Monday, June 13, 2016

Orlando, a Day Later

I had a blog entry all but ready to go.  I just wanted to sleep on it before posting it.  But then...

We all know what happened in Orlando.  A gunman opened fire at an LGBT nightclub.  The death toll currently stands around 50, with 53 wounded

I feel sick in my soul.

These patrons were looking for a Safe harbor where they could dance, socialize, connect with friends old and new.  And, because of one man's hate, their lives are either ended or forever changed.

Quickly, sides were drawn online.  Right wingers claimed the shooter was a democrat and an ISIL terrorist.  Everyone else is waiting for the facts.

We know he was armed with a legally obtained AR-15 assault rifle, the preferred weapon of mass murderers.  He purchased within 12 days before the massacre, despite being on an FBI watch list.  He was also armed with a legally obtained hand gun.

We know an off duty police officer was in the club with his gun.  He engaged the shooter, and was killed.

We know the shooter traveled over an hour to reach this target, and that he was extremely homophobic.

The following day, a man was arrested on his way to LA Pride with a car full of guns, ammunition, and bomb making equipment.  He had driven from Indiana.

On the morning after the massacre, Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, who has ordered Texas schools to defy Obama's trans-bathroom order, posted this:

We already know that the GOP hates the LGBT.  Heck, it's part of their platform.  Here is the proof.  Instead of offering sympathy, this scum says the over 100 people shot DESERVED it.

Of course, Republicans everywhere joined the chorus of hate,  Very few GOP politicians even acknowledged the LGBT community while doing their best to demonize the shooter's religion.

Trump did his best to make the whole thing about himself, as usual.

I am so tired.

We in the trans community are forced to face organized Hate every day.  The GOP wants to legislate us out of existence.  Extremist "Christians" and Muslims target us for death.  The Catholic church calls us "God Killers."

Many among the TG community say we should respond with Love.  They appeal to the "Better angels of our nature."  And they are right.  But right now, I am so tired of being their target.  Their whipping girl.

I didn't ask for this life.  I was born this way.  All I want is to live my Life in peace.  But that, apparently is a threat to humanity.

The facts are still coming in about the shooting.  But one thing is completely clear.

It wasn't One Man's Hate that brought us to this day.  This is systemic hatred, preached from pulpits and on the Right wing hate machine.  And, dear reader, the LGBT, especially the Trans community, is the target.

My soul feels sick today.  And I don't see it getting better any time soon.

Be Well.

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  1. You said it the best. I cannot believe the post from the Texas Gov.! Thank you for your post.