Monday, December 17, 2012

How do you make a Hormone?

Last Monday, December 10, was another rainy, cold day in Philly.

But, in my life, a Great one.  A significant one.

 On December 10, I started HRT.

Me- on Estrogen.  Becoming a woman in body as well as mind.

A dream come true.

Gratuitous Sophie Pic

That morning, my "big sister" Mel picked me up extra early, as my appointment was at 9 am, and traffic into Philly is always brutal.  She drove because my license is still suspended.  We arrived down at the Mazzoni center area at 7:30.  As Mel knows the area well, she led me to a really nice coffee shop she likes.  I had diet coke.  We sat and talked for a bit about current events, and about the future.

At 9 AM, I checked in at the Mazzoni Center for my 9:15 appointment.  Within minutes, I was in a small examination room, waiting for Dr. Goodman.  They are quite efficient there.

Dr. Goodman came in, and asked me a few questions.  He went over the possible risks of HRT and asked if I understood them.  I signed consent forms.  He emailed my prescription to the Walgreens next door.  I normally don't use Walgreens, but this one gets all drugs at a discount, and by Me paying normal price, the difference goes to help pay for others who don't have insurance.

So by paying normal price, I get to help others.  Win-win.

After picking up the drugs, Mel drove us out of the city.  The deal was that she drives, I pay for parking and lunch.  As it was still too early for lunch, we decided to head toward our home area and eat at the King of Prussia mall.  We walked around for a while, then went to California Pizza Kitchen.

She then drove me home, where I read the information that came with the drugs.  Estrodiol and an androgen blocker: Spiro.

I sat at my computer, and, after doing a little online research into the drugs as well, I opened the bottles and put the prescribed dose in my hand.  The pills are tiny.  One blue, one white.

Blue and White.  How appropriate for a Penn State gal.  :)

Then, I downed the pills with water.  And like that, my future quietly began.

I haven't felt any effects yet, nor did I expect to.  The dosage is low.  This is just to see if my body can handle it.  But I've started. 

So it was third weekend this weekend.  That means Renaissance and Laptop Lounge.  My wife made it clear that she didn't want me out late.  But I NEED my Sophie time.

Once again, thanks to Mel, we reached a solution.

Mel invited me over for dinner.  Wife dropped me off.  Once inside Mel's place, I changed to Sophie clothes.  I wore my purple sweater and a long denim skirt- an outfit I've worn before.

Conservative, Feminine, and Warm!

Mel made lasagna and we watched Blood Simple.  Both were great!

After dinner, I changed back to drab, and Mel drove me to the King of Prussia mall.  We went to Blue Pacific and hung out there for a while.  Then, at 10 PM as arraigned, my wife picked me up from the mall.  We then watched TV for a little while.  So I got a LITTLE Sophie time, and was out and briefly saw some of my friends. 

Then the next day it was back to the hell of retail during the holidays.

As of this writing- 10 days left until I can drive again.  I can't wait!

And now a full week into HRT.  A new dawn. 

Oh, and the answer to the question posed in the title?  "Don't pay her."

Don't forget to tip your waitress!


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  1. It put a smile on my face to read your post and feel the happiness and relief you must be beginning to feel as you take this very important step in becoming more aligned with your true self. you have a wonderful network of friends and some very special people in your life and that is also to be treasured! I truly hope that you and your S.O. will be able to walk together through these new chapters in your life and I pray that you will both be able to share this gift together. Many Hugs to you! :)