Sunday, June 15, 2014

Faith in Humanity

I waited on a customer Saturday.  Actually we had many customers at the store Saturday.  

Anyway, this woman comes through the line.  She's wearing a shirt that said "You're not the boss of me."  I asked her if she would say that to Bruce Springsteen.  (I saw a cartoon in the paper with this joke.)

She laughed politely.  I finished the transaction and she left, like many before and after her that day.  So maybe thirty minutes later, she goes through the long line (the store was VERY busy) and stands in front of me again.  This time, she hands me an envelope and says "This is for you."  Then she left.

The Envelope

It was maybe another fifteen minutes until we had a short lull in the crowd.  I opened the envelope.  In it was a note and a gift card to Fridays.  

"Dear Sophie,
I admire your courage and like your dress.
I hope you can use this to enjoy a meal on me.
You rock!!"

The Dress I was Wearing Saturday (Pic from Keystone Conference)

I was stunned!  I didn't know this person at all, and she gave me this wonderful gift!  

But wait a second...  She only LIKED the dress???  (hee hee)

I have since discovered the identity of this mystery woman, and I have her permission to reproduce her note on the condition of her anonymity.  She just wanted to be a stranger bringing happiness.

And she succeeded!

Faith in humanity restored!

The Note and Gift Card


  1. Sophie, I love your dress.... so colorful...... hugs! you can succeed, your one of the best!!! ...Karen...Hugs!

  2. Add my voice to the chorus. I like the dress and I admire and respect your courage and commitment.
    This type of experience should cause your breasts to swell with pride as well as HRT. LOL