Thursday, October 18, 2012

Arrested III: Psych Evaluation

Ok, if you've been following along, I've had my preliminary hearing and applied for the ARD program.

Now it's time to start jumping through the required hoops to get this behind me.

If you HAVEN'T been following along, here are the predecessors to this post:  Here and Here.

Here's the summary: I was arrested for DUI back in August.  I had my preliminary hearing at the end of September, where I applied for the ARD program, which will mean I am punished, but due to it being first offense, I attend programs for rehabilitation.

Right. With me?

Anyway, the next step in the process was to be evaluated by the authorities so they could determine whether or not I required alcohol intervention of some kind.  So on Monday, I headed down to the county seat in West Chester for my appointment.  There could be two possible results: I could either pass and not need any form of counseling, or be referred to a psychologist for further testing.

The receptionist in the department was literally a model.  Absolutely gorgeous.  I know she was a model because a co-worker asked about a photoshoot she had last weekend.  A swimsuit shoot.  Not that I'm jealous.  Really jealous.  Or anything.  Meow.

My evaluation was done by a very cute woman who was a fellow Penn State alumnus.  She was 24, and a Criminal Justice grad.  I couldn't help but wonder how many guys hit on her during the course of her work day.  She went through a long series of questions on her computer, occasionally asking for clarification on a point.  I was completely honest in my answers, as I have nothing to hide.

The conclusion?

The computer, through its complex algorithm, determined I have enough of a drinking problem.  So I had an appointment made for Wednesday 10/17 at 8 PM. 

Last night.

In any case, I scheduled my mandatory driver safety school (Oct 29 and 30) and was told that by completing that and by making progress on any rehab program I could have my fifty hours of community service waived.  That's good news!

From That Night in August

So I couldn't go to my usual gathering at New Concepts Med Spa (where they do amazing work, like waxing and electrolysis at reasonable prices AND are TG friendly), and instead went to a converted factory which now houses a school, doctor's offices, and other offices.

The therapist looked tired.  No doubt she'd had a long day dealing with all kinds of rough issues.  After filling out the paperwork, we spoke about the night of the arrest.  She also had a long battery of questions, which I answered.  She asked for many more expansions, and had many more probing questions. 

The conclusion here was that I have to attend an eight week "Alcohol Awareness" program.  The was the least of all the programs I could be given, the worst being sent to a rehab center.  So that starts this weekend.

So that's where it stands. 

I may have said this before, but I'll point it out again:

The only person in my "drab" life that knows about the DUI (aside from my lawyer and the justice system and my therapist) is my wife.

Yet I  discuss it openly to all my friends on my Sophie life, and here on this blog.  Is it because you already know the real me?  my "biggest secret"?  Or is it because I'm more comfortable and open as a woman than I ever was otherwise?

I have no idea.

I do know this:  9 weeks sober.

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