Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Questions (originally posted August 1, 2010 on myspace)

I was out Saturday night.

As I was driving from Amanda's to the motel, I started asking questions of myself. Let's face it- I was dressed head to toe as a woman- that WILL spur thought and some soul searching!

When did I become comfortable wearing a skirt? Like second nature comfortable?

When did I stop being fascinated by looking down and seeing I have breasts (when dressed) and see it as perfectly normal??

When did Sophie become critical to my life?

When did "oh my God I'm out in public dressed as a woman!" become "Ok, I'm dressed- where can I go that's safe-ish?"

When did I suddenly own more heels than guy shoes?

When did losing weight become a "dress size" thing instead of a "health" thing?

When did lying to my wife about my whereabouts become so much easier? (but still hurt just as much)

Why do I want to keep doing this so badly?

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