Monday, March 30, 2015

The Debutante Ball

Saturday  night there was a party.  A Party for my One Year Full Time.  My friends Elizabeth and Jamie (look here for the history of who they are) decided I should have a party to mark the occasion.  Elizabeth also wanted a theme, and asked me for ideas.  I said she could come up with one, and so she did.

From Facialbook

She had an image of elegant gowns and dazzling decor... and I was really taken aback.  I mean-Me?  Elegant?  But her reasoning (posted above) really made a lot of sense.

A Party.  For me.  For Sophie.  It took a while to get my head around that.  Not only did they accept me, they wanted to celebrate me.  Long time readers know my feelings about such things.  I don't feel worthy of them.

In any case, my one year anniversary passed quietly, so I now have satisfied that WPATH standards of care hurtle.

Then a few days later it was Saturday, March 28.  I worked 9-5 that day.  I didn't get excited about the party until my last hour of work.  I usually don't get excited about things well in advance, as I worry that whatever it is will fall through.  Yes, I'm such an optimist.

I'd tried on a few gowns I have in storage, but none fit (moooo) so Elizabeth lent me one of her cocktail dresses.  And that is what I wore.

So I finished work, and stopped at Wawa to get a sandwich and Gatorade (2 bottle- it's great for hangovers) and went to M's where the party was being held.  (Veteran readers know I lived at M's for several months.) I ate quickly, and then redid my makeup.  My roomie Linda arrived around then, and made suggestions for my makeup.

Linda waits for me to finish

The Elizabeth wanted to do my hair.  I wet it so she could blow it out, which she did.  Then she tried to curl it.  It wouldn't curl.  My hair was stubborn... "Jamie can you try this?"  Oh- it helps if the curling iron is on!  We all had a great laugh.  The two of them then produced a tiara for me to wear.  I smiled, maybe a little embarrassed.

Seven o'clock came, and I was ready.  By then, others had arrived, including my "Big Sister" Mel.

Sophie at Seven

One of the next to arrive was someone I hadn't seen in over thirty years.  Jackie and I attended high school together.  We didn't hang out, but we knew each other.  The day after graduation, she headed into the Air Force, where she served for over twenty years.  Eventually, she friended me on Facialbook, and I thought "oh that's nice."  But a year ago when I went public, she became one of my biggest and most vocal supporters.  I was very grateful.  She accepted the invitation to the party, and it was wonderful to see her.  She gave me a butterfly pin, which I wore.

LtoR: Dawn, Jackie, Linda, Jane, Diane  (I'm seated in front)

Eventually maybe thirty people showed up.  A few brought gifts and they were gratefully accepted.  My dear friends the gorgeous Victoria and amazing Amy brought me a butterfly necklace, which I wore to work on Monday.

Early Evening Group Shot

At around 11, there was a "Sophie quiz" (not my idea, but I wrote it.)  The winner, Dawn, scored a 9 out of a possible 11 points, and was awarded a crisp $20 bill.  That's when things got a little surreal.  After the prize was given, I said a few words of thanks.  I was overwhelmed with emotion, tongue-tied and more than a little drunk.  Not my best speech.

Then Victoria spoke.  And I fought back the tears.  She was so eloquent and beyond generous with her words.  After that, another spoke, and another, then someone I barely knew, the husband of a friend spoke, saying that my friends and I were the first TG people he'd met, and he was richer for it.

I was completely a wreck by this point.  I certainly didn't deserve all that!

Former coworker and fun person, Jen

The party continued on, with people coming and going.  R's sister Katie came, wearing a gown she wore in Junior high!  (And it still fit)  (grumble).  I drank a LOT of wine, and eventually lay down on the couch.  I don't know what time it was when I finally fell asleep, but I slept through the night.

Co hostesses Elizabeth and Jamie

I woke Sunday on the couch.  I had a throbbing headache.  I cleaned the house a little, then loaded my car.  The activity proved a bit too much for me, as I then ran to the bathroom to... um... regurgitate.

The few that stayed over then went to Minella's Diner in Wayne.  I was invited but declined due to my sickness.  I drove home, and crawled into bed, where I spent the day sleeping it off.


I'm still wrapping my head around this... around what people said... about having a party for me at all.  A lot of good people came out and showed support for me- so many that I cried.  I've done my best to fight the good fight; to be a Good person.  I guess I attracted like minded people.

To those that attended the party, you have my deepest thanks.  To all who couldn't make it but sent me words of encouragement, thanks to you as well.  I definitely have some of the most wonderful people as friends.  Beautiful people.

I had a Magical night.  And nothing I've written here can begin to express how I feel.  But it will have to do.

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