Sunday, March 31, 2013

Keystone Afterward

Two quick comments about the Keystone comment that I feel need reading.  

Both appear by the kind permission of their authors. 

"I read your column about the woman complaining to the manager and I felt compelled to tell you this short story:

Saturday night at Keystone I was walking to my room and I asked a woman from the kids soccer tournament what the kids thought of all this. She replied, "the kids understand and we sat them down and explained to them why there were men dressed as woman, please be respectful, etc." She then asked me if any of the kids had behaved badly toward any of us. I told her no, not at all, they've been great.

Quite the opposite attitude from the intolerant woman who was complaining to the Sheraton manager

Lisa Walker

(Lisa is a cartoonist.  I posted one of her works last year.  She sent 5 this year and I'll be posting them VERY soon!)

"It was eerie. When I close my eyes and think about the walk to the Dog & Pony on Sunday morning I swear I can hear dying echos of the most genuinely delightful laughter. It's like hearing ghosts from the past, Sophie."

Hayden Denton,  TCPA staff



  1. I was in the lobby while the woman was complaining to the manager. Honestly... I started laughing...and couldn't stop. Everyone was looking at her. She was the outcast, was making a fool out of herself...and was trying to get a discount on her room. The hotel management handled it perfectly!

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