Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Coda

In my last entry, I mentioned work.

As many of you know, I work in a book store.  I have worked there for over twelve years now, and, for the past three years, I have been Head Cashier.

I wore my new dress today

I had a horrific time at work this season.  But I managed to set personal records in several metrics.  One thing our store does every Christmas is a book drive for the Gesu school in Philadelphia.  It's in the worst part of town, as are its students, but it does an amazing job, especially since almost all of its funding comes from donors.

I am particularly passionate about this cause.  The book drive puts books in the hands of children.  As I am a former teacher. I firmly believe that a child who reads has a fighting chance in this world.  I especially support this knowing that the racist GOP would love to stop these children from reading, preferring to incarcerate them in a for-profit prison someday.

In any case, I managed to collect over 1000 books for the school from generous customers.  That's almost twice what the second place person did.

I figured that for my work I'd get a pat on the back, a laurel, and a hardy handshake.  If that.

A Laurel and a Hardy Handshake

I was wrong.  Very wrong.

Today I arrived for work after my three days off that I desperately needed.  On the break room table was a cake and a card.  For Me.

It was busy when I arrived, but when things calmed down a little, the head manager called me back into the break room to officially present me with the cake and card.  They took a picture as well, but I don't have that.

In the card, which was signed by many of my coworkers, was a gift card to a local restaurant.  Linda and I ate well tonight!


I needed this.  I really did.  I work VERY hard for poverty level wages.  It's nice to know my work is noticed and appreciated.

Thanks again to the management and staff of the book store for making me feel special!

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