Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Second Life or is it third?

Those of you reading this know me as Sophie Lynne.  However there are many many people who know me by a different name: Juanita.  How is this possible?  Do I have multiple identities?  Well, kind of.

I play Second Life.  That's Juanita above.  In Second Life I am a complete female.

Second Life (SL) is a computer simulation game.  Kind of like World of Warcraft but not as cartoony.  Players can be who or what they wish.  If I wanted to be a jawa, I could run around screaming "outini!" all the time if I wished.  Everything in SL is created by users, so if you go somewhere, a user created it, not some programmer.

Like this place: the Forgotten Gardens of Apollo,  Absolutely breathtaking.

I started in SL a few years ago as a male.  I tried a female but gave her up.  Juanita started as a joke between myself and a friend, but as my female side developed in real life, my desire to play a woman in SL did as well.  So Juanita ceased to be a "joke."  Now she's my reason for going to SL.

3/8 of all women characters in Sl are really guys.  Most don't say they are men.  I am open about it- I am proud of being transgender there.

Don't you hate it when your eyes close when a pic is taken?  ;)

There are many things to do in SL.  There is dancing, wargames, whatever you want.  You can command a starship in a Star Trek place.  Go to beaches, fly Messerschmidts, whatever.  You could ride dancing cows on Laguna Beach.

I go to clubs and socialize with other TGs.  In fact there are even support groups in SL for us.

This is one of several.

And here is Juanita at TRC.

I also go to formal dances.  It's a thing with me- dressing up.  ;)

Here I'm at a place called "Bogart's."

Of course, where you have men and women there will be sex and SL is no exception.  Many many people find relationships that are very real to them.  It's easy to get hurt there.

Here Juanita talks to a friend at Solana Beach.  Yes, they are pole dancing back there.  Sex sells, even there.  Especially there.  Most of the girls in the sex trade are really guys.

For the most part, I do my best just to be with friends and be a typical woman.  I enjoy my time on SL even though I don't get much time there anymore.  I used to be on several hours a day.  Now it's maybe 4 hours a week.

Thats a typical Juanita outfit, when not at a beach or a formal place.  This is also at the Gardens of Apollo.

So why am I writing about this?  Because it's important to me.  I have met many TG girls there and it's a wonderful supportive web of people.  Some TG girls don't like SL.  One T girl that I admire greatly wrote to me about SL:

"Candidly it was a huge waste of time and socially isolating

since so much time is spent on the computer.

As to it's value as an aid to dressing I didn't feel it

helped me at all... I have a hard time seeing why people

would want to spend that much time playing around with

animation. That's just me."

So it isn't for everyone.  I love it though. 

Wanna see it?  http://www.secondlife.com/  It's completely free... unless you WANT to buy stuff.  Maybe I'll see you there?


  1. Gotta admit that I agree with your friend - I tried it out and didn't care for it. It seems to me like an advanced and glorified IM application - a way to chat with others. The thing is, I've never been the type that liked to chat on the PC. It consumes my time and attention resulting in my not being able to do what I wanted to do online.

    Still, clearly I'm in the minority because there are an awful lot of people like yourself that thoroughly enjoy it, so have a great time Juanita! :)

  2. If you have a female body and identity in RL you're female. Same applies in SL. If you have a female body and identity in SL you're female, regardless of what you are in RL. It follows that If you have a female body and male identity in SL then you're trans. That's the only consistent way to look at it. You can't be a male playing a female in SL unless you have a male SL body and live as a female.