Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Anniversaries, Photoshoots and other Milestones

I've been a little busy this week.  Sorry folks!

That said, in some ways it was a good busy.


This week marked three anniversaries for me.  On Wednesday, April 24 was my 20th wedding anniversary.  April 26 was 21 years since getting engaged.  April 25 was 22 years since the day I met my wife.

Only one of those was celebrated.  Go figure.

I signed off both jobs on the 24th, thinking Wife would as well and we could spend the day together.  A few weeks ago, she informed me that she wasn't signing off.  So I had the whole day to myself. 

So what to do?  I decided to give myself a gift.  I scheduled a photo shoot with Amanda Richards at True Colors. A bit selfish?  Yes.  But I was a bit hurt. 

This would be my third actual photo shoot with Amanda, and my first since realizing that I was transitioning.

The first photo shoot with Amanda was in January of 2009.  That's when I first met her.  She was my second photo shoot after Karen at Femme Fever.  Amanda made me feel very comfortable, and I've been going up to her studio ever since. 

(I've also had amazing photo shoots with Lady Ellen and Sofie in New Hampshire)

From the first session

Blondes have more fun?

In September 2010, I had another photoshoot with her, in which I tried different looks- sort of a fantasy thing.  Once again, I had a wonderful time.

Second session darkness

I do?

Since that time a couple of years back, many things about me have changed.  I've lost a lot of weight, and I've started HRT.  But most important, I now understand who and what I am.

I arrived on time at 10 am.  I had a couple of ideas, and Amanda did as well.  We started with a casual look.  Before dressing, Amanda taped my breasts to create great cleavage, over which I put forms.

Yes, due to HRT, I now have noticeable boobs!  :)  I am SO happy.  I've also stopped wearing hip pads.  I'm told my butt is looking more feminine, but I can't tell. 

So, when I was ready, Amanda and I went outside by a creek to take some outdoor pics.  Some of them I absolutely love!

I took a few in ankle boots, then switched to different boots.

We then went inside and tried some different looks.

Before changing completely to something more "professional."  I also tried a different wig with this outfit- a short one.

Normal Sophie look

The glasses were my idea.  Really!

After that, we tried something different.  I went topless (except for the tape) and was covered by a satin sheet.  First, with my usual look...

Then something totally different. 

This was the only time Amanda gave me any "scenarios."  After a few shots with the "new look,"  She said "imagine your lover is at the door, leaving after amazing sex, but you don't want them to leave..."

Lots of pictures.  Then, "Imagine you still feel him inside you"  (Ooo!  Titillating!)

One more set featuring different hand placement...

And it was over. 

Then, I cleaned off the makeup, and she took a couple of drab pictures at my request.

And I went home. 

I felt like I was leaving a part of myself behind.  I had SO much fun!

(I'll be putting the best of the 355 pics up on my Flickr page in time.)

I went directly to the King of Prussia Mall and bought a platinum anniversary band for Wife.  She and my daughter met me at Fridays for dinner (which is where she and I met 22 years ago) and later we went to the exact spot where I proposed to her, got down on a knee and gave her the new ring.

Yes, I'm a romantic.

That weekend, we went into Philly for dinner, just the two of us.  We went to the Devon Seafood Grill and she loved it.  We spoke a bit about my femme side.  She had some questions, which I answered.

So, married Twenty years.  Within the month, I will be telling her that I am going to transition.  And I don't know what will happen after that.

I mentioned some drab pics.  I'm going to use them for various Photoshop projects.  However, there were two pics taken with a specific project in mind.  I did this project yesterday.

Maybe someday I'll post that picture.  I've sent it to a few friends.  It's drab me getting the underside of his chin tickled by casual Sophie.

One looks awkward, broken and tired.  The other is Alive, happy, playful.

One of the people will be disappearing so that the other can Live.

Leaving the other one to her life as it should be.



  1. You have some fabulous pictures from this photoshoot, Sophie, and congratulations for losing so much weight. I thought that she already knew, but I really wish you well on coming out to your spouse about your transition. Your resolve is strong and, after being together so long, it seems yall's love is strong too. I feel like everything will be ok, but here is a big hug for you. You have every right to be happy and you are finally on the right road....

  2. Wow, the hormones are really showing their effects!