Friday, September 28, 2012

"Greatest Hits?"

September is ending. 

Autumn is here (in our half of the world.)  The leaves are changing (dare I say "arboreal splendor" or is that too overblown?), the nights are chilly, and Tastykake Pumpkin Pies are back! 

It's a Philly thing. You wouldn't understand.

It's been one hell of month in Sophieville.  if you've been following along with your assigned readings, you'll remember that I had a birthday, went out, and then a preliminary hearing.  I also got into a back and forth with a "trannier than thou" type about "Inclusion vs Exclusion."  Oh, and rambled about politics and holidays, but I do that all the time anyway.  And talked about comic books

I've written a LOT this month!  And that has led to this being the Biggest month for Hits AND Comments ever on ANY blog I've done!  (This is my fourth, but only current one.) 

First off, THANK YOU for reading!  A special Thanks to the 39 brave souls (up one from last month) who follow this blog.  Your monthly check is in the mail.  And if you actually check all the links i put in these things, well, a padded room awaits you.  j/k

You make this chick smile!

But there is a part of this that really mystifies me.  Not that this is an uncommon thing, but perhaps you, the reader can sort this out where I can't.

I'm going to present you with the Top 5 all time leaders in hits on this blog.  I really don't understand why one of them is on this list.  Maybe you can?

Ok, all these numbers are current as of this writing. And the titles are as imaginative as ever.  That's sarcasm.  I really need to punch up my titles.

At #5:  I Told My Wife
This one talked about how I told my wife about being trans.  I still can't believe it went how it did.  As this is a topic that many TG people wrestle with, it doesn't surprise me that it's in the top five.

#4:  Arrested
Getting arrested is not fun, and it's no wonder that this one is in the top reads here.  Let's face it- when someone says "I was arrested" people want to know why it happened. 

#3: A Reply to Elizabeth
Wow did THIS one get comments!  The most comments for any of my entries:  21 to date.  It's also the newest of the top five.  Several of my friends have told me that this is a "hot button" topic for them, as it is for me. 

 #2 Saturday Night for an Evil Queen
This was last year's Halloween Blog.  It features pics of my Evil Queen costume (go figure.)  It has two comments: one person calling me "weird" and me replying to that.  More in a bit on this one.

And the #1 Blog for readers on this blog:

Femme Fever: the sequel
This one has lots of pictures from a photoshoot, most of them showing lots of cleavage.  So it's no wonder it's currently on top.

Previously unpublished pic from that photoshoot

Now here's the part I don't understand.  Yes, the entry with all the cleavage shots is currently on top.  Sex sells and all that.  But if the current trend continues, by the middle of next month there will be a New #1... and I have no idea why.

Yes, the Evil Queen blog will be the leader.  It consistently gets hits every day.  Was the costume THAT good?  My prose THAT compelling?  Well, Lorainne did a GREAT job on the costume, but...

So.  Why?  Any ideas?

In the end, does it really matter?  Probably not.

As an aside, the website for the 5th Annual Keystone Conference is up!  I intend to go, and (Kristie willing) present again.  Will it be my writing topic, or maybe something else?  Stay tuned!

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  1. I am thinking your journey will take you farthur next year and you will begin your transition.....