Thursday, March 28, 2013

Early Sophie

I've mentioned before that I had a blog on Myspace before starting one here.

Remember Myspace?

I was never in anyone's Top 8.  At least not my drab self.   *Loser*

They changed their blog format and I hated it, so I switched here (following my good friend Kimberly.)

With Kimberly, July 2010

I closed down my Myspace account and I THOUGHT I scrubbed it.  But no, it was DRAB one that went away.  So, my blog there still existed.  The pictures were gone, but everything else was there.

So I transported them here.

A couple of them I've already reproduced in this blog (like the short story "Crying for Ogre") but most I haven't read in a long time.

So I read through them all.  There are 41 entries dating from 12/21/08 to 12/20/10.  So that's from just after my first time at Renaissance (and my first time out as Sophie) until two years later.  That time period encompasses two Keystone Conferences, multiple photo shoots, and the Empire Conference.

But more important (to me anyway,) they traced my confusion and growing realization of who I really am.  Most of the entries are quite short, but most address my basic identity in some way.

I've collected them into their own Blog separate from this one.  I currently call it "A Woman Named Sophie: The Myspace Blogs."  Really original I know.  I haven't decorated the page yet either.  I will sometime soon, with pictures from that time.

From my second Sophie outing: January 2009

So there they are.  In sequential order, without pictures.  A couple of the links I updated (changed from their Myspace counterparts) but that's all the editing I did.

When I switched over from Myspace to here, there was one thing that struck me.  I almost gave up on the blog because after two years of work... NO COMMENTS.  None.  Zip.  Nada.  I figured no one was reading it, so why bother?

But I didn't stop.  I needed to write to sort my thoughts.  And now I get comments.  :)  I like comments.  (Subtlety is not my strong suit.) And now I can trace my development and growth as a Woman.  And so can you.

Each entry is seperate there and can be commented upon.  I will not be adding to that blog (as this one is now my blog of record) but will reply to comments as needed.  And I will make it look better. 

So there you have it.  If you're interested (or a masochist) you can find it HERE.

I hope you enjoy it.  Or at least don't hate it.

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  1. Thank you,
    I did like reading the early Sophie blog. It gave a nice history as seen through your eyes back when you were going through it.
    I would also like to comment that you did a good job of hitting some recurring 'T' themes. I would suggest that if you ever suffer from writer's block that you go back to some of the early posts and bring them up to date. You may also want to go back to pull out an older theme and then discuss how some things have changed while others have remained in place.
    As always, your ability as a writer makes your writing rather readable.