Sunday, December 12, 2010

Party time!

Tis the season for all kinds of parties!  More parties than you can shake a wine glass at if you think about it.  There's the company party (if you're lucky to be in a company that still has one).  There's the small "grown up" party.  The wild 20 something "lets get nuts" party.  There's the standard Christmas parties, Christmas eve parties, Hannukah parties, Kwanzah parties, Neutral holiday parties, Happy hours, New years eve parties, and potty parties.  Ok I made that last one up, but it may exist in some deep dark places you don't talk about at parties.

I attended a party last night that I never thought to attend.  It was a calm "grown up" party with wine and great food and guests minding their p's and q's.  Heck there were even candles and those neat cocktail weinies.  So why was this so different?  I'm a woman of the world- I've been to parties like this many times.  After all, I AM of a certain age. 


What made this party unexpected was the hostess.  This party was held by Amanda Richards and her wife.  Yes THAT Amanda Richards!  The makeup legend.  The one who makes me look as feminine as I can.  Somehow I managed to be invited to her gathering.  I was honored, stunned, and various other words ending with -ed.  Of COURSE I showed up.

One little rule though.  Discussing crossdressing was forbidden.

Now at any other party that would be like "no sh*t Sherlock" but Amanda works in the crossdress biz.  She is an icon.  Figure that many guests would be TG like myself.  However, there would also be spouses there- some of whom may not know about their husbands' predilection to wearing skirts.  So to avoid nasty Christmas surprises, the topic was verboten.

Amanda and I at Keystone, 2010

So there I was, in drab, at a party given by a TG legend, not talking about makeup or shoes or skirts.  Struck me as kinda funny.  Ironic in an Alanys Morrisette kinda way.

So I made myself a drink and was hanging out when a guy walked up to me.  Shorter, trimmed eyebrows, goatee, slim but muscular. he said Hi, and I returned the greeting, smiling.  The guy looks me in the eye and quietly says "I know who you are, Sophie."  Woah! 

I  like to think that my drab self and my fem self look very different.  VERY.  This guy saw through my male disguise and figured me out.  I must've looked really goofy and slack jawed.  "How did you know?" I said.  He smiled and said "I can just tell."

I checked to make sure I didn't inadvertantly wear a skirt or a low cut top to show cleavage or something.  Nope- all drab.

He smiled and went back to his blazing hot girlfriend, leaving me wondering.

Do I look like a guy to you?

So I asked Amanda a little later.  Turns out this guy likes my flickr page.  (  And I always point out when Amanda does my makeup.  So, being Amanda's friend, he asked if I'd be there.  She said I would.  He looked for someone who looked vaguely like me.  Hmmm.  Stalker?  Not with that hottie on his arm he wasn't!

The night was a total success.  Amanda and her wife made great food, served great drinks and the people were fun.  And a few times I broke the cardinal rule, speaking to people I KNEW were t-girls.  Quietly.  Away from everyone else.

I did not drive and was getting tired.  My friend JJ drove and she was tired too (and in drab.)  So around 10:30 we hit the road, just as the party games came out (Cranium, etc). 

I was very happy.  I was able to meet new people and socialize with some who I consider friends.  Amanda and her wife showed their guests a night of class and elegance. 

Goes to show even I can clean up my act if I must.  :)

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