Thursday, December 27, 2012

Trivial Things 2: Electric Boogaloo

Back in early September 2011, I posted an entry called "Trivial Things."  The idea was to give people a little background on myself.  Well, since that entry, my subscriber list and views have more than doubled (Thank you!!!), so I thought I'd revise and update the entry.  You can find the original HERE.

So here's the updated trivia and minutia. 

My original femme name was Lisa Anne. (I’m not counting Lois Lane, which was my Halloween costume that fateful Halloween night.) Under that name, I set up my Yahoo account, which is why my Yahoo addy still has that name. I have since changed that email address to reflect reality.  And my real name- Sophie.

I changed my name in December of 2008. I went to Femme Fever for my first ever makeover and photo session. Karen asked about my name, and I said it was open to discussion. She looked at me (I was blonde and dressed in a red dress) and said “You should be Sophie. I have a strong feeling about this. You are Sophie.” I never ignore strong feelings. I have been Sophie ever since. I added Lynne because I like the sound of it.

Picture from my first session

My first night at Renaissance was December 2008 as well. I didn’t wear makeup. I felt like a fool. At Laptop Lounge after, I wasn’t aware there was a cover. Jone payed it for me. I have bought her many drinks since.

My first time as Sophie in a “non-safe” place was at a rest stop in New York State in 2010. My friend Jen stopped and dragged me in. It was a rest stop/mall. I was nervous as hell!

Me at that rest stop

My first night out as a woman (Halloween 2008), my breasts were birdseed in cut pantyhose. I learned this trick from the internet. I have become a bit better at doing breasts.

Showing off

I had a MySpace page for quite some time as Sophie, but have since cancelled it. I wasn’t using it and I didn’t need it out there waiting to bite me.

Back then, I wrote that I always dreamed of going to a casino and sitting at the tables as Sophie. I have since done this!  At the last Keystone Conference I played and won, and looked great doing it!  ;) Someday…VEGAS!

At the Casino that night

Since the original post, so much has changed!

I told my wife about being transgendered.  She didn't throw me out as I feared.  Also, I recently started HRT.  I go out as much as I can, and while I'm still scared, I don't let it rule my life.  After all, if this is how I'm going to live...

For example, I went to a Phillies game.  I was so scared... but nothing happened.  Except that the Phillies lost in extra innings.  Sigh.

The other significant event in my life was being arrested for DUI.  As of this morning, that is all behind me.  I know the experience changed me... a LOT.  And I think I'm a better person for it. 

In the original post, I stated that it’s the little trivia that makes experiences. Moments and experiences build to make up a life. And it’s this life that I write about here in an effort to understand it all. I still maitain that as a Truth.  Writing here has helped me a lot, and I hope it's helped others as well.  If it has, I'd be deeply honored. 

I've also made some new and cherished friends- people whom I have known less than a year, but who I now couldn't live without.  Other there are friends with whom I have deepened my bonds.

Was my who/whom usage correct?  Screw it, I'm not going to look it up.

What does my future hold?  I wish I knew.  A year ago if you told me that by New Years 2013, I'd be on hormones with my wife's knowledge and approval, and still living under the same roof, I would've wondered what kind of drugs you were taking.  If you told me I'd be arrested for DUI, I would've nodded.  It was inevitable, after all. 

So where will I be next year? 

Oh, I think I'll write about that in another entry.

Yes, I'm a Tease.  Get over it.  ;)


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