Friday, October 4, 2013

Helping Lisa Empanada's Wife

If you've  followed my blog recently, you've read about my sister Lisa Emapanda's suicide.

Her wife, Sandy, had to front the funeral home expenses in cash.  That was a lot of money.  Money the family really doesn't have.  Remember, insurance companies don't pay out for suicide.

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Someone had to help.

My friend Tina made a suggestion to me, and I ran with it.

So. I started a fund for Sandy to help cover the funeral costs.  The goal is $10,000.

When I first started this, I received $720 in cash donations at Laptop Lounge.  This money is already in Sandy's hands.

Since then, the website has collected $3,075.  This amount was withdrawn on September 30, and Sandy will have it soon.

The original deadline was September 30.  I've extended it to October 31, for many reasons.  The first is because many people asked me to do so, so they can donate when they get more money.  The second is because the job isn't done.  $3000 is a lot of money, but it isn't enough.  The third is just a little more personal.  October 31 is Halloween, and it marks five years since my feminine self re-emerged.  So it's my "second birthday."  I could think of nothing better on that day then to tell Sandy that We- Lisa's sisters- covered her final expenses.

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As transgender people, we are often alone.  Then we discover that there are others like us.  We gather together, we form small groups, that collect as a community.  We face adversity together when everyone else turns their back on us.  We take care of our own

That's what I told Sandy when I asked her permission to do this.  "We take care of our own." 

Sandy did not ask for this help.  She would not ask for help.  It is up to us to give it. 

Sandy called me family.  I take that seriously.  I've already given over $100, and I will give more when I can.  Lisa was my Sister.  I can do no less.

I'm asking you to help me help Lisa's wife.  She is alone in a house with nothing but memories.  Help me show her that even though Lisa is gone, she is NOT alone.  That we, as a Community, are here for her.

Please help.  Every little bit helps.  I will personally be very grateful.

To donate, please go to:

Thank you for anything you can do.


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