Saturday, March 24, 2012

Preparing for Keystone

The Keystone Conference is next week and I'm making my final preparations.

I've begun packing my clothes for the week, my makeup, shoes, etc.  My lies are in place to both work and wife.  I have money set aside and the conference and room are already paid in full.

Keystone, as I've said many times, is my favorite conference.  It was my first conference.  My first time there was 2010, the first year of its existence.  I roomed alone and had one HELL of a time putting on my brand new corset. 

I had an even harder time walking out my door.  I was so scared!  yes, there were maybe 150 of use there, but that didn't help.  I was about to walk out into the daylight world as a woman and I was petrified.

But I did it, and was instantly accosted by a housekeeper, who despite my putting a "Do Not Disturb" sign on my door, was determined to interrogate me about the state of the room and force me to sign off on it.  My makeup was rudimentary at best, and I was shaking and being questioned by someone who wouldn't let me alone.  Finally an elevator came and I got away from her.  I was afraid she'd come on the elevator with me!

I was immensely rattled, and went directly to my appointment with Amanda Richards.  Then to the bar.  I got very drunk that night and made new friends.

What I was wearing that night

That Saturday was the gala, and I dressed in a red gown I bought from ebay and had tailored by my friend Lorraine.  I went as a blonde for that.

Since then, I've returned twice. Each time the conference has grown by leaps and bounds.  Last year, I was privileged to have my own workshop.  I guess i did something right because this year I'm doing it again.  This year my topic is "Writing Transgender Fiction: Releasing your Inner Person."

My seminar last year

This year I've heard estimates of maybe 500 attendees.  Last year was 350.  I may be wrong but I think the only US conference that's bigger is Southern Comfort.  We're taking over the hotel!  And this year, the wrestling championships are already over, so we won't have the wrestling parents in the bar with us.  That's a shame- they really were nice people and most of them were lots of fun... when they got past their transphobia.

So what stories will be written this year?  Who will be that girl who is scared to leave her room?  Who will blossom and gain confidence?  On a different line, will I meet new friends?  Will my dress for the gala be well received?  The anticipation is killing me but in a good way!

So today I will go over to the storage unit and finish packing.  I'll go buy the last couple things I need for the trip.  Wednesday I will pack my car and head to Harrisburg and shed the male disguise. 

I can't wait!

My gowns from the last three Keystone Galas

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  1. I too have started packing, and this year have a nail appointment on my way down Wednesday so I won't have to fuss with my nails all week long.
    I have been selecting and re-selecting dresses and outfits for a few weeks now. Since I missed going out last week I am itching to get there, and I can't wait to see you, and the girls.