Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So What Does this Mean?

Today is Tuesday September 11, 2012.

Notice I didn't say 9/11.

Tuesday September 11, 2001.  All of us who were alive then remember that day.

No need to recap.  We all know what happened.

Don't we? 

I'll get back to that.

Where was I?  When I heard, I was driving to work, listening to Howard Stern.  At the time, I lived in Baltimore, Maryland, and worked south of the city.  I'd just left rte 695 onto rte 2 when Gary came in to tell Howard that a second plane had hit.  And Howard Stern was silent... for a moment.

At work, my boss at this time was this short guy.  We'll call him Bob.  Bob was maybe 5'4". and had the high and tight crew cut.  he said he was a US Navy medic, but worshipped the Marines.  He was no longer on active duty.  And he hated me.  Why?

I'm a Liberal.

He did his best to force me to quit.  Stuff that should've ended with him on the floor in a pool of his own blood.  But I needed the job.

In any case, Bob was telling everyone to "shut up and do your jobs."  He said this to many people, especially those not under his command.  Which was easy, as I was his only minion.  meanwhile, some women in accounting had the news on a small TV that they used to watch soap operas during lunch.  Everyone kept going over to their cubicles to watch.  I kept trying to call my wife, who was at home having recently been laid off.  But the lines were busy- so many people calling everywhere.

I finally said "f*ck it!  I need to do something to help!"

Bob told me to "Sit down and shut up."

I stood, went to the CEO's office (small company- we were on a first name basis) and said I wanted to go give blood to help.  He leaned back in his chair and said "Godspeed."

So I went back to my desk, shut down my computer and Bob threatened to fire me for job abandonment.  I told him I was going to give blood.  He fumed until the CEO came out of his office and announced that anyone wishing to go give blood or go home could do so. 

I went home and picked up my wife.  She and my neighbors (a couple) went to the Red Cross blood center.  I joined the line, which was outside the door, and was told it would be hours.  I said I was staying.  My one neighbor said that he had to go, he had a sailing lesson (he was taking his captain's course.)  My wife drove my other neighbor home.  After they left, I was interviewed by a TV crew.  (And I made it on TV too!)  Inside, there was a TV playing the news coverage.

I was there eight hours before I my number was called.  At about the 6th hour, Bush came on TV.  Everyone went silent.

I remember thinking "Ok, you SOB, you may have stolen the job, but here's your chance.  Inspire us.  Lead us!"

I remember being profoundly disappointed in his speech, and I wasn't alone.

When it was my turn, I laid on the gurney and looked up at the very tired phlebotomist.  She came in at 7 Am for her five hour shift, and was staying- without pay.  They couldn't afford to pay her.  She, and all the others, were there because of their sense of duty. 

My wife arrived as I was bleeding for my country.

And then we went home.

Next day, I went to work.  Bob was angry beyond words at me, but couldn't touch me.  I asked him what he did for his country yesterday.  He said he did enough during his time in the service.

When Bush used that day as an excuse for his illegal war, I asked Bob if he was going to re-enlist.  After all, medics were in demand, and he was still young.  He absolutely refused.  "They don't need me."  At that time, I was too old to serve.  However, he loved watching the pictures of Iraqis getting bombed to hell and reading about our troops as they fought across Iraq.

I say he is a coward.

In the end, we lost over 6000 soldiers in Iraq.  Over ONE MILLION total people died.  An entire generation of Soldiers went over there again and again.  They have scars both physical and mental.

Halliburton, whose "former" CEO was vice president, made literally over a hundred Billion dollars from the US taxpayer for that war.  And not ONE "conservative" cared- didn't say a word.  Not one. Not until a democrat was elected anyway

Now we learn that Bush knew more than a few months in advance that Bin laden intended to attack.  Also, Clinton left them detailed intelligence discussing Al Qaeda.  Ignored.

Some say Bush planned it all.  Is it possible?  After living through that time, I say that nothing evil was beyond the scope of that junta.  So I say it's possible.  Not probable.

The GOP in congress denied the volunteers at the WTC site medical care.  Until yesterday.

So for Eleven years, those who Volunteered to help were denied their due.

Those three firefighters in that famous picture?  Hope they didn't get sick, because they would've been out of luck.

Volunteers.  And the GOP spat in their faces.

So.  Do we know what happened?

We'll never know what happened.

Because Bush won't talk.  And Cheyney sure as hell won't.  Nor will Karl "Let's out a spy and get away with it" Rove.

Bush wanted to call September 11 "Patriots Day."  That turns my stomach.  Why?  because the GOP co-opted the term for THEIR agenda.  Patriot Act. Referring to any republican as a "Patriot" (and saying that anyone who was not a member of the Party wasn't a patriot.)  Tea Party "Patriots." 

Patriots my ass!

September 11 is a somber day.  It's a day we here in America should reflect on our loss and assess where we've come since, and strive to make this a Better country.

Bin Laden is dead at the orders of President Obama.  Many others involved in that day are going to get justice.

Many others will NOT.

Let's call this day what it IS:  A Day of Remembrance.

For many years starting in 1919, Americans would stop what they were doing at exactly 11 AM on November 11th.  They observed a minute of silence.  Veterans would salute.  This was to commemorate the End of the Great War.  They called it Armistice Day, as the armistice was signed at 11 AM, November 11, 1918.  11th Hour, 11th Day, 11th month.

At the end of World War II, Armistice Day was changed, officially to also honor the veterans of that war as well.  It is now known as Veterans Day here in the US.  In France and the UK, it is still Armistice Day.

Here in the US, it's a day that some people lay wreaths at memorials. 

Veterans of the Great War continued to hold that moment of silence, even if no one else did.

Now all of them, from all countries are gone.  As is the moment of silence at 11 AM.

Is that the fate of Our moment of silence?

How will future generations remember this day?  What about the generation born right after it happened?  How will THEY view this day?  To them that day is Ancient history.  And their children? 

Nearly 3,000 people died that day.  6,294 people were treated for injuries.

It defines our generation.

honor those who died by ASKING QUESTIONS.  Honor them by demanding accountability.  Honor them by making sure their deaths aren't used to kill more innocent people. 

Honor them by making sure that it never happens again.  None of it.


  1. Sophie,

    Regarding the 9/11 attack on America you write "Some say Bush planned it all." You add your opinion "that nothing evil was beyond the scope of that junta. So I say it is possible." You link to the Wikipedia page on 9/11 conspiracies which set forth the theories and the scientific data that disproves the "truthers". Do you count yourself among such prominent "truthers" as Van Jones, Rosie O'Donnell, Mohammad Morsi, etc. al.?

    Next week Mr. Obama will not have time to meet with our friend from Israel but will meet with Morsi. In large measure Morsi owes his power in Egypt to Mr. Obama's 'leadership from behind' notwithstanding the fact that Morsi has been a long time leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. It was only last year that Mr. Obama was providing air cover and resourses to support the "Arab Spring". Today Americans are dead. Today our embassies are invaded. Today we are considered weak and feckless by friend and foe around the globe.

    There was intelligence as of September 4th that actions were being planned to commemorate 9/11. Then, as reported in the NYT "About 24 hours before the consulate attack, however, Al Qaeda posted to militant forums on the Web a video in which its leader, Ayman a-Zawahri,..." called for the death of his #2 mean al-Libi to be avenged. The reaction of the Administration and State Dept. was to send many embassy workers in Cairo and Benghazi home early. They did little to secure the embassies to prevent their invasioon and burning.

    Throughout the day on September 11, the White House stood behind the statement from the State Department in Cairo, that condemned the use of free speech by a California film maker if it wout 'hurt the feelings of Muslims'. Once this statement became an embarassment to the White House and to America they walked it back.

    Do you support an administration that condemns free speech if it hurts the feelings of Muslims but does not condemn the invasions of our embassies or the assination of an embassador and his staff, including two marines?

    I would like to see you and our administration "honor those who died by ASKING QUESTIONS. Honor them by demanding accountability. Honor them by making sure their deaths aren't used to kill more innocent people."

    I suppose it was more important for Mr. Obama to use Air Force One to fly out to Las Vegas to raise campaign funds.


  2. Wow, pat. Sounds like you got all your info from Faux news or from Mitt.

    Most of your assertions have already been discredited... BY THE GOP themselves!

    At what point did he condemn free speech? Supply the quote, please.

    At what point did Romney make an ass of himself again, then smirk as he left the stage? Oh, how about BEFORE ANYONE KNEW THE SCOPE OF THE MATTER.

    Even American Conservative magazine condemns Romney.

    You ARE correct on ONE item. We NEED to ask questions. We NEED answers. We don't need a warmongering idiot making inflammatory statements.

    There's rumors going around that Romney bankrolled that movie. Are YOU asking HIM questions? Are you asking why he isn't releasing his taxes?

    (Answer to those questions are obviously "no."

  3. Sophie,

    The statement was from the US Dept. of State Website and I read it in the NY Times. I will also note what appears in the Daily Kos.

    "September 11, 2012

    The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continued efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims...We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others."

    This statement was affirmed later in the day and it was only after it was criticized that the Administration walked it back.

    You seem to be content to follow the lead of much of the media in making Romney's critique the subject rather than the failures of the Obama administration. It has now been confirmed that the embassy in Cairo and the consulate in Libya were in potential danger and that this was known at least two days in advance. Many staffers were sent home but little was done by our administration or our State Department or the host countries to protect our soverign soil.

    Meanwhile while our diplomats are murdered and our embassies attacked our president is doing fund raisers and jetting all over on his campaign. He even had time to do a 60 minutes show and do an interview with the Gimp with the Limp talking about his favorite hip hop artists.

    While our ambassador was missing and his location and condition unknown our President went to sleep and then continued with his campaign. Perhaps the 2008 Clinton commercial about the 3:00 AM phone call was on target.

    The NYT also confirms that the movie and the trailer for the movie have been around since at least June. It would seem that the movie is in part a ruse to try to justify the attacks on the anniversary of 9/11.

    I did not seen anything in the NYT or Kos linking Romney to the movie. I do find it funny that so many make Romney's tax return an issue. I have more interest in how Obama is spending my tax money and yours and my childrens.


    PS: I do recall in grade school the nuns did observe a moment of silence on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month...but these nuns would use every opportunity to cause their charges to contemplate in a quiet fashion.
    I also noted that while most news organizations covered the ceremonies on September 11th, including the moments of silence, that NBC, which is almost a political branch of the Obama Administration, found it more important to broadcast a Kardashian interview.