Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day at the Mazzoni: HRT

Wednesday, November 7 dawned gloomy and rainy.  A Nor'easter was beginning to hit the Philly area where I live.

The night before was the Election.  I'll discuss that another time.  I stayed up late to get results, though, so I was tired.

Side note: with the election, I'm now behind three blog topics.  And still working on a short story.  Eventually I'll inflict them all on you.  ;)

Anyway, on the dreary wintery mixey type of day, I drove into Philadelphia.  I had an appointment at the Mazzoni Center.  I'd never been there before, but I'd heard a LOT about it.  Many good people recommended it. 

So why was I hauling my ass into Philly on a crummy day?  What could be THAT important?   HRT.

Hormone Replacement Therapy.

It's my Biggest step towards Womanhood since telling my wife.  And once I start, there's really no going back. 

Here's a quick timeline review of my Sophie life, really more for keeping it clear in my head.  While I've known since I was very young, and dressed when I was a teen, I'll pick this up when I finally realized who I am (and why I hurt so much.)  Dates are approximate.

Oct 2008:  Dressed as Lois Lane for Halloween.  All the repressed feelings come flooding back.
Dec 2008: Go to Femme Fever in NY for first makeover.  I see that I CAN look feminine.

First Femme Fever shoot

Dec 21, 2008: First Renaissance meeting (and Laptop Lounge.)  I met people who would become dear friends.
Dec 2008:  Start my first Sophie blog, over on myspace.
Jan 2009: First makeover with Amanda Richards.  Second Renaissance and Laptop- first with makeup.

Second Laptop Lounge

Feb 2009:  Meet Kimberly Huddle when she comes to town for work.
March 2009: First Keystone Conference
May 2009:  Get ears pierced.
Jan 2009: Switch therapists to Dr. Osborne, who is an expert in GID.

July 2009:  Meet Lorraine Anderson of "Occasional Woman." 
Oct 2009: Get eyebrows shaved down for Halloween.  Never let them regrow to previous dimensions
Nov 2009:  First story published on Fictionmania
May 2010: Empire Conference.  First time shopping as Sophie

Shopping in NY with Jen

Nov 2010; Start Blog here on Blogspot
March 2011: Present a class at Keystone Conference
Spring 2011: Start laser hair removal on face.
May 2012: Come out to my wife

So there you have it.  The major stuff.  And there I was, sitting in an examining room, waiting for the doctor.  And waiting.  He was forty minutes behind.

I texted some people.  I thought of all the encouraging messages my Sisters left me on Facebook.  That gave me strength.  Thanks to all of you who sent them!  And thanks to Donna Rose for the mention on her blog.

Soon the doctor arrived.  he took a medical history, and asked me lots of questions.  He then said he'd need a blood test.  I'd heard what HRT can do to the liver, and I wondered how my battered liver would be affected.  He didn't seem too concerned. 

So they did the blood test and while they were at it checked for various other things (I can say with certainty that I am HIV negative.)

So now I wait for the results.  No prescription in hand.  So that Day is yet to come. 

My next appointment is December 10.  9:15 AM.  I've asked my "Big Sister" for a ride if she can, as at that time my license will be suspended.  If she can't, then I wait until January.

I've waited four years.

I can wait another month.

Can't I?

*Grits teeth*

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  1. Hi Sophie,
    I am so happy for you and I want to wish you all the best in your journey. I see a lot of similarities with your story and my own. I started dressing again after years of miserable repression in about 2004 but it was 2008 when I went and got some makeovers and started coming out. I came out to my wife in late 2010 and also started going out into the real world on a regular basis at that time. I only started therapy last December and started HRT in May and also started my own blog here in May. I can see the steady progression in you and it had to be leading you somewhere. So here you are on the doorstep of the next phase in your life taking that big step through the doorway with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. I hope the sailing will be smooth and I am sure it will be. :)