Friday, June 14, 2013

How I Achieved Cleave.

For three years, people have looked at some of my pictures on Facebook and Flickr, and asked "How did you get your cleavage?"  "Did you have implants?"

And I for the most part replied with answers like "Clean living," or "Ancient Chinese secret."

Well, my 66 crazy readers know that I've been on HRT for six months now.  I went for my first real and for true bra fitting today.  So now it's time to spill the boobs, I mean beans about How I did It.

Ok, so how DID I do it?  Tape?  Special undies?  Very small rocks? 

Welll...  here's the answer.



Slightly photoshopped

A prosthetic. 

Yes really.  It is manufactured by a company in the UK called Proactive Prosthetics.  It's part of their "Croptop" range.  Each one is made to order and the waiting list was nine months for mine.  First they send you 70 "skin color" samples, which you match to your neck, and sent back.

You send VERY precise measurements.  And what size cup you want.

And eventually, they arrive. 

So... bonuses are that they look absolutely real.  I couldn't be happier.  But there ARE some restrictions.  You'll notice that in all pictures except the bottom one, I'm wearing something on my neck.  That's to cover the line there.  Sleeveless is out, as the shoulders will show a line.  The last picture above has those lines photoshopped out.

Also, it adheres to your skin using sweat.  Seriously.  So there's no way to wear it in warmer months.  They are quite specific about it.  Can you say "Heat stroke?"

And, they ARE expensive.  Mine were $1400.00 three years ago.  The best are worth it.

I've had my "girls" for three years, and they're in great shape.  As long as you maintain them (wash after every use) and store them properly, they are built to last.

That all said, I have my own now, so I'm retiring the prosthetic. 

If you can afford the best, Proactive simply IS the best. 

So now you know.  And knowing is half the battle.


  1. They look great!! I'm very happy with my implants, but I must admit, sometimes it would be nice to be able to take them off!!



  2. They look wonderful and Sophie is a better woman for them!! ;-)