Thursday, February 14, 2019

Men of the Skull Chapter 43: Letter from Judy II

Yes, another one that I didn't write.

Judy was concerned.  She didn't know how I felt.  She wasn't the only one because neither did I.

Soon enough, things would take a turn...


Chapter 43: Letter from Judy

Wednesday January 28, 1987 10:40 am

            I am worried about you.  I don’t know how your conversation went with Virginia last night.  I fell asleep before I heard you leave.  I was so tired.  What happened, anything important?  Do you feel better after your talk. 
            Your expression barely changed from when you walked into the apartment until I went to sleep.  I hope you didn’t do anything stupid and discourage Virginia from seeing Chuck again.  She has every right to be excited by someone showing interest in her without you spoiling it for her.  I know you understand this.  I just hope in the heat of frustration and anger you didn’t say anything to persuade her from a decision.  Remember that I care about both of you.
            I am so scared about today.  I don’t know if I can express this to you.  I really am anxious.  I have no idea what to expect.  The fact that I am tired might have an even greater on my emotional state.  I “dunno.”
I gave that day!
            I am in Econ. now and it is very boring.  I have studied for math and now I am writing you.  So excuse me if this sounds jumbled.
            Everything is screwed up for the meeting tonight.  Instead of starting at 7:30 like it was supposed to, I heard it was supposed to start at 6:30 but if I don’t know that means a lot of people don’t know either.  Tracy said she called Virginia and she knew but Tracy said she didn’t think ‘Gin knew what she was talking about.  If the meeting starts at 6:30 then I should be out of there early. 
            Meanwhile I have to go.  Talk to you soon.  Till Then.


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