Friday, November 2, 2012

A Night of Sophie Vamping

What a week it's been already!

Hurricane Sandy blew through here earlier this week.  We were blessed to have very minor damage at this house.  Very blessed.  My thoughts are with those not so fortunate.

Last weekend was a weekend of firsts.

Saturday October 27.  I signed off from work two months in advance.  I knew I'd be doing SOMETHING, be it a work party or a Laptop Lounge or whatever.

For the past couple weeks, my dear friend Lorraine of Occasional Woman has been working on tailoring a dress I bought on the Pyramid Collection website.  After a couple fittings and some ebay scavenging for appropriate shoes and a choker, I was ready. 

Of course, as we all know, the best laid plans of mice and women...

My wife's birthday and my daughter's birthday are back to back.  And my wife wanted to give my daughter a party as she is now five.  We agreed to make that party on Sunday the 28th.  Fair enough.

What I should've anticipated was that she wasn't going to let me go so easily.  Friday night she handed me a list of things that NEEDED to be done for the party. She wanted all this done on Saturday.

Well, my Saturday looked like this:  Alcohol class at 10, work from 11-2, appointment with Amanda Richards at 3.  Out the rest of the night.

So.  When was I going to do it all?  Something had to give!

I did something I never, ever do:  I called out of work when not sick.  I hate doing that.  Not only do I need the money, but I feel that if I'm scheduled, then other people are counting on me to be there, and I usually like my co-workers enough that I don't want to let them down. 

So I called out, and spent that time scrubbing the one bathroom and vacuuming.  Then I jumped in the car and headed north to True Colors where Amanda would work her magic!

And Magic it was, as she transformed me from Drab to a Vampiress Worthy of a Bitten neck!  (If I do say so myself!)

So after some pics, it was off to the King of Prussia area, where I had two parties to attend. 

Now, my "big sister" Mel counseled against me going to these parties enfemme.  She said people may talk, put two and two together, and in any case, start treating me "differently."  Very wise words from someone who's been there.  But I did it anyway.  They will all know eventually anyway, and since my Wife knows, my level of "Oh My God I may be discovered" has dramatically decreased.

For the first party, I thought I'd bring some food, but I also wanted some Lip glass for my lips.  (I'm such a girl sometimes!)  So that meant stopping in the mall for the MAC counter. 

After parking, I went into Nordstroms as they are trans friendly.  MAC is as well, but that would require going into the mall.  This was faster.  I received some looks and smiles, and the salesperson was very friendly.

While pulling out of the lot, I turned my head and the chain on my choker snapped in two places.  Eep!  So I went over to Hooters (very close by) and tried to reassemble the bits, but part was missing.  Sh*t!

I went in to Hooters and picked up my order (20 wings, naked hot) and that's the only place I received a death stare.  Redneck at the bar, drinking Miller from a bottle and wearing an NRA hat.  Everyone else smiled and went along.

I couldn't go without getting the choker fixed.  And I had to answer the call of nature.  Hmmm...  Back to the mall (maybe 500 yards) to Blue Pacific (where Laptop Lounge is held.)  There I answered the call, and said "hi" to the manager.  I stopped at a jewelry store looking for a necklace extender, but no dice.  However, next to that was a watch repair place, Fast-Fix.  They didn't have extenders either but they DID have chain and the ability to fix it!  Three minutes and ten dollars later, the choker was back on, and I was in business!  Fast, friendly, and efficient!  The one worker asked "Are you ladies are at Blue Pacific tonight."  "No, next week," I said, smiling. I walked through the mall and got a lot of stares and smiles.  Lots of "Happy Halloween" wishes as well.

Now sorted out, I went to the first of two parties.  The first was held by a former co-worker and fantastic woman.  last year, I went in my Mary Marvel costume and won a game of beer pong.  This year, no one was surprised by my costume, but I was asked if I was in transition, as my boobs were very much on display.  This from a beautiful woman dressed as Alice.

The Purple Guy was Unstoppable!  And yes, he played in costume.

I stayed maybe an hour, and had a blast!  I didn't play Beer Pong (still sober- now almost 3 months!)  and it's good I didn't, as this one guy was crushing all comers... while in a huge costume.

I was expected at the other party so back into the car.  While at this first party, I discovered an an annoying little trait of this costume: the lace skirt kept getting caught on my heels!  What a pain in the butt!  And did I learn my lesson and lift the skirt a little while walking?  Of course not!

Off to the second party.  This was a work party.  Same one as the year before where I won best costume during a snow storm.  No snow this year, just a massive "Frankenstorm" bearing down on us.  That storm wouldn't be here until late Sunday night, so this was a chance to party before everyone lost power.
There were more people than last time around, but no new faces.  In retail, there is always turnover, and our store is no exception.  Whenever I help host a "work"party, there's an open invite posted.  That said, very few if any new people ever come, so as time goes on the familiar faces stop coming.  So attendance drops.  (Kinda like the GOP as the old white people die off and they alienate everyone who ISN'T old and white.)

So while we had more people than last year, it was still a small gathering.  Most people loved the costume.  A couple of the women even gave me supportive comments about how to walk in heels, etc.  A picture was sent to a non-employee mutual friend, who freaked out.  "We have to talk about this crossdressing" she texted me. 

Apparently, this picture is an Issue

As if my life requires her permission.

I spent several relaxing hours there before cleaning up and changing back to drab.  (I found the missing chain piece in my cleavage while changing.)  I drank water and Sprite.  None of the people at the party know about my DUI yet, but all were supportive of my "going dry."

I left when most of the others left and was home around 2:30.  Sober.

The next morning I didn't really sleep in, as there was more party prep.  My legs ached from wearing heels the night before.  I looked in the mirror and saw the drab person staring back.  Three days from Halloween, when I would be out again, in the same costume with some tweaks (different earrings.)

Halloween found me at the Henri David Ball in Philly.  But that's another story, and I'll tell it soon.

The drab person in the mirror looked sad and tired.  Waiting for the Woman to return.  And Stay.


Happy Halloween!


  1. It seems like a great time in all regards. I like your new top photo with the black top and gray skirt. I really liked the Halloween makeup job. Those colors seem to work well for you.

  2. Sounds like a hell of a busy day to me.. He'll, I got tired just reading it! Lol

  3. I'll always remember the first time we met at True Colors. I was so excited to meet another sister! Plus I got to fool around in Amanda's clothes bin while she finished you up. She has done more for our community than she'll ever take credit for, bless her humble heart. High time I payed her a visit. . .

    Great looks for Halloween! It really shows how happy you are when you are being you.