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Fiction: "The New Girl"

The New Girl

By Sophie Lynne


            George had a secret, deep and dark.  It was so dark that if discovered it would probably cost him his job, career and even most of his friends.  Yeah that bad.

            George was a crossdresser.

            He didn’t want to, really, but he couldn’t stop.  It just felt right.  Knowing what his compulsion could cost him, he was careful.  Very careful.

            George worked at a very conservative investment firm where he wore a tie all day and helped people on the phone.  He loved helping people, but he hated all the corporate politics, and he HATED wearing a tie.

            The one thing that brightened his day at work was Nikki.  She worked in the next cubicle and was so nice to him.  She had a boyfriend she’d been seeing for years but they didn’t live together.  That would be improper after all.  Nikki talked to George about her boyfriend a lot.  George just loved looking at her. 

            Nikki was pretty, maybe five foot six inches tall with jet black hair, nice legs, slim hips and huge DD breasts.  They made her very self conscious so she did her best to cover and conceal them.

            Nikki also had a secret.  Yes, she had a boyfriend but she also had another guy she was seeing on the side.  He made her feel so alive and dangerous.  Only one person knew her secret: George.  After all- he introduced them at a party.


            On a bright sunny spring day, George and Nikki sat at the nearby McDonalds having lunch together as they often did. 

            “George, did you ever wish you could be in two places at once, or maybe two different people?” Nikki said, quietly.

            “Mmhmm,” George said.  “All the time.”

            “Really?  Why”

            “You first.”

            “Well, I feel it should be obvious.”

            George nodded.  “I sort of wish my life could be different.”

            Nikki answered with a weak smile.  What they couldn’t know was that something was listening- something very, very old.


            Two nights later, George was in his female persona: Gina.  She was at a trans-friendly bar with some friends, having drinks and enjoying the short time she had dressed as a woman.

            “I’m telling you, Jen, Nikki would make so much money working at Hooters.  I don’t know why she doesn’t!” Gina said.

            Jen sipped on her Sauvignon Blanc.  “Maybe she doesn’t want to be debased, abused and to be a piece of meat on display,” she said.

            “But think of the money! If I had a body like hers, I’d do it in a heartbeat!”

            Jen smirked and pointed at the large breasts under Gina’s pink blouse. 

            “If your breast forms were any bigger, you could work there without her body.”

            Gina crossed her Black Mist nylon encased legs and swung her black pump from her foot.

            “Can I help I know what I want to be?” She straightened her gray skirt and took a drink of the Cosmo she’d been nursing.

            “Wanting and being are two different things, girl,” Jen said.  “Oh shit, here comes Andy.”

            Andy was a short, stout man in his late sixties with a trimmed white beard, bald head, rumpled shirt and he smelled of cheap cigars.  Andy had a definite thing for women with big breasts- and if they were t-gurls it was even better for him!

            “Hey hey gals!” Andy said, his eyes never leaving Gina’s chest.

            “Hi Andy.  My eyes are up here,” Gina said.

            “Can I buy you gals a drink?” Andy said.

            Gina and Jen both held up their mostly full drinks and said flatly “No thanks.”

            “I’m having a small party at my place next Saturday.  I’d love it if you could…come,” Andy said winking.

            “I already have plans, thanks” Gina said. 

            Andy smiled and turned around to see Jessica.  Tonight was Jessica’s first time out dressed.  She wore little makeup and was very unsure of herself. 

            “Wow!  Look at her!” Andy said.  “I’ve never seen her before!”

            Gina looked at Jennifer and was immediately afraid.  “Leave her alone Andy.  She’s a new girl and doesn’t need you anywhere near her!” Gina said.

            “Aww you’re no fun.  C’mon, Gina gimmie a kiss!” Andy said.

            “I wouldn’t kiss you if you were the only guy left on Earth!” Gina said.  Andy frowned and headed to the men’s room.  Gina and Jennifer went over to Jessica and didn’t leave her side for the rest of the night.  Jessica was happy for someone to talk to, and didn’t realize Andy was on the prowl.


            Nikki was out with her boyfriend Steve, bored and wishing the dinner would end.  He was a good guy- considerate and he worshipped the ground she walked upon… but he was too nice for her tastes.  She preferred Karl and his talented tongue and his dismissive air.  He would treat her like a whore and throw her out of his place after they had sex.  It drove her wild!

            She smiled to herself as Steve paid the check.


            Monday was rainy and cold.  George managed to arrive at work on time, but Nikki was late yet again.  Many people were late that day as the roads were wet and there were so many accidents, but Nikki was always late.  In fact, if she were late one more time, she’d be fired.

            Nikki ran to her desk, her umbrella dripping.

            Oh my God oh my God oh my God I’m so dead!” she said.

            A moment later, their manager Chaz, in his impeccable suit, came over. 

            “Nichole! Why aren’t you logged into your computer?”

            “I’m sorry, Chaz, but…”

            “She’s been helping me with a difficult 401K conversion, sir.  It’s my fault,” George said.

            Nikki smiled.  “Yes, he was wondering how some Fidelity funds convert into ours,” she said.

            Chaz looked at George’s screen, and on it were a list of 401k funds.

            “Ok.  Just log in NOW please, Nichole,” he said.

            “Yes sir!” and she did.

            She then leaned over and gave George a kiss on the cheek.

            “Thanks!  I owe you one!”

            George smiled and turned to look at his schedule for the day, which included his CPR refresher course.  Everyone at his company was required to know CPR.  At least it meant a few hours off the phone.

            The watching spirit, older than the trees and rocks, smiled and nodded.


            Thursday night happy hour at the local Irish pub meant cheap wings and not as pricey beer.  Nikki invited George to join her and Steve for some drinks.  Steve was an engineer who worked near the bar, and he had a round waiting when they arrived. 

            They talked about work, about people they knew, and whatever.  When the conversation turned to baseball, George noticed Karl at the bar with his buddy Tom.  Karl- the guy Nikki was… well, Karl.

            “I’ll be back in a sec,” Nikki said, standing. 

            “Never could hold too much beer!” Steve said, laughing.

            “Ha Ha” she said, sarcastically.

            As Nikki walked toward the corridor heading toward the rest rooms, George saw Karl leave the bar and head that way as well.

            George took a gulp of beer.

            Steve sighed.

            “Mind if I ask you a question?” Steve said.

            “No, go ahead.”

            “Answer me honestly.  I won’t be mad.”

            “Umm ok.”

            “Is it you?” Steve said.


            “Are you the one she’s seeing behind my back?”

            George looked stunned.

            “No, no I’m not.  I didn’t know…”

            “Yeah, I think she is.  I can just tell.  We’ve been together a few years and I can just…”  Steve drank a gulp of beer.

            George felt really bad for him.  “Steve is a really stand-up guy,” George thought. “He deserves better.”

            The Spirit watched as George paid his check and left Steve alone at the table as Nikki and Karl made out in the stairwell.


            Friday night found George at the mall looking for shoes.  After all, a girl can never have too many shoes!  He bought a nice pair of strappies, and was headed back to his car when a saw a commotion up ahead near the food court.


                                    “Does anyone know CPR?”

            “I know CPR” George said and people parted to let him in.  Lying on the floor was Andy- Pervert Andy- pale and not breathing.


            George thought about his CPR class.  Umm ABC- airway, breathing, circulation… he checked Andy’s pulse- nothing.  George then tilted Andy’s neck back and gave him two quick breaths down into his lungs.  Eww!  Andy had Garlic breath!

            After a minute, a mall employee arrived with the mall’s Auto-Defibrillator and George helped put it on Andy.  The shock to the heart worked- Andy’s heart started beating again.

            Everyone was happy and cheering as the paramedics arrived.  George turned to pick up the bag with his new shoes, but they were gone.

            Nikki told Steve she was going out with the girls, but she lied.  Instead, she was at a downtown club with Karl.


            The Ancient Spirit saw all of this and decided that it needed to do something- that a person who gave of himself so much should be rewarded somehow.


            George decided to drown his sorrows and went to the local Hooters bar.  He didn’t have enough money to replace the shoes, but he had enough for an order of wings and a couple of beers.  He sat at the bar and watched the baseball game on TV as he stewed over his bad fortune and as his wings arrived.

            Nikki’s back hit the wall hard as Karl kissed her savagely.  Oh God how she loved this!  Unconsciously her right leg lifted and wrapped around Karl’s. 

            George felt a tingling in his lips.  “That’s weird,” he thought.  “These wings are hot, but not THAT hot!”

            His legs also tingled.  Unconsciously his right leg wrapped around the leg of the bar stool and his foot caressed it.

            Karl caressed Nikki’s shoulders as they kissed, and George’s shoulders tingled as they became duplicates of hers: feminine, soft and beautiful.  As Nikki unconsciously thrust her hips against Karl’s, George’s hips moved forward, slowly expanding against his tightening pants.

            Nikki stopped and said “No- not here.  Not here.”

            “Aw come on!  No one will know!” Karl said, caressing her face.

            George’s cheeks tingled and softened.  “What’s wrong with me?” he wondered.

            “Is Jack home?”  Nikki asked.

            “No, he’s away for the weekend,” Karl said.

            Nikki smiled, and then Karl did as well.  He held her face in his hands, kissed her passionately.  He then pressed the tip of his nose with his finger.

            “Beep!” he said.

            George’s whole face tingled and became beautifully feminine, especially his now cute nose.

            Nikki and Karl turned to leave the club, and Karl gave her a playful smack in the butt.

            George’s butt plumped to be an exact duplicate of Nikki’s.  His strained pants ripped loudly.

            “What the hell!” George said

            He looked down to see his tattered pants and quickly jogged to the men’s room which was fortunately only a few steps away.  He didn’t notice the new sway to his hips as he moved.  He quickly ducked into the only stall in the room and examined the damage to his pants.

            He ran his hands over his now curved hips and felt his feminine butt.  Holy shit!  He burst out the door and looked at the mirror.

            Looking back was a familiar yet completely feminine and beautiful face.  His short hair looked so out of place.  His mouth dropped open as did the face in the mirror.  His soft curving shoulders led to his still manly flat chest, but his hips flared out beautifully.  His legs were hairless and sexy under his torn pants and his shoes were way too big.

            Karl drove Nikki back toward his apartment.  He took her hand and kissed it.  George felt his hands tingle and shrink, becoming dainty and feminine.  His nails grew a quarter inch past his finger tips and became beautifully done with a French manicure.

            George stared at his hands, his pretty eyes wide in amazement.  His arms tingled and slimmed as Karl caressed Nikki.  Karl’s hand then went to Nikki’s hair, which he caressed and ran through his fingers.  She smiled and purred like a cat, then laughed.

            George’s hair grew dramatically, falling about his shoulders in a sudden auburn wave.  His surprise became delight!  This was his dream come true, just not in the men’s…

            The door opened and George jumped into the stall again.  He heard someone spit into the urinal, then the sound of someone peeing.

            George couldn’t help it- he caressed his now long beautiful hair.  He laughed to himself.  As he did, he felt his neck tingle and lengthen just a little as Nikki received a one-handed neck rub at a stop light.  The laugh changed from a deeper masculine one to a light feminine giggle.  The man at the urinal looked at the stall, then smiled.

            “Someone was getting lucky” he thought.

            George put his hands over his mouth in surprise.  It didn’t matter how happy he was- what was happening to him?  And why?  And…

            His left hand caressed his hair as his right reached into his ruined pants.  Hmmm.  Still male.  How was he going to explain this at work?  To his friends?

            Nikki and Karl ran to the elevator of his apartment building, pressed the button and waited, smiling at each other.

            George looked at his legs and hands as he heard the urinal flush and the door open and close.

            “That guy didn’t wash his hands!  Eww!” he thought as he opened the door to the stall.

            Facing him in the mirror was a beautiful woman with gorgeous auburn hair and grey eyes.

            “But I’m not a woman” George said quietly, testing his new voice.  His feminine hands caressed his still manly chest and his crotch, which responded by getting hard.

            “What will I do?”

            The door opened again and George jumped back into the stall.  Heavy footsteps.  A loud fart.  The stall door shook.

            “Hey, you gonna be long?” a gruff voice said.

            Oh shit!  George did his best to lower his voice.

            “Gimmie a minute.  Just got here m-self.

            “Shit.  Hurry up!  Gotta go bad.”

            George couldn’t explain it, but the man’s deep voice suddenly sounded kind of sexy to him.  He heard the bathroom door open and close as the guy left.


            On the elevator, Karl’s advances were stopped by Nikki.

            “Ah-ahhh! Wait just a couple of minutes so we can have some privacy!”  Having control over the independent Karl was turning her on immensely.


            “What to do? What to do? And why don’t I have tits?”


            Karl fumbled with his keys while Nikki stood behind him and rubbed his crotch.


            “Can I sneak out without being seen?”


            Karl finally opened his door. He pulled Nikki inside and pushed her against the wall.  In the darkness he kissed her deeply and groped her huge breasts as she groaned.  He caressed her everywhere…


            George’s body tingled all over.  His waist pulled in a little tighter and higher on his body, completing his feminine figure.  He felt a warmth, so very sensual.  He smiled, closed his eyes, writhed and moaned as he swayed his womanly hips.  So turned on!  He didn’t notice the tingling in his chest.

            Small breasts budded, expanding his nipples.  They grew slowly at first, becoming larger and rounder. 

            George felt his chest bounce, opened his eyes and laughed with delight.  He put his hands on his growing breasts and felt their firmness against his tightening shirt.


            Karl threw Nikki to the couch and pulled off her jeans and panties.

            “Oh yes!” she shouted as she pulled off her top.

            Karl quickly undid his pants and pulled off his boxers.


            George looked down and couldn’t believe his eyes!  He had breasts!  Huge ones like… like Nikki’s!  “Oh my God!” he thought.  “How will I…”

            Then it hit him.

            …a warm and trembling tingle as his manhood shrank and withdrew into him.

            Changing, reforming.

            George was no longer a man.  He became his dream- Gina.

            A Woman.

            The Spirit smiled, satisfied.  Just a few loose ends…


            The man reentered the bathroom and banged on the stall door.

            “Hurry the fuck up!”

            Gina opened her eyes and looked at herself.  She could clearly see her cleavage in her tight white tank top, and feel tightness of the white push up bra beneath that.  Her tattered pants were replaced by the signature pantyhose and tight orange shorts of her new uniform.

            Gina was a Hooters Girl!

            She opened the stall door and the guy almost jumped.

            “Uh, ummm” he said.

            “Sorry but you guys need to clean your own messes so I won’t have to!” Gina said, smiling.

            She then strolled out of the men’s room, hips gyrating and breasts bouncing.  Smiling.

            The man stared as the door closed behind her.


            Gina walked over to Brandi, one of the most experienced waitresses on the floor.

            “Ok, that’s finished. It was so gross!” Gina said.

            “That’s why you were chosen to do it!” Brandi said.  “You’re low girl on the totem pole since it’s your first day.”

            Gina rolled her eyes and smiled as they both laughed.

            “Do you think you can handle the next table by yourself?” Brandi asked.

            “Sure!  I’ll try!’

            Gina took her notepad and went to the table just seated- a cute guy sitting alone, oh that can’t be him…


            Steve looked up and saw the stunning auburn haired waitress coming to his table and smiled weakly.  Anything to take his mind off Nikki and her other guy, whoever he was.  And this waitress was definitely hot enough to do that!

            “Hi! Welcome to Hooters! I’m Gina and I’ll be taking care of you today!”

            “Hi! Um, I want a beer,” Steve said.  He couldn’t take his eyes off Gina.  Most Hooters girls were hot, but she had something else…

            “One beer.  Any special kind?” the new girl said, smiling.


            The Spirit decided to do just a little more.  Gina suddenly had a history.  She had documentation; diplomas, an apartment, everything- and she knew it.  She still remembered being George, but now George was gone.


            The next morning, Nikki woke in Karl’s arms.  She didn’t feel right.  She looked down and saw that she didn’t fill out her nightshirt like she should.  She stood and went to the mirror.  Her boobs!  Oh my God her boobs shrank!  They were maybe a B cup now!  How?  What happened?

            Karl stirred and mumbled in his sleep. 

            Nikki dressed and went home, calling a doctor on the way.


            The Spirit smiled and moved on.  Everyone got what they wanted or deserved.  Or both.


            Six months later, Gina sat in a nice restaurant waiting for her guy to return from the men’s room.  She wore her favorite little black dress which showed off her breasts just enough to drive her man wild, black stockings and red pumps (just to be bold!)  She sat pondering how life had changed for her, and for everyone else. 

Steve and Nikki were long broken up.  He found the courage to do it after he met a new girl, and wanted to date her instead.

            Karl lost interest in Nikki very quickly after that night.  He was a breast man after all and hers were gone.  He stopped returning her calls and texts, especially after Steve left her.  Now that new chick Steve was dating- she was hot. He wondered if he could get her from him too…

            Nikki had a rough time for a bit.  The doctors had no explanation for the sudden decrease in her breast size.  She found that some “doors” previously open to her just weren’t there anymore.  She lost her job within a week as she was late and didn’t have George to cover for her.  Poor George!  She wondered what happened to him and hoped it wasn’t bad.

            No one heard from George again.  He was declared missing and would eventually be declared dead. His missing persons file grew cold on a shelf at the local police department.


            Gina was happy.  She was making tons of money as a Hooters girl, and almost was on the calendar!  She also was accepted to graduate school, where she would get a far better start on a career.  Gina started seeing Steve a few weeks after she first waited on him.  He came back a few times to the restaurant, then the chance meeting in the mall where he asked her number.  Steve is happy and he keeps Gina very happy.  In fact, tonight they’re celebrating his birthday and she has a special surprise for him she bought that afternoon at Victoria’s Secret!

            Sometimes nice girls don’t finish last!



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  1. Great story - a fantastic mix of crossdressing wish fulfilment and an excellent transformation scene. Would love for that to happen to me...