uneventful except for a stop at the I-95 rest stop in Delaware.  I went to the ladies room, had finished up and was washing my hands when a fat, short old woman walked up next to me, looked at me and said "Oh My GOD!!"

I looked down at her, and said "I don't like your top either", smiled, and left, head held high.

Smiling at my Bathroom Performance, just after it happened

We arrived in Baltimore around 2.  Hayden and I stopped in White Marsh for lunch.  I suggested Della Roses, as I remembered it being good, and I'd never been there as Sophie. 

Menu Board, Me at Della Roses

The beer came in a chipped glass, the bar was sticky, the service slow... but the food was good.  Hayden didn't like it, but he'd been eating tacos the whole trip down (he picked some up at 30th St Station at Taco Bell.)

We arrived at the Angle Inn at 3:30. 

There were a bunch of older guys there, and the barmaid who served us last time.  She remembered my name and drink, and we told her we were there to keep Sandy company.  She smiled and thanked us. 

We'd been there a few minutes when one of the fat old guys said "FAGGOTS" very loudly, looking at me, as part of his conversation.  The barmaid was standing in front of him (to the side a bit, so all I saw was her back (it's a wrap around bar)) and she looked at him.  I wish I could've seen the look, because that old guy just shrank down in his seat and shut up!

I tipped her extra before leaving.

Ally arrived, and we drank a toast to Lisa.  Then Tiffany arrived, and we went over to the house, where Sandy was waiting.  We sat around talking for a bit, and Sandy gave me some of Lisa's ashes, which I put in a memorial necklace.  She gave me a little extra and asked me to scatter them in two places that she specified, which I will do.  We also watched some phone movies that Tiffany had of Lisa dancing.  In one of them, she speaks briefly.  It was wonderful to hear her voice.  I would've cried if I hadn't promised myself that I wouldn't in front of Sandy.

Sandy, Ally and I then adjourned to the guest room and sorted through Lisa's things.  Sandy and the daughters had already taken what they wanted.  Ally and I divided the rest- some of which I will sell on eBay with every penny going to suicide prevention. 

So, we all then went out to dinner.  Joining us was Sandy's Uncle, whom I will call Jake. We decided we would end up at the Club Hippo, and he knew a good restaurant nearby.  In fact, it was one of Lisa's favorites:  Mount Vernon Stable and Saloon.

We had a fantastic dinner and I had a couple of their specialty drinks which were sooooo gooooood!  We then walked the block to the Hippo.

As I mentioned before, the Hippo has three rooms; a main bar, a back bar where there is karaoke, and a large dance room, where, this night, there was a drag show.  I went to the back bar, and put my name in for a song.  Yes, I'm a bitch like that.  The others sat with me and suffered through my song: "Friend of the Devil." 

Oh No!  Not her again!

And I sang again, "Is She Really Going Out with Him."  Yes, I tend to do the same songs over and over.  I'm told Tiffany filmed this, but I haven't seen it yet.

Who Let her up AGAIN??

Eventually, the others went to the other side for the show.  Jake works for the Hippo as a bouncer, so he sorted out our way over.  We all received hand stamps.  And I drank more.

After a while, I went back to the back bar, and one of the other people asked me to duet with him.  he was an amazing singer.  We finally agreed on a song:  "Under Pressure."

The others arrived when we were halfway through.  He was really singing badly, whether because he was drunk or intentionally.  So I decided to have fun with it.  I was singing the Bowie parts, and I jumped off the stage and started singing to a very pretty woman.  She laughed.  Others hooted and hollered.  I had a blast.

With the beautiful Ally

Oh, and I drank more. 

We then took a group picture outside.  I look pregnant.

Front (L to R) Tiffany, Sandy.  Back (L to Right) Me, Ally, Jack, Hayden

I plopped into Tiffany's car.  The next thing I remember is waking up face down on the guest room bed.  Ummm... yeah.

So.  I'm told that Tiffany and I had a deep discussion in the car.  I'm told we went back to the Angle, where I bought a round of Jack Daniels shots for our group.  I'm told I made it back to the house unassisted.  Then I plopped onto the couch, and attempted to participate in the conversation.  At one point, I somehow lapsed into discussing what Lisa and I discussed at SCC about makeup, but I couldn't quite get it right.  I said "Seven Shades of Eyebrows."

Apparently, my tuck failed.  When someone brought it up, I said "It's big because I'm a Scot!"

I apparently spent some time with my porcelain friend as well.

In any case, I was a bit hung-over in the morning.  More than a little.

I slept in.  Go figure.  Showered and packed.  Ally was supposed to stay in the guest room as well, but stayed on the couch.  I'm guessing it had something to do with vomit breath or whatever.  In any case, I apologized to all for any missteps.  They laughed.

Ally and I packed at the same time, as she was leaving before I was.  We talked.  I won't say exactly what she told me, as it was private, but what she told me warmed my heart, especially since it was her saying it.  I admire her greatly, and I am proud to call her friend.

The drive back seemed eternal.  Hayden and I spoke of various things, but not much, as we were both exhausted.  I dropped him off in Harrisburg and made it back to my room.  There I took a brief nap.

Why only brief?  Well, it was Renaissance meeting night, as well as Angela's Laptop Lounge.  It was the Halloween party for both, but I didn't have my costume ready yet.  (I still don't.  Wait until you see it!)

I wore one of the dresses I inherited from Lisa.  Also her boots.  The Clover necklace.  And the Memorial necklace.  I did my own makeup, and tried something different with my eyes.

After I arrived and paid my money, I went to get a soda, and was greeted by a new face.  She had black hair, heavy makeup and a very pleasant smile.  Her name was Tammy.  This was her first time at Renaissance.  She introduced herself and was very complimentary.  Apparently, she has followed me on flickr for four years, and also reads this blog.  (Hi Tammy!)

She was telling me about how much she loves the blog, the pictures, and how I was such an inspiration to her.  I was a bit taken aback. I'm not used to people telling me positive things.  I just don't think I'm worth it.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the praise... I just didn't know how to react to it.  This was the second time this happened to me, and I was just as humbled this time as I was the last.

I gave her one of my Sophie business cards and she was extremely excited.  Like I was a rock star or something.  It really stroked my ego, yes, but... well as I said above.  I'm just a fat chick trying to make her way in this world.

That night, Laptop was at a different place: the Almaz Café.  It was a large place, with a beautiful bar and great service.  As an Ethiopian bar, the clientele tended to be African American.  How do I know?  Many of the usual clientele came in, and the clientele wasn't told that there was going to be a TG Halloween Party there, and the looks of the patrons were priceless! 

Loitering about on the Stairs

I didn't stay at Laptop long.  I was tired, and still feeling a bit woozy from the previous night.  I said my goodbyes and walked off into the rainy night.  I was really exhausted.

I drove back to the house, and went up to my room.  Took off the dress and boots, and looked in the mirror. 

A Woman looked back at me. 

She smiled.


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