Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thoughts on a Solstice Night

Yesterday was the Winter Solstice.  That's when I started typing this.  And I was so happy that the Doctor saved us all from the Mayan Threat that I celebrated and didn't finish this last night.

In any case, it's now winter in Pennsylvania.  And the world didn't end.  Unless you're a parent of one of twenty children in Connecticut.  But that's not my point tonight.

I used to celebrate the Solstice, especially the summer one.  I would go to Valley Forge Park with a bottle of wine and a Grateful Dead CD on a small boom box, and enjoy watching the sun set.  It was peaceful and a moment just for me to enjoy and to realize the beauty and majesty of our world.  I haven't done that in years though.  Not since my daughter was born.

Some people believe that the Solstice has power.  The winter solstice is the Longest Night of the year, and was thought to bring rejuvenation.

Who am I to say otherwise? 

In any case, winter is here, and Christmas is almost upon us.  At my retail job, we've been busy as hell.  Go figure.  People get ruder every year.  Today alone, two of my coworkers were reduced to tears by the rudeness of customers.

Our store is near the Main Line.  We get lots of really rich folks.  Old money.  Furs and diamonds bigger than my head.  I have come to the conclusion that they don't see retail workers as human.  We live to serve them, and that is all.  We are tools to bend to their wishes.


The HRT is going well.  I've had a couple mood swings, but nothing major.  No boobs yet.  ;)

I get my drivers license back in five days.  First thing I'm going to do is go visit my friend Kalina, who just had GCS.  I'm so happy for her, and not a little jealous.

A little Photoshop fun from last week

So I have a lot on my mind.  I could go into the whole fiscal cliff or gun control topics, but I'm just too damn tired.  I worked over 70 hours this week, and I'm worn out.

I have Christmas day off.  That's my next time I can rest.  If my wife's whole family allow this, as they're all visiting.

May that day bring you happiness, peace, and fun, whether you celebrate it or not.

Be well.


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