Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Year Ago Tonight

A Year ago tonight, I changed my life forever.

I started the process years before, but that which led up to this night, started on the 22nd.  I changed the facialbook profile picture of my "guy" to a test pattern.  It would never show me as male again.

Then on the morning of the 24th, to this.

I worked until 7.  The next day was the Keystone Conference.  The next day, I was going Full time as a woman.

I posted my notice to everyone on my male Facialbook that I was transitioning at around 10:45 PM.  Eventually, 76 people "Liked" it.  The first comment came minutes later, at 10:52.  Then there was a flood of comments and personal messages.  Most of them were very positive.

I then changed my profile picture again.  This time to the real me.

After midnight, I posted another message.

Then I went to bed.  I couldn't sleep.  Nerves?  Sure.  But I was crying because I wished so badly that Lisa Empanada could've been there to see this day.  I still miss her.

I'd opened Pandora's Box after all the months of planning- after all the years of wishing, of yearning.  "Living In Silent Agony" as Lisa always said.  Now, all I had to do, was live the rest of my life.

It hasn't been easy.  No not at all.  But it also started a year ago tonight.  When I took that Huge Step into the Unknown.

Thanks to all who support me.  I love you all.

Sophie, March 24, 2015


  1. To read this and not sigh, cry or smile one would have to be numb. It is touching and your growth, pain and joy are felt in my own heart. And while Lisa wasn’t there to see you I fervently believe she knows.

    She is where we all will one day be (that encompassing cosmos of your second picture.) She just decided to get there early. She knows and she smiles.

  2. Congratulations on you life-iversary! I hope to be where you are one day.

    And thank you for sharing what you've gone through along the way. It gives me hope that I'm going to get there too!