Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Another Dream in Winter

Yet again, I dreamed of college last night.

And yet again, the setting was the same: my fraternity house.  As always, it wasn't the house as it was (or is.)  It was a grotesque parody, monstrously huge and always with parts under construction to make it more different from the house I knew.

Skull House 1987

And as always, the brothers were exactly as they were when I was there nearly thirty years ago.  Only I have gotten older.  I am as I am now.

This time the weather was warm, and there was a social with a sorority.  Pretty girls were everywhere.  It was a BBQ social, so we were grilling stuff.  We had this huge monster grill at the house made from a cut in half burning barrel (and operating it was a very talented guy who eventually started a VERY successful restaurant chain in Northern California with Guy Fieri) but in the dream I only assumed it was there, as I never saw it.

Anyway, I walked around the house as I always do in these dreams, and notice all the changes.  In this case, one of the rooms I lived in had its wall knocked down as well as the room next to it to create a very large single room.  I remember thinking that yet another part of me has vanished.

Down in the kitchen. there were trays of food everywhere, and people swarming them like locusts (at least some things never change!)  I was offered a piece of spiral ham by a guy I recognized as being a few years ahead of me, but he was still young.  And since when do people barbecue spiral ham with pineapples?  But in any case, I took it and went out a side door that didn't exist to side yard that also didn't exist (but if it did, it would've been to the left side of the picture above, while the kitchen would be to the right rear of the photo.  If that makes sense.)

The attic often appears in my dreams, but much larger

The yard was wide and green.  Scattered about were seven black picnic tables, more or less in a circle, except there was one in the middle.  There were places to sit at all the tables here and there, but the one in the center wasn't occupied at all.  And I felt so uncomfortable asking anyone if I could join their table, each brimming over with brothers and sorority girls having a wonderful time.  No, I placed my plate at the empty table in the middle of it all, knowing no one would join me.  But I didn't sit down.  I looked around and figured if I sat down there, everyone would see how lame I was to be sitting alone.  I picked the plate back up and went back inside where I stood at the side of the kitchen and ate.

I looked through a door and saw a row of kegs in the foyer (another door that doesn't and couldn't exist) all tapped and waiting, but with only one person there filling a clear plastic pitcher.  I remember thinking how odd that was, but then again, everyone was eating right?

I went back outside, and I awoke with a start.  I was sweating.  I was back to reality as I know it, in my bed.

I've spent all day thinking about this dream.  What does the symbolism mean?  If anything?  Or does it just mean that I shouldn't have had manwich for dinner last night.

I really need new pictures

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