Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Third Times a Charm

Many trans-people who know me in "Real Life" have seen me in drab.  As they have seen me as a Woman, I feel they know MY deepest secret, as I know theirs, so I'm not really concerned.  Of course, there are health care providers (and two police officers) who also know about me.

Aside from them, there were only two people who I told about being Sophie.  A friend and co-worker was first (E), so I could practice coming out.  She was cool with it.

My Wife was second.  She accepts but isn't happy with it. 

On Monday, April 29, I added a third.  I'll call her M. 

I've known M maybe five years.  We are coworkers at my retail job.  M is a hippie.  As in from the 1960s.  She is also one of the most giving and friendly people I know.  When I grow up, I want to be just like her!

M also is usually the hostess of the work parties I attend, so she's seen me dressed as a woman several times.  Five times in fact, as she was around that fateful Halloween night in 2008 when I went out as Lois Lane. 

E once told me that M suspected I was a crossdresser.  You think?

At M's place during the infamous "Snowy Halloween Party" of 2011

Anyway, we hadn't gone out for drinks in forever, so we went out Monday night to her favorite place, Bahama Breeze.

She showed me pictures of her home renovation, which has been proceeding for three years (it's the Winchester Mystery house!)

She asked how things were going with me, and what was new.  And I said "a LOT."

I swore her to secrecy (not that I was worried about her telling) and pulled out my business card to show her.

And she looked at it and said "Oh isn't that cute?  Wait- what are you saying- that this is..."

I said "that I am Sophie, yes."

I then explained being transgender to her and gave the the whole story (knowing since I was four, etc) and explained the difference between gender and sexuality.  (Explaining to her that I'm attracted to women, etc)

I told her about telling E, and about telling Wife.  And how good that made me feel.  She said "I noticed that about a year ago you started to seem so much happier.  Is that why?"  I said it was.

I told her about HRT.  M is a very slight woman with small breasts which fit her frame.  She asked if the hormones had any effect.  I pulled my shirt tight, showing that there was breast growth after four months.  She said "Now you're just showing off!"  Hee hee!

She had many questions, which I answered.  She asked if I wanted to "get the operation" and I said yes.  I said it was a matter of many plans falling into place, specifically raising the money. 

She asked if I'd prefer to be called Sophie.  I said while in "male mode," use my given name.

It was actually a fun conversation, and she hugged me many times.  Then she paid the tab (over my objections.) 

She asked who would be the next person I told, and I said probably my Best Man.  He lives in Arizona and won't be in the area until Labor Day though...  She said I should visit him.  I laughed. 

"I'm not rich!"

I told her that soon I'd be telling Wife about Transition, and I may end up homeless after that.  She said "you'll always have a place in my house."  I smiled at her and said thanks.

As we were preparing to leave, a man swept into the bar area.  Long black hair, heavy metal look... but old.  He looked like a cliche.  He was Tom Keifer, lead singer of Cinderella.  (He lives locally.)  I told M this and she went all fan-girl on me.  She loves 80s hair bands.

Let's RAWK!

We walked out to the parking lot and into the rainy night.  She kept smiling at me.

Earlier in the night, before I told her she said something like "I knew there was a reason we're friends- you're one of the odd ones!"

As the night went on, she repeated this and revised it "I knew there was a reason we're friends- you're so special!"

That's why I told her- SHE'S special. 


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  1. i am soooo glad for you that you were able to share this with her.
    i have found that as one shares about being transgendered it seems to get gradually easier.
    i usually show one of my favorite photos of me as diana. but i have found i need time to explain so that i can at least give myself an even chance as many people might have a preconceived notion of what it means to be transgendered. i like you explain that going out dressed as diana i dress classy not risque but rather appropriate for the time of day and day of the week or event i am going to even if i am just going out shopping.
    i sort of feel that i represent the entire transgendered community when i am out and about and sometimes we only get one chance to put our best foot forward. many times i have used my nail color ( pale pink ) or my pink safire earings to open up when in guy mode.
    but i really like the fact that you have a classy photo of Sophia on your business card.
    that's a great opener/explanation.
    i am sooo glad it went well for you with your friend. especially since she was sooo supportive.