Friday, April 1, 2016

Intranet Marvel

As I mention many times in this Blog, I work at a chain bookstore.  This is a major company and, as such, has a company intranet, which is the internal internet site.

A month or so ago, the company solicited 500 word "essays" about "why YOU are the biggest Superman/Batman fan in the company."  It was for Superman/Batman Day earlier this month, which was a chain-wide event.  They also wanted the employee to submit a picture.

I wasn't going to do it as I write a ton anyway.  But several managers asked me to write something, so I did.  I didn't want to do the whole "Pick me!  Pick me!" thing.  I thought about it a bit, and I decided to submit one of my Mary Marvel pictures.  But that's neither Superman or Batman, so... how to link them?

So, I decided to make my piece a reply to a "fan letter."  I wrote it in less than half an hour, and submitted it.  And forgot about it.

Then, on the bookstore chain's facialbook page, I saw the picture I sent, with people congratulating me.  The next day, I worked, so I looked on the intranet page.  There was an article about several Superman fans, with pictures.  (There was a Batman page the day before.)  At the bottom of the Superman page was a sentence with a link "And here's a special letter from Captain Marvel."

The Page, printed out and posted on the store bulletin board

And there was my piece!  I had my own page!  What follows is what I wrote:

Thank you for your letter asking about Superman and Batman.  As you may know, my brother and I have known them for 75 years.  We have fought side by side with, and, occasionally, against them, for the past 43 years, since 1972. 

One question I am often asked is “Who is cuter: Superman or Batman?”  Maybe that question was appropriate back in the forties, fifties, or even the sixties, but in this day and age, women aren’t defined by men.  We are independent and equal to them.  My brother and I have the same powers granted by the same gods, and, in fact, I retired the name “Mary Marvel” years ago.  Now, I’m just referred to as Captain Marvel, as is my brother.  That aside, I’ll say that while Batman may be a guy you date; Superman is the guy you take home to meet your parents.  I’ve always been more attracted to the positive, and Batman is just too darn moody!

You asked who I believe would win in a fight.  That’s an easy question.  If Kal-El were so inclined, he could swoop in at super speed, knock out Batman with a mere tap of his finger, and fly away before a second had passed.  But that is not his style.  He believes in fair play.  And in that sort of fight, Batman wins easily (as documented in 1986.)  Why?  Superman is vulnerable to Kryptonite, and Batman not only knows this, but has had some in his utility belt since 1990.  Batman may be only human, but he actually is far smarter than Superman, and would be prepared for such a fight.

Thank you again for your kind letter.  I am enclosing the 8x10 picture you requested.


Captain Marvel

Fawcett City

The picture is from 2011.   The costume is by Lorraine Anderson of Occasional Woman, and the makeup and picture are by Amanda Richards of True Colors Makeup Artistry.  The event was a Halloween Party during a blizzard.  

The reason I'm writing isn't to brag and say "look at me!"  It's because seeing that picture... the entire company seeing that picture... well, it actually made me pause and reflect for a moment.

When that picture was taken, I was still deeply closeted.  I was still hiding my Truth from my Wife (I would come out to her seven months later.)  Now, that party was going to be a bit of a debut, but no one was really there due to snow.  But the idea of my coworkers seeing that picture... never mind the whole company... was terrifying.  I mean- being OUT to EVERYONE?!?!?!  

What would people say?  Would I lose my job?  Would my Wife leave me?

Now, looking back, and knowing what I do, I understand those fears.  Most of them came true.

But now, looking at that picture on a screen of a work computer, I just smile.  And thank God I don't have to hide any more.  

Oh, and by the way, I wore that costume on Superman/Batman day.  I ran the trivia contest.  Eight hours in three inch heeled boots and a corset.  I was in pain for days afterwards.

Before work: Superman/Batman Day

Coda:  A few days later, I received this message on facialbook.  

I smiled and laughed.  TY Illinois!  :)

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