Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Rant #12 and 35

Long time readers of this blog, my column on TG Forum, or my facialbook postings know my politics.  I am a Liberal.  I am not a moderate one, and I freely admit that.  My politics were forged during the Reagan era and achieved their razor sharp edge during the days of the Bush Junta.  I never expect anyone to think like me, as I am a bit radical.  The world NEEDS moderates, which, fortunately, most liberals are.  Unfortunately, there are no more moderates left in the GOP, having been exorcised by "litmus tests" or hounded out by Tea Party radicals sponsored by the Koch brothers.

That said...

The past couple of weeks have been rather bloody in the USA.  Or as the BBC put it: "just another day in the USA."

So many dead.  The "high profile" murders recently both appear to have been caused by zealots.  The first shooter was a White man, Christian, who went specifically to shoot up a Planned Parenthood.  As PP is often attacked by these types, they are well armored, with bulletproof windows, steel plate in the walls, etc.  The murderer was, of course, taken alive.  After all: he's white.  He was reported as quoting an anti-abortion  video which has been debunked many times, but is still flaunted by GOP candidates.  To the GOP, he was a "good guy with a gun."


Several Good people, including police officers, died on his rampage.

And remember, GOP candidate for president and current Senator Cruz called him a "transgendered leftist."

More recent, a company event was attacked by two or three (depending upon who you talk to) shooters who were well armed and armored.  Some say the shooters were white, but as these people were on the scene and under attack, they obviously don't know what they're talking about.  The two people accused of the crime were killed in a massive gun battle with police.  Those two were well armed with legally purchased firearms, which they bought despite being on a Federal watch list.  Those two were muslims, one being from the Middle East, the other being a US Citizen.

As expected, the Right wing quickly blamed the victims in both cases.  "They should've been armed."

Folks, I am not anti-gun.  No one has yet to suggest that anyone take away anyone's guns... except the GOP and NRA.  They keep saying it will happen.  But it won't- it can't.  That simple.  All I would want is some common sense.  Hey- the guy is on a watch list or has been ruled mentally incompetent- let's STOP him from being able to buy a gun.  This other guy has over a hundred guns.  He has two hands- how many does he need?

I am so scared about the world my daughter will inherit.  People like Trump and Cruz have HUGE followings.  These two are fascists, pure and simple.  Read history.  Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by Shirer is a good start.  History CAN repeat here, folks... if enough people, scared by right wing propaganda like Fox News, let it happen.

Trump has already called for mass deportations, religious IDs on people's clothing, and religious litmus tests for immigrants.  Among many other things.

Cruz appeared at a rally sponsored by and featuring "kill the gays" pastor Kevin Swanson.  The 1700 people in attendance at this conference obviously agree with the Pastor.  Three GOP candidates, including Cruz, appeared at this event, seeking this group's votes.

Marco Rubio says he'll reverse all pro-LGBT legislation and court rulings.

Someone explain to me how ANY LGBT can support the GOP.

That's why I fight.  I love the USA.  I don't want to see it fall into the hands of right wing fascists.

That's my opinion.  I don't think I'm wrong, but my opinion could change if the facts do.


  1. On point! May your tribe increase!

  2. Sophie -

    You make a lot of sense. Sadly, the people following the likes of Trump and Cruz wouldn't understand any point unless it were handed to them via Fox News.