Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Few Quick Words about Raven 8

This past Saturday was "Raven 8" which was a large T-gathering at the Raven in New Hope, PA

This was the second event I attended there and I couldn't have attended without the generosity of my friends.  I'm trying to save money, so I'm rather broke.

Lisa Empanata allowed me her room to change and clean up.  That was very generous.  I am in her debt.

Mostly the generous part was that people messaged me and emailed me and said "You need to be there."  They were generous enough to say "I'd love to see you there."

I've been feeling a bit down lately.  Ok, a lot down.  And these women perked me up.  They made me feel wanted and special.  I needed that.  God knows I don't feel it in my drab life.  That's one of the reason it's drab, I guess.

The weather is warming here in the Philadelphia area.  Soon I'll be ready to tell my wife about being Sophie.  Then events like this will be out of the question.

But for that night, and those hours, I was carefree and with friends who WANTED me to be there.  To them I am Sophie, and a Woman:  I always have been and always shall be.

Pic courtesy Jen Bryant

I can say I have a safety net, and I'll need it.

Thanks to you all.

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  1. Use caution my friend. I used to think (and often say) that a person should always tell their spouse - that it was wrong to keep such a major secret. Ten years later I have come to learn that I shouldn't be handing out that advice because bad things CAN happen. You know your wife, and you must have some clue how she will react. Think about it real hard before you do something that you might end up regretting. :)