Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What Makes a Pumpkin Patch Sincere?


I don't have to tell my grizzled veteran readers what this holiday means to me!

For newbies, Halloween is my fave holiday and my "birthday."  It's the anniversary of the night I "re-discovered" myself after over twenty years of denial.

As you can see in the above picture, I've changed a bit over the past years.

So, how did I spend my fourth Birthday?  Same way I celebrated my first and second- I went to the Henri David Ball.

This was the second time I wore my Vampire gown.  I changed a couple things.  I wore different earrings that didn't get tangled in my hair.  I also distributed my hip pads differently.  I chose... poorly.  (They really hurt by the end of the night.)

I wrote a TG Forum column about the party that gives the particulars.   Find that here.  (Registration required, but it's free.)

So.  How did the day play out?  I worked from 7-2:30 at my one job.  Then went to get the room at Motel 6.  Then up to Amanda Richards for makeup.  I was a little late, but not too bad.  Amanda did her usual amazing job, and soon I was Out and About as a Sexy Vampire!  And I FELT sexy!

Confidence can be a good thing!  :)

I drove to Philly, and had to drive around the one way streets a bit until I found the Sheraton parking garage.  I parked next to a huge blue pickup truck from which four guys were exiting.  Faded caps, ratty jeans, ratty moustaches... exactly the people I would expect to harass a TG.  I was a little nervous, but walked to the elevator head held high, heels clacking all the way.  And while they all looked, none said a word while I was in earshot.  Besides, it was Halloween!

I found my friends Jone and Kristyn in the bar after a brief search.  I bought them a round and ordered water for myself.  The barmaid was kind enough to take a picture for me.

Don't I look like a lush with all those glasses?

Hanging out in the bar I managed to reconnect with a few people I hadn't seen in a while, like Tammi and Kalina.  Some people in the bar (not in costume) were taking pictures and videos of everyone coming in.  And sitting at a table right in front of the bar?  The guys from the truck- with friends.  They were drinking Bud and taking it all in, as other "civilians" were.  There was plenty of laughs in the bar and many great costumes. 

The Bar from Above

Soon enough, I headed upstairs to the Main Event.  I'd learned my lesson and lifted my lace skirt as I sashayed about the place.  Up, up two escalators to the Ballroom, where Henri David waited, greeting visitors in the first of many costumes he'd wear that night.

Henri David

Inside I had a "studio" picture taken.  I've had one taken each year, and I give a copy to Lorraine of "Occasional Woman" as a thank you for her work on the outfit.  As can be imagined, there were many, many people taking pictures that night, and I not only took my share, but posed for a lot as well. 

Eventually came the promenade for prizes.  There were many categories, and two of the last were "Most Beautiful Female Impersonator" and "Most Believable Female Impersonator."  We all paraded at the same time and the judges would choose from among us.  In front of me was a girl in a Madonna outfit circa the "True Blue" video.  We'd spoken off and on during the night.  She was a genetic girl, but was going to parade with us.  And so she did.  (She told the judges she was a GG.)  The funny bit is that on the PhillyChitchat site there's a prominent picture of her with the caption "These are all men."  I'm also in that picture.

I didn't win, and I didn't expect to win.  There were many beautiful T-Girls at the party.  That said, it seems the same two people win every year in this category.  That's ok- they are both beautiful.  I think they're professional drag queens.

Eventually the night wound down.  I went up to Jone and Kristyn's room, where they'd graciously allowed me to clean up.  Back to drab.  Then back home.

Halloween was over, but this year I didn't wait in the Pumpkin Patch with Linus just to see a stupid beagle.  I was out celebrating my fourth of hopefully many years as My True Self:

A Woman Named Sophie Lynne.

Henri David Ball 2009, 2010, 2012

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  1. 2008-2012
    You've come a long way baby.
    There is easily seen improvement from year to year.
    Just my humble opinion