Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Movie night... at a Church

Wow- getting that last entry finished really took a LOT out of me.  Sort of like therapy. 

In any case, this time the topic is far lighter, and fun.

Last Friday was Movie night for this chick.  The movie was "Trans" and it was shown at  Main Line Unitarian Church in Malvern, PA.  The hostess and facilitator was my therapist, Dr. Maureen Osborne

I own a copy of the movie, and have seen it several times. So why go?  Well after the movie was going to be a Q&A and discussion.  I wanted to be there to hear the questions and maybe help answer a couple.

Oh, and it was a night out as Me. 

I asked my Wife about going, and she consented.  I invited her along, but she wanted no part of it. 

I decided to dress casually.  But I wouldn't have a place to change.  No place to change meant no place to do makeup.  I called Amanda Richards, but she was booked.  What to do?

Well, the local MAC store does makeup, as do the MAC counters at several department stores at the King of Prussia Mall.  And Kristyn, the president of Renaissance, has told me several times how she goes to the MAC people in Nordstroms, and that they are not just welcoming, but supportive of Transpeople.

So I called and made an appointment.  There was a $50 reservation fee, which you could use to purchase Mac products when finished.  My appointment was 5:15 PM Friday.

Friday was cold, rainy and quite windy.  Typical spring weather for around here really.  "April Showers bring May flowers.  And Mayflowers bring pilgrims."

I changed mostly at my storage site.  Hose, jeans, corset, bra, black top, my drab sneakers.  No breast forms.  Wore my bulky drab coat over it to disguise what I was wearing.  Then drove to Valley Forge Park, and parked to finish dressing and apply foundation and contouring.  Oh and my wig. 

I parked near to Nordstroms, put on sunglasses and walked in.  I remember how nervous I was my first time walking into the mall alone.  This time, I could care less.  No problem- no fear.

Progress!  :)

I went to the MAC counter, where only one person was working.  She was busy!  And she couldn't find my reservation in her book.  I showed her my emailed receipt.  As she was alone, she would work with me while helping other customers.  Someone from another counter offered to help, and she asked them to ring up a couple of people "while I take care of him."  It was her only slip up, and as she was so busy, I didn't care.

So when she was ready, I sat in her chair and she went to work.  The MAC counter is right near the entrance to the mall.  And yet, no fear.  Anyone I knew could've walked by.  But they wouldn't have been looking for me, and definitely not looking for me dressed as a Woman, so I just didn't worry.  I sat back, enjoyed the time, and learned a bit.

The MAC makeup seat is obscured by the sign. I've labelled the spot.

We talked about several different topics of no consequence.  She kept stopping to help others, so the makeup took quite some time.  When it was finished, I bought a few things and headed out... and noticed I'd lost an earring.

Not just any earring- one of the only real gold earrings I own.  Dammit!  So back to my storage space to get different earrings.  Then off to Kristyn's to drop off some things and change into my long denim skirt.  She had no plans, so I invited her to join me.  So off we went through the pouring rain to the church.

Subtle.  I like it!

The church was quite nice- a modern looking building.  We hustled in from the pouring rain, and then followed the sound of voices to a large room where the movie was going to be shown on a blank wall.  There were maybe 25 people there, including six transpeople (counting me.)   One of whom was "L," who I've known for years, but not well.  I've always admired her.  She's always struck me as so intelligent and self assured.

I enjoyed watching the movie with people.  Movies are better shared.

After the movie, the cisgender people had some very good questions, which Dr. Osborne usually handled.  Occasionally, one of us transwomen would answer one or relate a pertinent experience.

After the official part ended, several people stayed around and I spoke to a few of them.  One of them, an older man, kept shaking his head and saying "You are so brave.  So brave."  I thanked him, and said it wasn't about courage alone, it was about truth.  The Courage to be True to yourself.   And those that live through this process are True survivors.  A bit melodramatic?  Maybe.  Doesn't mean it isn't the truth.

Drama Queen "I'm ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille!"

The event ended.  It was still pouring rain.  Kristyn and I decided to go to Ruby Tuesdays, as we knew it was open and safe.  We invited L, but she couldn't come.  So off we went in the rain to Ruby's, where we sat at the bar.  Only one customer even looked at us funny.  The staff are used to transpeople coming in, and as always were very friendly and efficient. 

We stayed until closing and beyond as there were many people still eating.  Then off into the rainy night.  I changed and cleaned up at Kristyn's and went back to my un-True life.

But not for long- this Saturday is Renaissance and Laptop Lounge.  I'll be out and about again. 

Soon, not soon enough though, I will be full time.  And changing back and forth will be a memory.

I had lunch with my "Big Sis" Mel today.  Among other things, we discussed the events of Friday night.  She laughed and said "You have *alls!"  She thinks my going out as Me to public places is something she couldn't have done at my current stage of this journey.  I keep telling her, and myself, that I need to go out as me to these places if I'm every going to be a Woman Full Time. 

"To Transition: The Dream.  Ay, there's the rub. For with the Transition what dreams may come when we've shuffled off this untrue body must give us pause..."

Hmmm... somehow I don't think Billy S is quaking in fear of my writing talents...  ;)


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