Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Moving Stories

I have Moved.

I'm in an apartment in Jeffersonville,PA.   OOPS!  So much for having an undisclosed location.  Anyway, it's a two bedroom apartment.  I am living with roomies Linda Lewis and A.

Remember A?  Well check the Codex to refresh your memory.

In any case, A hasn't moved in yet.  Just Linda and I currently.  (Or should that be "Linda and me"?  Grammarians?)

So.  Moving is never fun.  And Linda and I did it alone.  I didn't ask anyone to help as I had nothing to give them for their help, like a dinner or stuff.

So I rented a U-Haul and we started by going to pick up some things from a friend (like bed frames) and then to MIL's to get a couch.  This is the couch that was in my old house in Baltimore.  It's a sectional and it's VERY heavy.  And losing my muscle mass to HRT didn't help one bit.

I also didn't fit up the stairs of the apartment.  I ended up breaking it as we tried.  As in REALLY broken.  Useless.  We left it by the dumpster.

I mentioned bed frames.  We have no beds to put on them.  I spent the first night there on the floor.  That wasn't fun.  Then a coworker (let's call her Geri) lent us a queen sized inflateable mattress, which has been awesome.

So Linda and I spend our nights sitting on the floor watching dvds on the computer (when I'm not working.)  We still don't have internet, and won't for a week.  I'm typing this at the Penn State Great Valley Library.

A will be moving in soon.  She has more furniture and stuff we need.  I will help her move.  

That's where we stand.  Much of what we have has been sitting in MIL's basement for 11 years, and was from my old Baltimore house.  Thanks to Wife for letting me take it.  Some friends have volunteered furniture, which we are happy to get. 

In fact, my Friends have been amazing through this whole process.  Some have donated the money we used for getting set up.  Others have lent things like the bed.  I really can't thank them enough.  Special thanks to Tammy Matthews and Jenny North for their wonderful help.  Also thanks to the "Anonymous donor" who doesn't want her identity known as she has a reputation as a republican to protect.  Seriously!  :)

That's rreally it for now.  I'm not homeless.  And that's because of my friends.  I lost many people when I transitioned.  But I gained so many new friends who closed ranks around me and Linda and helped in our time of need.

Thanks again to you all.  I am truly blessed.


  1. congrads on the move! youve done it you have started your new life.

  2. Sophie -

    I hope your next move will be by choice, and much more pleasant than this move...