Thursday, March 30, 2017

Requiem for a Relic

This may sound frivolous.  Stupid.  Inane.  But here it is anyway.

When I went to the Southern Comfort Conference (SCC) in September 2013, I was reeling.  I'd just been thrown out of the place I was living by my MIL.  I was living at the charity of a friend.  I didn't realize how this road trip to Georgia would change my life.

Before that all happened, I agreed with my dear friend Stephanie S. to sponsor bringing Trans Icon Linda Lewis to SCC.  At this point, I hadn't met her- just spoken on the phone a few times.  On the second day of the conference, blasted by a hangover, I met Linda.  I was star struck.

After a quick lunch, Linda, myself, and Devrah (Linda's roomie for the conference) went shopping.  I drove.  First we went to a makeup store, so Linda could help Devrah select a proper makeup "palette."  We then went to a nearby mall.  While there, we went to Victoria's Secret.

Shopping with an Icon

At Victoria's Secret, I bought two bras- one of which was a navy blue 38C.  It was soooo comfortable.  It quickly became my favorite bra.

I wore it a LOT.

Well, today I put on my favorite navy blue bra.  It was a little tight and caused fierce cleavage (darn!) Then I went to work.  And maybe two hours into my shift, I felt something poking into my right side.  It hurt!

Yes, the underwire had poked through the fabric.

So after three and a half years, the navy blue bra was done.

It was my favorite not just because it was comfortable, or because it was flattering.  I even continued to wear it when I "outgrew" it (I'm now a full D.)


Because it represented something.  It was a tangible reminder of that trip.  A Souvenir of sorts.  On that trip, I met Linda, who would become my bestie and roomie.  And it was the last time I saw my dearest friend Lisa.  I still remember her smile as she waved to me after we parted.

With Lisa that Final Night

Two women, one entering my life and one leaving it- only I had no idea that either was happening.

Lisa changed my life.  And Linda has changed my life.

Tomorrow, I will put the worn out navy blue bra in a plastic baggie.  I will take it to my storage site, where it will be put in a box of mementos- well, actually a box of bras I don't wear.  I don't wear them because they are way too small- mostly B cups.  They were Lisa's.  Her widow Sandy gave them to me among many other things of Lisa's.  The navy blue bra will join them in their box: retired.

Because I absolutely cannot consider parting with it.  It is, for me, a Totem: a Holy Relic of a time now Passed; of a trip that represented a clear dividing point of my Life Before, and my Life Now.

Of two people who, with their presence in my life have defined me.



Am I reading too much into this?  I don't think so.  Perhaps I am just frivolous.  Stupid.  Inane.

But there it is anyway.

Be Well.

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  1. Sophie -

    You simply have a tool to help you resurrect memories that you want to preserve - that that very important.


  2. A beautiful piece of your heart. Thank you for sharing.

  3. A very touching remembrance... thank you for sharing Sophie.

  4. I'd most likely do the same thing in the same circumstance. Throwing it out would not be an option!