Monday, March 20, 2017

Conversation between Scars

"Hey!  Anyone awake?"

"Is that you, Chisel scar (1975)? Go to sleep!"  replied Right knee scar (2013).

"But I'm bored," Chisel replied.

Somewhere, there was a sound of a giggle, or was it a sob?

"What is that, anyway?" asked Chisel.

Chisel (1975)

"I don't know" said Trio of Left arm acid burns scars (1985), in three part harmony as always.  "But we've been hearing it for a few years now.

"Same here" said Trio of Right Arm acid burns scars (1985), also in three part harmony.

"No one care what you scars think.  You were self inflicted" said the Impressive Back Scar in his deep growl.

"Now you've done it- woke up the boss," said Right knee.

"You were inflicted in a medical experiment for money.  No one cares about what you think," Back Scar continued.

"Yeah, we're all more scar than you guys" said the Spokescar for the Left foot Scar Collective of 24 (1979.)  "We actually bled.  You guys are artificial."

Left Foot Scar Collective (1979)

"Oh here we go again with that 'more scar than thou' shit again.  Can't you give it a rest?  We're all on this body together" said Left Index Finger Knife Scar (1982.)

"They're burn scars.  They're fading away.  Hell, they are barely visible.  Just like defibrillator chest scars (1985).  They're completely gone," said Chisel.

"Yeah, but look what's there now in their place!  Homina homina!" said Right hand Rusty Nail scar (1976.)

"Won't you ever grow up?"  Finger Knife said.  "She's a woman- those are supposed to be there."

"I can't see them anyway," said Back Scar.

"I can't say I'm used to all the estrogen yet," said Spokescar.  "It feels strange."

Somewhere, the sound rose again- high pitched.  Giggle or sob?

"There it is again," said Trio Left.

"Thing is, if she'd been a female the whole time, a lot of us wouldn't even exist," said Finger Knife.  "Like many of the Coalition of Broken Bones."

"They're internal.  We're external.  We're so much better," said Back Scar.

"They actually cause the body pain these days as arthritis sets in," said Right Knee.  "That's more than most of us can say."

"I itch occasionally!" said Back scar, proudly.

"Finger Knife has a point, though," said the Chancellor of Knuckle Scars.  "We are all from fights- the manliest of scars.  We wouldn't be here if she'd been born female."

"Like that would be a loss," said Rusty Nail.

"Can you guys keep it down?  I'm trying to sleep up here?  Damn kids." said Forehead Scar (1967.)

"Oh, be quiet, you old fart!" said Rusty Nail.  "Guy was the first scar aside from the belly button and thinks he's God."

"No, that would be me," said Left Arm Vaccination Scar.  "Mind your elders."

"Yeah, shut up Rusty!" said Right Shoulder Weird Scar.  "We're all tired of you!"

"Actually, I pay him no mind.  He's so faded you can barely see him," said Chisel.  The Chancellor laughed.  They are his closest neighbors.

Again, the high pitched sound.  It seemed to echo through everything, but quietly.

"Ok, that's creepy," said Right Knee.  "Hey boss- any ideas what that could be?"

"No, not really.  We've all heard it.  maybe we should put together a committee to find the source,"  said Back Scar.

"You kids are so f*cking stupid; I'm ashamed to be on the same body," said Forehead Scar.  "If you ever actually listened, you'd know EXACTLY what that is.  Been with us since birth, and keeps getting deeper.  Much deeper than any of us.  But you idiots never talk to internals, so you wouldn't know.  Ask the Bones- they know.  Ask the Brain- she knows.  Guts know.  Hell, the answer is so f*cking obvious..."

"Well, why don't you clue us in, you stupid old scar?"said Rusty Nail.

"Yeah," said Chisel.

Ever thought of just asking her?" said Forehead Scar.


"That's what I thought." said Forehead Scar.

"Umm.. excuse me?  Whoever you are?  Could we, um, well, who are you?" said Spokescar.


Then, a whisper.  High pitched.  Feminine.

"I am the deepest scar of all.  I was born with the body, and get deeper as time passes.  With every failed relationship.  With every death.  Every time I couldn't be who I truly was, I grew.  I traverse the length and breadth of the body.  I am responsible for the body almost dying several times.  It was me who ached when Lisa died..."

The Chancellor shifted a bit, uncomfortably.

She continued.  "I am she who does not shine.  I am the one who none of you reflect.  I am the Soul.  I am the cause of the changes to the Body.  And I?  I will be the cause of its death.  You will all rot or burn away, and yet I will remain.  That is who I am."



"Respect your elders," said Vaccination Scar, quietly.

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  1. Interesting twist! A little sad but also entertaining too. . . Thanks Sophie!